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Xhodon is a free role playing medieval game where you control heroes, creatures and magical items in a mythical world. It's also a great way to introduce new players to the MMOG world, where they can play online through the browser with hundreds or more players around the globe. Xhodon is an addictive game that works at many levels. It's a dynamic simulation and fantasy role playing game, with real life socializing opportunities.

Game Review

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Enter the World of Xhodon

Enter the MMOG world of Xhodon

Xhodon is a multiplayer game in an online environment, where all the heroes and the associated creatures and resources are controlled exclusively by real life players and not by the computer. So, you find realistic, unpredictable, human strategies unravelling behind the actions of all these characters.

The game universe is populated and controlled by the players who can attack, defend or collaborate with other characters in the game who are managed by players around the globe. There are certain foes who are computer generated, such as sentinels, which are guardians of some key items in the fantasy world of Xhodon.

Newbie friendly

Right in the beginning, the game asks you to choose which side you will be playing on - the good side, known as Light and the evil side, known as Shadow. Each side takes you down alternative routes in the game, with different techniques to learn and different weapons to use.

The game is extremely friendly to newcomers. It gently introduces you to the world of Xhodon. Since it is a complex world filled with rare objects and unheard of creatures, it is very easy to get lost in this universe. There is a certain amount of learning involved and the developers are considerate enough to give newbies time to get to know the ropes. The game takes the first time player step by step through the game with detailed tutorials and other options. At all times, the Tree of Life is your mentor and advises you on what you need to do next.

Initially, it's more of an exploratory phase, where the game helps the player build up the resources needed for future levels. There are plenty of hints and directions so that you get a proper grip of the game. At all times, you have access to a helpful forum where you can seek advice from more experienced players. You can also chat in real time with other players by utilising the Felundin box or the chat hall icon on the main game page. You can seek the advice of senior players if you are having any difficulty.

At this stage of the game, as a newbie, you are not distracted by enemy players who may wish to attack you. You're given complete protection until you have amassed a certain number of points and completed a set amount of quests. This gives you enough understanding of the world to cope with future attacks and more difficult quests.

medievil game xhodon: quest description

Be sure to complete all quest's for a full understanding of how to play the game and the unravelling storyline.

The Art of Conjuring

As an apprentice sorcerer, you learn the art of conjuring building, resources and later, heroes and creatures. You are directed to complete a series of quests, which will have you building the school of herbs, the cave of crystals, the palace courtyard, and others. In these buildings, you produce magical items such as herb essences, crystal splinters, power stones, etc. These objects are needed to create magic spells to survive in battle.

Eventually, you will build the Xhodotorian cocoon and breeding pit where living creatures are produced. You get to create not only medieval heroes but also creatures that will aid and protect him. Heroes belong to different classes, such as trolls, elves, warriors, and so forth. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the important characters you will create is Pegasus, the winged protector and carrier of your resources.

The hero is assigned a horde that will fight for him in battles and protect his resources. The hero also needs to defeat these sentinels to acquire those items in order to proceed further in the game.

Confrontations and Collaborations

As you proceed to higher levels in this epic medieval game, you unlock features such as the Mad Eye. This enables you to view a greater area of your surroundings, and spot other heroes, buildings and sentinels. You can also send your hero on scouting missions to discover more information on enemy hideouts and camps. This will help you to plan your battle attacks and succeed.

Once you've passed the newbie stage, you can plan to extend the boundaries of your estate beyond your palace base. You achieve this by raiding resources and properties from other players who rule the neighbouring lands. This puts you into the battle mode where you send your hordes led by your heroes and furnish them with the necessary magical spells to vanquish your foes.

Although going into battle with enemy players is one of the exciting parts of the game, it is not the only aspect to it. There are other socialising aspects to this life like game that are equally engrossing and entertaining. You get an opportunity to join or start a guild of like minded players. This allows you to build friendships and alliances, as well as strike up trading opportunities. You can seek advice of older players and learn the intricacies of surviving in this world, just as in real life.

Trading with other online players is a great way to build your reputation and grow your estate in the game. You can meet these players through the forums, the Felundin box or the chat hall that is available through the game console. You can make a deal with them, based on which resources you can exchange. Then you transport these resources to other places in Xhodon using unicorn carts.

medieval game xhodon: tree of life

Visit every area regulally to gain maximum rewards.

An Ongoing Saga

The game has immense geographic as well as temporal dimensions. There is a huge area of forests, hills and valleys to explore in this mythical and medieval game. It is filled with extraordinary objects such as pearls and runes with amazing powers to discover. The on-going adventure takes place in real time, and your characters continue to live, breathe and act in this fictional world, even when you have logged off from it.

This game is masterful in its concept, as it engages you at every level. It seeps into your being and becomes a part of your real life, as you become a part of its universe.


Xhodon is a highly addictive, complex game that works at many levels and challenges players of all types. Although it's not a breakthrough concept in the MMOG world, it gives newcomers to this arena an opportunity to play and grow at their own pace. Once you have invested your time and effort to build your reputation in Xhodon, as well as your online network while playing this game, you will find it hard to walk away.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 6/10

The graphics are decent but static, as you would expect from a lean, browser based online game. The layout of some of the screens is cluttered and takes a while to figure out all the elements. The background sounds are adequate and the music score is richly orchestrated to suit the subject.

Playability - 8/10

Although the quests are predictable, they hold your interest. As you get deeper into the game and interact with other online players, the game gets very exciting. It calls on your wits as well as your skills to match your real life opponents on the other side. This makes it an intensely playable game.

Originality - 7/10

When it was launched, Xhodon won awards for creativity, which were richly deserved. However, the role playing game industry is crowded with similar themes and characters that take the novelty off Xhodon. There are also many online simulation games that follow a comparable game playing strategy.

Game Depth - 8/10

The developers of Xhodon crafted the game to hold the interest of a diverse range of players. There is a wide range of characters, resources and options to play around with. The geographic expanse covered by the world of Xhodon offers players the chance to make many discoveries. The challenges get harder at higher levels as the player gains more skills.

Addictiveness - 9/10

Xhodon effectively marries the two genres of medieval role playing games and simulation games in the context of MMOG. This enables players to build collaborations and devise communal strategies to overthrow common foes. This building of a social network ensures that players continue to play this game for a much a longer period than other similar games.

Final Say

When it comes to gaming, Xhodon is a complete MMOG experience. It is thoughtfully designed to engage the player at all levels. Since it is a browser based medieval game, it is static in appearance, and does not have the dramatic production values of some of the more popular PC-based role playing games. On the other hand, you can play this game on any computer, no matter where in the world you are. Xhodon is always on.

Final Score: 80%

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