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Need to let some tension out? Then gun the hell out of everything on the screen playing one of these fantastic flash shooting games. Shooting games have always been loved by many fans for their simplicity and blood carnage game play. Over the years the genre has developed from 2d to 3d but the basic aim has always remained the same, to simply kill your enemies using a tonne of different weapons and ammo.

Shooting games are part of the action game genre and usually challenge a players speed and reaction time to a particular event, for example when a group of enemies burst through a door and start to attack you.

You will find that many of the free online shooting games under this category are shootemp ups. What we mean by this is that the player has limited control over their movements. This is naturally a better game to develop in flash under the shooting category, as other sub genres such as first person shooters will require a lot more processing power and a considerably larger file size than shootem ups.

Shootem ups can include, fixed shooters, scrolling shooters and run and gun shooters where the player controls a character who runs and fires at enemies, this type has more flexibility than the first two. For example Robo Slug 2.

I'm sure you will have a lot of fun trying the shooting games available here, but lets shift our attention to an exciting sub genre previously mentioned. First person shooters! For those that don't know exactly what one is, a first person shooter involves playing a character through a first person perspective, in other words you see through their eyes. The in game action is mainly based around shooting.

We offer a sub genre of first person flash shooter games, this is a collection of first person sniper games and include the popular Clear Vision series.

Wolfenstein 3D is known to be the first proper first person shooter and is the game many fans see as the foundation on which this sub genre has built its success. No one can forget the massive first person shooter - Doom, which was launched the year after Wolfenstein (1993) and was the first to feature proper multiplayer functionality. This game was absolutely huge and was launched on the PC's MS Dos and then converted to a working Windows platform version. Doom has been voted the greatest game of all time by industry insiders according to GameSpy.

Half Life was brought out in 1998 and expanded hugely on Doom's concept, it was recognised as the next stepping stone in this genre. Although there were plenty of other first person shooters in between Doom and Half Life, none except one other really made any real ground on Doom. The other one was Golden Eye, which came out a year before Half Life on the N64 (1997) and was the first successful video games console first person shooter. Golden Eye provided a perfect balance between a story mode and a multiplayer player vs player mode.

Half Life has become the sub genres most critically acclaimed brand and it is easy to see why, even when playing the first Half Life today, it is still very impressive and worth your attention if you are an avid shooting fan.

First person shooting games are big business in todays video game market. Some are mixed with an element of RPG, others with Puzzles, but the core concept remains the same. The question remains, will any developer be able to take the next step up with this sub genre and bring a new element of originality to its doors.

We'd like to say that the free online shooting games offered under this category feature the likes of Half Life or atleast a subsitute but this is unrealistic for adobe flash or even shockwaves capability. One thing is for sure, the gap is getting smaller between video game developers and free online game developers and in years to come, we could be seeing more free gaming content stealing fans away from paid game productions.

You can also find Metal Slug and Commando Battle For Britain under the platform games category which are also cool 2d shooters.