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Taito's Puzzle Bobble Online combines ideas from Sega's Columns and Atari's Breakout into a colourful and fun puzzle game, featuring the 2 dragons from the Bubble Bobble arcade game. This game is also known as Bust-a-Move in the US, Canada and various places in Europe. The original version was released back in 1994 onto the arcade and has since been followed up with many well received sequels. You can now play Puzzle Bobble online for an unlimited amount of time, for what may have cost a small fortune back in the days of the arcade boom, this game has been made for free distibution and can even be downloaded to play on your desktop.

Designed by Taito, the game strikes the perfect balance between Japanese animation, fun loving music and colourful backgrounds.

The game was very successful in arcades and several sequels were brought out.

Game play involves controlling 2 small dragons at the bottom of your screen and who in turn control a cannon that fires semi random colourful balls in a direct line (the balls can also be rebounded off the walls). Above the dragons, attached to the ceiling are stacks of colourful balls, the aim is to fire your ball at the matching colours above forming a line of 3 or more balls of the same colour to break the line and make it fall off the screen. Consequently any other balls attached to the line you broke will also fall down. The more balls you manage to shoot down at one time the more points you score.

There are 4 different coloured balls, these are red, blue, yellow and green.

Puzzle Bobble's first 3 or so rounds is easy and you should have no problem completing them, they require little coordination from the player. As with most games the rounds get progressively harder but the true challenge won't start until level 8 onwards, so you will likely breeze through the first 7 with little effort.

Be sure to complete each level as fast as possible, as points are awarded for speed of completion as well as how many balls you shoot down at a given time. If you take too long (which isn't very long) you will be left with no points for that particular round.

Every ball must be removed from the ceiling in order to complete each level.

Each level is time based with the ceiling falling lower and lower as more time ticks away, so try to avoid getting your little dragons squished into green slime and start taking game right now!

Some of the Game's Sequels

  • Puzzle Bobble 2, 3 & 4 - All originally on arcade machines
  • Puzzle Bobble Mini - Neo Geo
  • Super Puzzle Bobble 1 & 2 - Arcades
  • Bust A Move Bash - Nintendo Wii
  • Bust A Move Mobile - Released on mobile phones in 2008

Play Puzzle Bobble online at Games Lunatic and have a go at notching a high score.

Bubble Bobble by Taito

People often confused bubble bobble with puzzle bobble and mix the names up like 'puzzle bubble', ?bubble puzzle' or 'bobble puzzle'.

The Bubble Bobble arcade game actually came out way before puzzle bobble in the 1980's when arcade games and arcades themselves were in their prime. Reminiscing on the first time I laid eyes on this Taito classic it was back in Wales when I was eight years old on holiday. It was a stormy night and having got caught up in torrential rain along the beach, me and my family took refuge in a near by cafe.

This cafe had a host of arcade machines; one game of striking appearance was outrun, one of the first arcade racing games. The second was Bubble Bobble. Featuring two little dragons, lime green and light blue the screen was full of bubbles floating around with rich cartoon graphics and a music melody that sounded like something from the happy little elves!

bubble bobble game

Taito's Bubble Bobble game for the arcade was a magical and addictive experience for both me, my brothers and my cousins and the fact that you could play a multiplayer cooperative made the game even better! In fact I would go so far as to say the multiplayer option made the Bubble Bobble game what it was.

Bubble Bobble was originally released back in 1986 and perfectly blended platform and action elements together. Known for its epic variety of creative levels (100 to be exact!) this twin dragon bubble bursting bonanza had so much originality about it that countless sequels and spin offs were created from it.

How the Game Works

Controlling either dragon each level starts with the dragons floating down from the top of the screen in a bubble. The bubble bursts after floating to the bottom left corner of the screen (bottom right if you're playing the light blue dragon on two player mode).

When the dragon is free the round begins with monsters always coming from the top down to attack the dragons. As a dragon your duty is to rid the round of all monsters. Only when all monsters are killed will the round end.

You will have a certain amount of time to kill all monsters before the game speeds up and the monsters become extra fast, very red and extremely angry! This will make bubbling and popping them even trickier.

So how does one go about killing monsters in Bubble Bobble?

Well there's plenty of ways to kill a monster. The first is to cocoon a monster in a bubble and then jump at the bubble to pop it and blow the monster off the screen. The bubbles are fired directly from your dragon's mouth.

The second is to ride a wave and kill a monster on the way down. To ride a wave you must pop a bubble filled with water. When these water filled bubbles are popped a big wave of water will rapidly shoot down the screen. You can also let the wave go alone, either way if the wave crosses the monsters path it kills it.

Power up's

Of course along the way Taito provides additional help to make your dragon even more powerful, after all 100 levels is a bit much to ask simply with your bog standard dragon (especially the much later levels).

Sticky toffees appear on the screen at specific times in rounds (these are after a certain internal game clock has been achieved - read more about the specifics of the Bubble Bobble game here). There is a stripy orange toffee that when collected will make you shoot bubbles faster.

Then there is a blue stripy toffee that when collected will make your bubbles project to a longer distance.

You can of course collect both to become a very powerful dragon indeed. There is also one last power up and they are the red shoes, when collected these shoes will make your dragon move faster. However moving faster is not always the best power up in the game so unlike the toffees collect the red shoes only when you think becoming faster will be of benefit.

All power up's will appear on the screen for a short period of time and then disappear so when you spot one ensure you collect it in good time.

Bubble Bobble is one of the best platform action games of all time. Flash versions of the game will be available to play shortly at Games Lunatic.


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