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Street Fighter Games are a massively popular series of beatem up games created by Capcom. The first game which didn't prove as popular as its sequels was brought lanuched in 1987 and was the first game to introduce special buttons dedicated to fighting moves.

It was released on the arcade, when arcade games were still heavily played in their traditional collective and video consoles were still very much in the shadow.

street fighter games

The Street Fighter games involve 2d graphics and feature 2 players on the screen fighting each other. You can fight against either a computer opponent or another player. In the original game the player had 30 seconds to knock out their opponent. If neither player was knocked out after 30 seconds, the one with the most energy remaining wins. You have to win 2 rounds in order to win the bout. If on the 3rd bout no one is knocked out and the energy bars are equal, the computer would win by default.

In the original Street Fighter game, the player controls a character named Ryu who in addition to having his standard kick, punch, flying kick, flying punch, squat kick and squat punch moves, possesses 3 special moves which were are not specified in the game controls. This encourages the player to find out these moves. These fighting moves would be later passed on to Street Fighter 2, where Ryu's moves remain unchanged.

Ryu's fighting moves are:

  • Psycho Fire (or Hadoken in Japanese which means Surge Fist)
  • Dragon Punch (or Shoryuken in Japanese which means Rising Dragon Fist)
  • Hurrikane Kick (or Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku in Japanese which means Tornado Whirlwind Kick)

Ken can also be played in the original game. If the player controlling Ken defeats the player controlling Ryu in a 2 player match, they then get to play through the rest of the game as Ken.

Ken is Ryu's former training partner and main opposition from the USA. He dawns a red gi and has blond hair, where as Ryu dawns a white gi and has black hair.

Where as in Street Fighter 2 where a player can gain control over a whole range of characters, Street Fighter only allows for play as either Ryu or Ken.

In the original game, Ryu or Ken will fight against 10 opponents from 5 countries. The player gets to choose where to start off at the beginning of the game. The end country is Thailand where two formidabble opponents must be defeated in order to complete the single player game.

The 10 fighters Ryu or Ken must defeat are:

  • Japan
  • Retsu
  • Geki
  • United States
  • Joe
  • Mike
  • England
  • Birdie
  • Eagle
  • China
  • Lee
  • Gen
  • Thailand
  • Adon
  • Sagat

When Street Fighter 2 came out in 1991, it was produced as a coin operated arcade machine and was the spearhead of a the fighting game boom in the 90's. The game offered many upgrades on the original, with enhanced graphics and more characters to fight against and to play! It was so successful that many home versions were launched including the Super Nintendo version which is Capcom's all time best selling home video game.

One of the cool new features offered in the 2nd installment of the Street Fighter Games was after every best of 3 bout, a player would feature in a special bonus round which can be completed to gain greater points. One of the memorable bonus rounds was a car smashing round, where the player would attempt to demolish a car down to virtually nothing. A player could use their special abilities in order to help them do so.

The characters that a player can choose from at the beginning of a game are as follows:

  • Ryu - a Japanese martial arts expert
  • Ken - Ryu's former training partner
  • E. Honda - a Japanese wrestler.
  • Chun-Li - a chinese female martial art expert seeking revenge for her fathers death at the hands of M Bison.
  • Blanka - a half beast half man from the Brazzilian jungles
  • Zangief - a huge and mean looking professional wrestler from USSR
  • Guile - a former US special forces soldier seeking revenge for his best friends murder
  • Dhalsim - a Yoga expert from India.

There are four extra characters, all controlled by the computer, known as the four Devas. These are the opponents you will face should you proceed past each of the other 7 players you must face.

The four end bosses are:

  • Balrog - A boxer that looks very much like Mike Tyson, you fight him outside a casino in Vegas. (also see M Bison)
  • Vega - A nimble assassin with claws of steel like Wolverine from Xmen, this guy is quick on his feet and hard to beat.
  • Sagat - A huge muscle bound thai kick boxer (was in the original game as well).
  • M.Bison - the final boss, was originally the name of the boxer in the Japanese version, as the boxer was created as a Mike Tyson look a like. He can fly through the air with some of his moves and delivers blows with considerable power.

The Champion edition of Street Fighter 2 added the ability to play as the four bosses in the previous version and also the ability to play as the same character in 2 player mode.

Street Fighter 2 was later converted into an animated movie in 1994 and is worth checking out by any serious fan. Unlike the lame attempt at a live action movie, which was entitled Street Fighter and stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue, the animated movie has a lot going for it. The graphics are fantastic and the plot intertwines many of the characters together using some basic concepts from the game.

Street Fighter was also released as a puzzle game in 1996. Entitled 'Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo'.

Street Fighter Flash is one of the games available to play on Games Lunatic. It is a very solid conversion of the second game and features many different characters that are available for both single and multi player.

Characters available to play are:

  • Ken
  • Guile
  • Ryu
  • Dalshim
  • Chunli
  • Dan
  • Hugo
  • Gouki
  • Bison
  • Vega
  • Sagat
  • Balrog

The speed of the game is perfect for a fast action beatem up. However one of the major flaws in the game is the inability to turn your own character around. The way your character is facing when he/she starts the game is the way they will be permanently fighting. We were surprised to discover such a basic mistake in what otherwise is a very good conversion in the series of Street Fighter Games online.

Another game that has been round much longer than Street Fighter Flash is an accurate arcade conversion of two characters battling a best of 3 round match. In this quality substitute you play as Ryu who fights against Sagat. Now if the developer of this game would have converted the whole Street Fighter 2 game to flash, this would have truly been a massive online game. Disappointingly this version has been unchanged for ages and there is no likelihood that we will see a full conversion from this developer.

Nevertheless there is still much enjoyment to be had from playing this copy. So its worth playing a few times atleast.

The third game available is Street Fighter Online, this is a constantly updated fan version of Street Fighter 2 and is an awesome flash game. Of course with it being a comprehensive flash game the initial loading time is quite substantial and so you will have to be patient in order to marvel at the games capability, graphics and design. Is it worth the loading time? We believe so, if you have a faster than average broadband connection then the loading time may not be a problem.

You can either create an account to play the game or sign in using a temporary user name, however if you do the latter, your progress cannot be saved. The 1 player mode of the game takes you through several stages in order to unlock a selection of characters, with the first stage being 'the Awakening' where you have to fight multiple characters on several levels. The graphics of the characters moves have very much be enhanced compared to the original Street Fighter 2. The game runs very smoothly, even on full screen, so unless you have a spectrum somehow running flash games and managing a broadband connection, you will joyfully be able to play the game without much lag or frame interruption.

If we locate anymore copies of the Street Fighter games online, we will add them on our site.