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The Frogger Game was developed by Konami and launched by Sega < Gremlin in the arcade games market in 1981 (an early 80s game). Frogger belongs to the family of classic arcade games and was one of the first to emerge in the 80s entertainment era. The Frogger game holds more variety in environmental game play than most of the other 80s classic arcade games. For example there are 11 ways in which to loose your life, typically far more than other games of the same period.

The flash version of Frogger found above has an accurate resemblance and feel to the original game. When playing you will notice all the features have been kept from the original game, it is a very good copy created by Paul Neave. It took a boat load of quarters in its hay day, now you can play frogger online for free here, how times change!

Frogger is relatively straight forward. The player starts with 3 lives and with the frog positioned at the bottom of the screen at the side of the road. You must first navigate the frog through the bottom road which has many oncoming cars, trucks, buses, taxis and motorcycles all flying along at fast speeds. If frogger is successful in doing so he will then reach a mid point for a much welcomed rest.

The second half of the screen contains a river with logs, alligators and turtles all moving across at a fast pace. The player can jump frogger onto the fast moving logs and turtles; however some of the turtles duck into the river and can kill your precious frog! It get's worse so take a deep breath...Your frog is also faced with predators such as alligators, snakes and otters in the river which much be avoided at all costs! Bonuses include catching bugs or escorting a lady frog to safety that can occasionally pop up on one of the logs in hideous contrasting colours! Indeed these lady frogs look like they have had an accident with a huge drum of radioactive waste.

The player must guide frogger into each of the 5 homes on the other side of the screen to complete the level. Then the game will progress to a harder level. Good luck playing and guiding your little green slimy friend to safety!

Further Interesting Frogger Facts

The Frogger game was originally going to be called 'Highway Crossing Frog'. A big lol to that dull and drawn out title and a cheer to the executives at Sega for changing the name after feeling it did not capture the true nature of the game, a wise decision Sega executives.

Frogger had numerous home video game copies and sequels and is regarded as one of the top 10 video games of all time by the Killer List of Video Games.

One hilariously stupid idea was launching a Frogger animated television series on CBS' Saturday Supercade (Cartoon programme on American television channel CBS). Not surprisingly, after just one series it was replaced by Kangaroo and Space Ace.

I think enough has been said about Frogger, now time to try the game out!