War of the Titans: Clash with other Gladiators in Ancient Rome

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War of Titans game is a browser based MMORPG game in the genre of gladiator battles set in ancient Rome. Free to register and play with competitors from around the world, the game allows you to control one of four gladiators. The one on one and group battles take place in a variety of arenas, cities and regions of the ancient empire.

Game Review

enter war of the titans game

Enter War of the Titans

If you've played Gladius 2, you will find many similarities in this game. In fact, many players feel War of Titans is an upgraded version of that game. Regardless, War of Titans is a thoroughly engrossing action game, if you are a fan of historical role playing adventures.

War of Titans game is an online, so there are no files to download onto your computer. You need to register online on one of the game providers, such as Bigpoint. Based on your location, you can choose a game server nearest you.

Enter the Age of Gladiators

 war of the titans choose a character

Choose your character

The game offers a simple tutorial that will get the new player acclimatised to the environment. A few quests will teach the player how to navigate the scenes, open crates and fight NPC opponents.

The controls are intuitive and easy to master, especially if you've played Gladius 2. You can move the hero by clicking the mouse on the terrain and the hero will walk to that spot. When he nears an object, animal or opponent, there will be red circle around them to indicate that action can be taken. The Control key is used to attack and you can change weapons by using the appropriate number key.

At the start of the titans game, you can choose from one of four gladiator heroes to play. There are three male heroes - Camulus, Validus and Saracus - and one female gladiator, Achilla. They all have the same basic abilities to fight; but in addition, each one has a special ability that is useful in certain battle situations.

For example, Camulus has a special whipping attack motion that can destroy all opponents around him. Validus can cause twice the amount of damage with his Berserker ability. Saracus has an especially brutal capability by using his Rampage attack. Achilla the Amazon has the mysterious ability to suck life out of any adversary, which in turn will heal herself. As the game progresses, you have the opportunity to select other gladiator types than the one you chose initially.

War of the Titans game menus and interface have details on the characters, objects and tasks ready at the fingertips. At the beginning depot screen, you can jump to other specific menus such as the world map, profile, rankings, marketplace, clan and editing. In the player stats page, you can see which level you're on, how many experience points you have, etc.

Arena Combats

In War of Titans game, you play a brave gladiator who goes on ruthless missions to win glory and gold. Many gladiators, ferocious animals and NPCs stand in your way, but you use your fighting abilities and cunning strategies to slay every one. These encounters take place in extremely realistically designed 2D arenas and various battlefields.

 war of the titans arena combat

There is no mercy when it comes to combat

Your new gladiator starts off his career in a city called Forum Cornelii. He or she will fight opponents in a series of arenas that are collected through a tunnel system. You just exit each arena through one and you're transported to the next one.

In addition, there are other visually diverse battle zones located in forests, deserts, and ruined fortresses. Each location is populated with several NPCs, other players and animals. The other players and NPCs look alike, but the label over the characters will let you know which one is a human player and which one is computer generated.

There are also numerous crates scattered through the scenes. Breaking them open helps our hero loot some goodies and gain valuable points to level up.

Skills and Weapons

You must be aware of the four key stats regarding the ability of your gladiator in the War of the Titans game. They are strength, speed, endurance and dexterity. As you move up in levels, you receive points that you can allot to any of these key areas.

You also receive skill points that you can use to improve your weapons mastery. There is an easy to remember system to figure out the superiority of the three weapon types: swords, maces and axes. Swords are better than axes, but weaker than maces. Axes can beat maces. It's best to become an expert in one of these weapons and use the extra skill points to upgrade your armour and ranged skills.

At the start, your hero will carry a sword and a throwing axe. The sword is used in close combat, and the axe is used to target a distant opponent. As you proceed, you can upgrade your weapons and armour with new and stronger alloys.

Battle weapons that are used in melees reduce in impact over time. You need to repair them to get them back to their original effectiveness. If the weapons use projectiles, then you will have to buy more ammo when you exhaust it.

Trading Opportunities

War of Titans goes beyond the arena life to give a well-rounded experience. It allows you to buy and sell stuff in the marketplaces, travel to new cities and see amazing architectural wonders. You can join other groups of players to make a clan and take on other clans. As you fight in different arenas, your reputation, as well as your skill level, builds around the empire.

There are three currencies in circulation in the game: Silver, Gold and Jackpot Points, in that order. You start with 10,000 silver coins that will help you buy regular weapons and objects in the marketplace. You can earn more silver through your combat exploits in the arenas.

Gold is not easy to come by, although you start with 5000 pieces. Jackpot points are hard to get and only available in tenths. You are only allowed to collect a maximum of 10,000 jackpot points every month.

An open battle is held online every month where anyone can take part. In this head to head competition, the winner can win cash equal to the jackpot points they have amassed, which equals to a maximum of 10,000 Euros. Several hardy clans vie for this coveted prize every month and it takes plenty of skill to stand up to the veterans.

 war of the titans buy items in the marketplace

Buy items in the marketplace

Missions Galore

War of Titans game lets you fight pitched battles and complete quests in PvE or PvP modes. Whether you like to play against AI opponents or real ones, the choice is yours. When you are competing against other players, be sure you are prepared as your opponents could be very ruthless.

Hundreds of quests are well integrated into the story and allow you to explore the far regions and cities of the Roman Empire. You will find yourself travelling across the length and breadth of ancient Europe. You can also undertake local quests where your gladiator can tackle tasks in his or her immediate environment.

War of Titans game does not scrimp on customization either. There are more weapons and armour options in this game that have been seen in a while. There is also an improved damage system that adds more action to every battle. The game also offers you the chance to unleash your creativity in designing arenas by using the Arena Editor feature. Here, you can design and build arenas and buildings to your tastes. You can play in them yourself and also invite other players.

The wonderful aspect of MMO games is that they allow you to build teams with other players and accomplish community quests and battles. It's easy to build clans and guilds in this titans game. There are forums and other online communications avenues where you can interact with like minded players and have opportunities for potential friendships.

Groups of players can start their own clans. You can join ones where your aims align with theirs. This also opens up other areas in the game to explore where your clan can battle other clans for supremacy or undertake more team based quests.

As if the numerous levels are not enough to test your skills and strategies, the developers of the game have also embedded secret levels. You discover new provinces when you unlock these levels, and each area has new quests, markets and battles to unlock.


War of Titans is a convincing, addictive role playing game for thrill seeking, aggressive players. The gladiator niche is effectively captured by the game and the production values are very good for a free browser based game. The added attraction of playing with competitors from around the globe is a definite plus. Overall, a game worth playing for a long time.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 8/10

The graphics are decent but static, as you would expect from a lean, browser based online game. The layout of some of the screens is cluttered and takes a while to figure out all the elements. The background sounds are adequate and the music score is richly orchestrated to suit the subject.

Playability - 8/10

Although the quests are predictable, they hold your interest. As you get deeper into the game and interact with other online players, the game gets very exciting. It calls on your wits as well as your skills to match your real life opponents on the other side. This makes it an intensely playable game.

Originality - 8/10

When it was launched, Xhodon won awards for creativity, which were richly deserved. However, the role playing game industry is crowded with similar themes and characters that take the novelty off Xhodon. There are also many online simulation games that follow a comparable game playing strategy.

Game Depth - 7/10

The developers of Xhodon crafted the game to hold the interest of a diverse range of players. There is a wide range of characters, resources and options to play around with. The geographic expanse covered by the world of Xhodon offers players the chance to make many discoveries. The challenges get harder at higher levels as the player gains more skills.

Storyline - 6/10

There isn't much of a storyline in the game, apart from getting your gladiator from a new warrior to an established icon in the empire. The quests are individual adventures undertaken to gain more wealth or skills.

Addictiveness - 7/10

Xhodon effectively marries the two genres of medieval role playing games and simulation games in the context of MMOG. This enables players to build collaborations and devise communal strategies to overthrow common foes. This building of a social network ensures that players continue to play this game for a much a longer period than other similar games.

Final Score: 73%

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