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The Space Invaders Game was designed by Japanese developer Tomohiro Nishikado in 1978. Space Invaders was first released and played in Japan in 1978 and now ranks as one of the most significant games ever made and played. Again a game known and remembered more for its Classic 80s Game Popularity.

Today the Space Invaders game seems so simple and 1 dimensional in comparison to many new video games. However it is still loved and adored by many gaming fans and is a lot of fun to play.

The basics of playing Space Invaders are very simple. You move your laser cannon left and right dodging alien fire, using the barriers to protect yourself, whilst firing unlimited missiles from your laser cannon to neutralise the threat. The aliens advance at a faster rate as more are killed.

One of the more interesting points about the design of the Space Invaders Game is the increasing rate at which the aliens advanced was accidentally created. As there became fewer aliens on the screen, the game naturally updated its data faster and faster. The developers decided to leave this unintentional factor in the game which was wisely done as it added to the excitement and challenge!

The look and the design of the aliens in space invaders was inspired by H G Well's classic science fiction story 'War of the Worlds'.