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Nintendo's long serving and most successful mascot has now been turned into a whole range of free online flash games. The bad news is only several of them are worth playing; the good news is that all mario games worth playing are available above and offer a fantastic and enjoyable experience for the casual game player.

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Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and has now featured in well over 200 video games. His first appearance was in the Donkey Arcade Game, which can also be found at our website. Here he was first named 'Jumpman'. Donkey Kong was a platform game, arguably the first of its kind and is where Mario can first be seen wearing a flat red cap, which was chose because the makers of Donkey Kong couldn't create the graphics for a flock of hair. Mario has since featured in a multitude of game genres, including racing, puzzle and sports.

Mario Kart is one example of a massive sub branch of all mario games, that has been hugely successful for Nintendo, notably Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo and Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64. The free online Mario games you can find at our website are 2d versions, very much reminiscent of the original games which featured 2d graphics and platform adventures.

The name of the character Mario, came about after a heated argument with Nintendo's landlord (who was called Mario), who at the time demanded over due rent, storming into the Nintendo offices and having a confrontation. The employees chose to call the character after the landlord and then changed Mario into a plumber having agreed he looked more like one than anything else.

Mario's 3d debut came on the N64 with the fantastic Mario 64 game which was a huge hit selling over 11 million games. The traditional and easy to solve puzzles of the original games for mario were replaced by vast worlds which took a lot longer to explore and featured a wide range of detailed puzzles. Along with more detailed and expansive puzzles came a wider range of abilities in which Mario could walk, jump, run, climb up walls and swim as well as other special abilities.

The storyline of Mario 64 is truly inviting. Mario visits Princess' castle for cake, only to discover that she has been kidnapped by Bowser and imprisoned in her own castle by the 120 power stars that are being guarded by Bowser's minions. Mario must recover all the stars by venturing through the many portals within the paintings in the castle. It makes a magical tale and delivers an epic adventure for the gamer. All the sub mario games and worlds are fantastically designed and create smaller games that you can easily become lost in such is the depth of the whole game.

super mario 63 platform game

Super Smash Brothers, Mario & Sonic Olympics, Mario Golf and Mario Party are but a few of the many successful out of all the mario games available on Nintendo video consoles.

Mario 63 flash game can be found above and is one of the best free online games for mario available on the internet. Produced solely for entertainment purposes by one of the many Mario fans out there the graphics and level design are amazing for a flash game. You will find great delight in playing and marveling at the detail of this game. For a 10mb flash file it sure packs a punch.

Mario 63 features many tutorials to help you gain an understanding of the main features of the game before launching you into a fantastic adventure. Anyone who has the time to play through the game will appreciate just how much effort has gone into producing a strikingly identical game to many of the original 2d plat formers in terms of quality and playability. Out of all games for mario, Mario 63 has to be my favourite.

Having browsed through the free online collection of all games mario there are some poor conversions on the internet, which is why we have saved you the bother of wasting your time loading up the trashy versions that can be found at other gaming websites and by only listing the two credible Mario flash games published to date.

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