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Everyone likes their puzzle games for one reason or another whether you're on your lunch break at work (or not as the case may be!) or you're sat at home with nothing to do like a desperate house wife. Puzzle games offer a life sapping solution to an otherwise dull day. Here is a quick rundown of some of our top rated puzzle games!

Portal the Flash Version

Taken directly from the Valve version which was released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2007 the aim of the game is to teleport your guy around a series of levels made up of platforms. Each level has an exit you must reach. You create teleports using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device also dubbed "Portal Gun". You are also able to teleport objects in later levels that may aid you in reaching the exit.

Totem Destroyer 2

The sequel to the popular totem destroyer this game's objective is to get the totem idol onto a dark platform by destroying all the totems. The game is played across one hundred levels (apparently three hours worth of game play when each level is played successfully on first attempt) and there are six kinds of totem, each reacting differently when in contact with one another. It all makes for a totemlly amazing game!

Fantastic Contraption

You can describe the object of this online puzzle game in a one simple, short sentence - get the balls into the pink area. However don't be deceived into thinking it's easy. Just how you get the balls into the pink areas is a whole different ball game (pun intended!), often you end up building some quite fantastic contraptions that run against a well thought out physics engine. Your contraptions will push, shove, fling and slide balls into their required locations.

Escape the Bathroom

The fourth in a series of puzzle games online that sees you escape from different rooms in your house. The game is relatively short but a lot of fun. You point and click your way out of a bathroom guarded by a bank of lasers. Use items in unexpected ways that will help lead to your escape. The puzzles don't require a rocket scientist's brain to overcome but they can be surprising! The last time you knew a bathroom so intimately was after a night on the tiles!

Mad Virus

You have a limited number of moves to grow a virus that will swamp the level's board in this colourful and imaginative puzzle game. The board is made up of different coloured octagons and your job is to work out the right colour coded sequence leading to a swamped board in the smallest number of moves. Each move involves choosing a colour after which octagons in immediate contact with the same colour become infected. It's time to stop when your eyes begin to water but it will be too late by then you will have become infected with a mad virus!

More Puzzle Games

If you would like an alternative to playing online puzzle games then we recommend trying out our downloadable hidden object games which feature excellent graphics, immersive story lines and an all around intriguing casual gaming experience. The hidden object category has murder mysterys and unfolding plots that will have you glued to your seat for hours. In particular the Mystery case file games are highly acclaimed for their stunning graphics, music and thrilling storylines.