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Medieval Strategy Game: Castle Fight

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Castle Fight is a free, massively multiplayer online game from Bigpoint. Built along the lines of Warcraft, Lords Online etc., this game is a simulation and medieval strategy game. The name of the game might be a bit of a misnomer, as Castle Fight is much more than about fighting. It is a sprawling, mammoth saga where you get to create your own settlement in a disputed Palestine of 1099.

Game Review

A time of anarchy

Based in the times of the Crusades, Castle Fight reprises the age of chivalry in the face of brutality and bloodshed in the name of faith. Right off the bat, the game asks you to pick a side - the brave Christians or the noble Arabs. Do not worry; it really will not have any effect on your outcome, or your reward in the afterlife. You win or lose, based on your strategic game plan and fighting smarts, no matter what the emblem on your standard.

castle fight medieval game: unit selection

Choose between the Christians & Arabs to conquer lands a far

Castle Fight takes place in the time when lawlessness is rampant in the Holy Land. Everyone is trampling on everyone else to get a bigger share of the pie. You have thrown your hat into the ring and get to build an estate, which you hope can grow into an empire.

Creating an estate

The game is slow to take off at first, as you are basically starting from scratch. You need to build everything brick by brick, literally. It may be boring stuff, but every step you take at this stage is vital for the wellbeing of your unit. You are allotted a residence building and a faithful builder who guides you through the first steps.

You are presented with a well-laid out screen where all the important data you need for the game is easily located. The centre of the screen is a map which shows the layout of your estate, with your castle and plots of land all around. You are allotted a set number of gold coins and crops to suffice for the initial building work. You also have some denarii, which is the tender of exchange in these parts, and you will need them to trade with other players.

The builder in this medieval strategy game initially offers useful advice through comments on how to proceed. You have to build some key edifices and enterprises in this stage, such as a church, a farm, a marketplace, an academy, a clay pit and so forth. Each of these has specific uses that will help you, such as accumulate wealth, grow crops, gain knowledge and make weapons. There is a sequence to this building process, and it takes an actual length of time, as well as money and resources from your store to erect.

castle fight medieval game: building up a settlement

Building up a settlement is key for victory.

Building a prosperous settlement

Your job as the leader of this estate is to ensure there is enough food, money, weapons and such. Most importantly, you must ensure that your flock has enough faith as that helps to keep them motivated. After having learnt some techniques at the academy, you construct a blacksmith where you can begin to make weapons which will later come into use. You also build barracks to raise an army and train them.

There are a number of characters under your control. The army consists of infantry, cavalry, archers, etc. You also have guards to maintain the security of your storehouse. As a newcomer, you have some amount of protection from enemy attacks for the first few days, until you get your feet wet.

The game has dozens of activities to complete and they all take real time. Yes, it might only take a couple of minutes to erect a building, but that is two minutes of real time that you cannot do anything else. You will be sitting around waiting for the building to come up, and this can get pretty boring in a hurry. Here is where the advantage of playing a browser game comes in handy. You can always walk away and do some real chores for a change, or go browse some other sites. By the time you come back, your buildings would be ready and you can plan your next move.

Sequentially linked tasks

Before you can dream of planning your military campaigns, you must ensure you have sufficient capital. This is generated by starting a market place or two and later a trading post when commerce looks up. This accumulated wealth helps to pay for critical courses that you must learn at the academy, such as military strategy and weapon building. In the meantime, you build and train an army.

Eventually, you will want to get into the fighting aspect of this game. This can also be extremely complicated and long drawn. After all, no one rushes into battle unprepared. You can employ the services of scouts and spies to scope out the enemy towns. You learn about how many troops they have and where they are located.

Planning your military manoeuvres

The medieval strategy game is geographically mapped out. Initially you are zeroed in on the area directly in your control. Later you can zoom out to see other estates and camps. Needless to say you need to be aware of who is in your neighbourhood. You can trade with friends and can attack and loot your foe, if he doesn't do that to you first.

You can prepare the layout of the entire military advance, including placement of the archers, infantry and so on. Mind you, there will be massive damage to your wealth and your soldiers on the field. If you are victorious, you will be able to scoot with all the spoils and make up for all your losses. You will come back home to recuperate and resuscitate your forces for the next campaign.

There are other techniques of warfare that you can employ. Instead of using only your military might, you can go the secretive way by training special ops units. These are groups of assassins and spies who can sneak into enemy camps. They steal vital information for you to use and booby trap their buildings.

Faith and knowledge

In the times depicted in the plotline, religion rules the roost. So, the church or mosque occupies a central place in the scheme of things. It keeps the population strong willed and the production activities are humming when the faith quotient is high. It starts to diminish when it comes under attack from foes and you must quickly repair it to continue your mission.

The Academy is a storehouse of a vast amount of knowledge. Castle Fight puts a lot of stock into education for players to advance in a meaningful way in the game. Players must learn from a variety of streams, including military strategy, forging weapons, etc. Army units are built up after you have erected the armoury and barracks. All training takes place in the barracks, and there is an elaborate process of apprenticeship that each unit needs to undertake. It is all a time consuming affair but it is time well spent, as you will end up with a fighting force that is sharp and efficient.

Diversity of skills and viewpoints

Castle Fight is a very realistic role playing medieval strategy game. You need a wide range of skills to manage and grow your fledgling empire. You must defend your territory at all times, while ensuring that commercial enterprise continues to flourish and keeps your coffers overflowing. You need to train your people to master the art of fighting and keep their weapons in tip-top shape.

If you do get bored playing either the Christian or the Arab faction, you can switch to the other side at the cost of just two coins. It's no affront to your loyalties, but an opportunity to see the battle from the other side. Not only the characters are different and more colourful, but even the weapons and strategies you use in battle are different as well. Instead of templar knights and pike men, you may now be commanding lancers and Saracens.

The layouts of the menus and alerts are helpful and give you enough information to plan your moves. The graphics are drawn to perfection, with life like detail. The scenery is astounding and gives you an aerial view of all activities taking place.

The main screen has all the key information you need easily accessible. For example, your rate of production for wheat, bricks, weapons etc. is handily available for you to keep track of your productivity. You can jump from a close-up view of the map to a zoomed out version by using a button at the top of the screen.

You can also keep an eye on how much wheat, denarii, gold and faith points you have at any stage of the game. After a while, you become so invested in this medieval strategy game that you will keep coming back to make sure your subjects are safe and the crops have not been ravaged by enemy hordes.


Castle Fight is a deeply engrossing game with several layers and levels to achieve. It inspires players to use logic, strategy and mastery of the rules to establish their fictional rule in this unstable environment. If you're only looking at a quick slash and hack type of game, then this one is not for you. You will need to pack some patience and be prepared to learn the intricacies of the tasks involved to advance in this game. With so much to bring to the battles, every victory is a deeply satisfying experience, and every defeat a soul searching event. Impeccably realistic in visuals and design, Castle Fight takes role playing in online MMOG format to a whole new level.

castle fight medieval game: wonderful sounds and graphics

The game has some wonderful graphics and sounds to accompany.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 8/10

The characters, objects, maps and buildings are realistically drawn. You are given a bird's eye view of all the action at all times. The music is rousing and ideal to set up this historic age. The design of the menus and information screens is pleasing to the eye and practical at the same time. There is limited animation even in the action sequences as is normal in most browser based MMOG games.

Playability - 9/10

Castle Fight is quick to learn and navigate around. The menus are helpfully placed and there are players online who can help you in case you're stuck. There are chats and forums that you can access for support and building networks. The game screens put all the options at your disposal so that you can concentrate on planning your strategy and devising your moves.

Originality - 7.5/10

Castle Fight stands out in the crowded gaming world of medieval role playing adventures. It re-creates a realistic depiction of the Middle Ages, visually as well as in game design. Castle Fight crafts the simulation and construction genres successfully with the RPG format. The ability to choose factions and experience a diversity of viewpoints is surprisingly refreshing in this category.

Game Depth - 8.5/10

The player is faced with a variety of realistic challenges faced by warrior barons in a disputed land. Castle Fight demands strategic thinking along with military planning in a bid to survive. The numerous ways to plan battles also keep every encounter fresh. The stages in the game are intricately linked in a sequential fashion that allows for progressive growth of the player's abilities. The geographic scope of the game is vast, with new lands to discover and new tasks to accomplish.

Addictiveness - 8/10

Castle Fight calls for complete concentration and places a burden of responsibility on the player as a ruler of an estate. With many diverse demands on his time, the player needs to watch over the overall welfare and growth of his subjects and his army. This makes the game intensely addictive, as the player is bound to return again and again to ensure the survival of his estate. The novelty of encounters also presents fresh challenges every time that has players coming back for more.

Final Say

Castle Fight is a thrilling medieval strategy game in the MMOG arena. It delivers in game design and production quality. The graphics are interesting, and game play is engrossing. It's intricate levels are tied sequentially to help the player progress in a meaningful way. Competing with players from around the world, it forces players to learn the best techniques to master all the skills in the game. Castle Fight is an intensely addictive and satisfying game for fans of medieval adventure.

Final Score: 82%

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