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Within the category of the first person shooter lies a popular sub genre, sniper games. There are many free online sniping games that can be found under the shooting category of Games Lunatic. These include:

  • Clear Vision 1 & 2
  • Clear Vision Elite
  • Tactical Assassin: Substratum
  • Tactial Assassin 2
  • Urban Sniper 1 & 2
  • Some of the Sift Heads games

In addition to this sniping games list there are also some varying sniper/puzzle games that have received a lot of accreditation online, these games include Panda Tactical Sniper and Panda Tactical Sniper 2.

The Urban Sniper games were the first of this list to be created by Free Online Games. They involve location and picking off your targets through a crowd of many similar passers by. Like with the rest of the games, there are small stories that compile into a bigger picture making the games a little more intriguing. Playing an expert sniper you lease your services out to the highest bidder. This becomes more aparent in the Tactical Assassin games.

Panda Tactical Sniper 1 and 2 involves more puzzle solving than actual sniping of targets, but we would still group these 2 sniping games it in with the other sniper games, as shooting through a lens is heavily involved in the game play, as the game titles will point out.

Dp Flashes are the developers of the highly rated Clear Vision games that have been played millions of times over the internet. Consulting the newspaper on a daily basis you take up secret assassin jobs where your aim is to take out high ranked targets in many organisations. So far there are 3 games to play. Clear Vision 1 and 2 and Elite.

The latest of the Sift Heads series - Sift Heads 5 is a hybrid game that incorporates sniping elements. Playing vinnie your job is to eliminate top mafia members in this epic shooting game.

It would be interesting to know where the sniper/sniping game originated from, even the avid video game lover may have trouble remembering what was the first game to use a first person sniper in its gameplay.

After much research we found that there is no actual review or thorough draft about sniper games and where they originally stemmed from. A very successful and high quality game devoted to this theme comes in the form of 'Sniper Scope'. This game arrived in arcades back in 1999 and featured a large mounted joystick in the form of a HK MSG-90 sniper gun. It also featured a small LCD display to show a zoomed in view of the current area.

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Where as the sniper games found above feature many random missions set down by mafia gangs, big corporations and personal requests, Sniper Scope featured a full game plot of the president of the united states and his family being captured by terorists when returning from a convention in Chicago. You play an expert sniper whos job it is to rescue the president with a team of highly skilled counter terrorist soldiers.

Silent Scope featured some neat little in game options, such as the ability to pick how you wanted to lead out the story. After the first mission of helping police units fight the terrorist attack which leads to the kidnapping, you are presented with 3 options in where to pursue your overall mission. These were either to fight Scorpion on a tower building who is equipped with a rocket launcher, fight Scorpion's brother in a figher plane and battle Cobra in a baseball stadium who holds the President's daughter.

There were 3 sequels to the game, 2 followed on from one and another and the 4th in the series is an amalgamation of the previous 3 and was brought out for the Xbox in 2004. Silent Scope 2 and 3 were released on the Playstation 2.

Games Lunatic will be looking to expand the range of online sniper games on offer at our website. If you manage to locate any other games worth adding to the site, please contact us.