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A Few Random Online Games

Games get stuck in this category when we can't decide where else they should go. Some consider it to be the reject category! I'd say its more like the oddball category instead and a very good one at that.

Take for example the shopping cart hero game. It's been played millions of times over the internet and being so simplistic and easy to play it is rather addictive. It's another prime example of how a game doesn't have to be complicated or have fancy graphics to be fun to play and addictive.

The idea behind this random online game is that you build a shopping cart that flys as far through the air as possible off a hill. You start at the top of the hill and take a big run up pushing your trolley all the way down and off the slope at the end whilst jumping into it. You get the chance to upgrade your shopping cart with rocket boosters, more people to ride in the cart and better wheels to land and rock further along. There are also a whole range of other exciting upgrades to choose from.

However first you must work for the points before you can acquire the best upgrades. You gain points by travelling with your cart as far as possible. Play shopping cart hero now.

So what else have we got to offer you? Well the sonic character maker is another unique creation in our random games online category. You can customise your sonic character and make him look a complete fashion victim! This includes turning him into super sonic or making him a disgusting colourful mess, like someone who has enjoyed too many rounds on a paint course. Play Sonic Character Designer now.

The Impossible Quiz 2 game by notdoppler is a hugely entertaining and challenging game, we should have really put into the skill games category but instead whacked it in here as a high rating contender. We thought it wouldn't stand out enough in the skill section!

In the Impossible Quiz 2 game you have to answer a bombardment of random questions. You get a series of multiple choice answers but the answers seem very random and sometimes confusing, its certainly not for any people with common sense as the correct answers are anything but that!

The Pillage the Village game is another high roller under our random games category. This crude game involves playing the role of a god like hand that slaps little men about, throws them up in the air and crushes them into oblivion. The idea is to stop villagers escaping your wrath and to kill them all or as the game is entitled to 'pillage' them for all the gold they have.

Toss villagers up into the air and watch them splatter across the ground like filthy bloody rodents. Also throw houses full of little men up into the air and destroy them with great satisfaction. Even poke holes in and wreck parachutes so the men don't have a safe landing. If your a cruel person who loves stealing and murdering small cartoon men, then this game is right for you. Play pillage the village game now.

Monkey Kick off is a game by Miniclip. It is one of these classic 'throw an object as far as you can' games. With this game you have to kick a football as far as you can using a monkey. It is a simple and fun game to play but has little on the side of variety once you have kicked the ball around a fair few times.

Look out theres a wasted man on the corner throwing his guts up! Sounds like a classic english night out on the town right? Well how about you becoming the drunk and rising to the challenge of peeing correctly in the toilet or getting hammered at the bar on shots of whiksy? Drunk n Puke offers you some dirty and quirky challenges as as drunk who gets wrecked on alchohol. You must overcome a series of challenges, each one more rediculous than the last to become crowned bum of the century!

We will be keeping our random games online collection bang up to date in the future so check back for more games later or why not browse one of our other categories using the navigation bar above.