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The Boxhead games are a terrific collection of 3d lego like shooters mixing quirky graphics, smooth game play and simple flash addictiveness into a perfect concoction. The zombie survival genre is very popular with flash game fans and producers a like, the boxhead games series brings a more cartoon/toy concept to this genre. The graphics have much developed since the release of the first game - Boxhead: A Halloween Special.

boxhead games

The first Boxhead game has fairly primitive game play features when comparing it to the other 4 games. It is clear to see it is the first of the 5, the Boxhead characters are not quite fully developed and molded in comparison to the other games.

In Boxhead: A Halloween Special you have to evacuate a group of civilian Boxhead's across the ravaged streets of an urban city district called Boxville. Zombies are closing in on your location so you must hurry before your party gets eaten alive!

There is a radar in the game that warns you of incoming zombies who appear as white dots. The radar also highlights the location of the civilians (blue dots) that need rescuing. You have a specified time of 5mins in which to rescue as many civilians as possible.

Your character begins with a simple pistol to use against any oncoming Zombies. The red marker on the radar is where you must guide the civilians to.

5 civilians require rescuing at any given time and must be taken to the red marker on the radar.

It's not long before you upgrade to the Uzi gun, but unlike the pistol this has a limited amount of ammunition and so some ammo preservation maybe required. Early on, it's fairly easy to avoid most of the zombies without the need to dispose of them.

A shot gun is awarded after 3 groups of civilians have been saved! It is very easy to advance this far in the game and you certainly don't need the allotted 5minutes to save the civilians.

One thing that does get annoying in the end is the constant Police siren ringing in the background. It would have been much better to have this go off now and then rather than a constant irritating repetition.

The shotgun packs quite a punch, unlike the pistol that requires 3 to 4 bullets to take down a zombie; the shotgun only requires one close range blast! It would have been better to make the shotguns blast affect the surrounding area, in the first game the shotgun tends to only reach as far as the zombie directly in front of you and its kick doesn't go beyond this.

The amount of festering zombies tends to increase at a reasonable rate but we found it very easy to avoid or dispose of them. The civilians always tend to be located in the same place making the game play very predictable.

The second Boxhead Game is Boxhead The Rooms. Here the graphics have been developed to a much high standard, with all the Boxhead characters filling out to become better formed cubic characters.

Moving away from the short and predictable story of saving civilians from random zombie attacks the second game focuses on playability and the simple concept of self preservation.

You can choose one of 5 rooms to play in, these are:

  • Columns
  • Box
  • Bridge
  • Tunnels
  • Tomb

In all the Boxhead Games, killing multiple zombies earns you new weapons and upgrades.

boxhead the rooms game

Like the first game, you begin with a pistol which has an infinite supply of ammo. Each room has a collection of barrels, which when shot; explode causing considerable damage to nearby targets including yourself if you aren't careful! These barrels are best kept until later on when things start to get a little claustrophobic and you need some breathing space!

Each zombie kill delivers 100 points to start with and takes around 4-5 pistol shots to take down. The sound effects have been much improved in the 2nd game with the zombie groans being deeper and more prolonged. However there is no radar in this game, this could be that the terrain is much smaller and the designer believed there wasn't really a need. You can shoot an infinite amount of zombies in a row with your pistol to get progressively higher points for each kill. This is worked on a timer basis, as your kills accumulate and stack up, so do your points, should you fail to kill the next enemy in time, your kill count decreases and the next kill will award you fewer points.

Once the Uzi is obtained, the score for killing each zombie rapidly rises, as the body count becomes a lot faster, with scores of 2500 - 3100 per zombie being a regular occurrence. Like the first game the Uzi only comes with a certain amount of ammunition but provides a much more fluid and powerful option for disposing of the zombies. You will also find that the Uzi is needed more urgently than in the first game. It isn't long before you begin to feel cornered by the overwhelming armies that are creeping up from all angles!

Uzi ammunition is readily dropped by the Zombies so you don't need to be too stingy with using your more powerful weapon. It is not long before you obtain 2 more powerful options to help rid the room of the zombie vermin.

The grenade and the shotgun come into play fairly soon after the Uzi, both are very powerful. The shotgun packs more of a punch than in the first game with the radius of the blast being felt much further. Grenades are a great way to dispose of masses of zombies that are all congregating and struggling to squeeze around the beams and corners. If you can let a couple off around some barrels then the explosion can wipe out half the room.

With the shotgun and grenades you are looking at obtaining over 4000 points per kill which easily moves you swiftly on to upgrading to mines. Mines are slightly different to grenades, where as grenades will blow up after a couple of seconds from being thrown, mines will remain in tact until zombies are in proximity making them much more useful and also scarce!

Next comes the rocket launcher, this is a devastating weapon and clears considerable ground. With maximum ammo storage of 30 and with the danger of killing yourself when firing them at close range to your enemies, rockets must be used with caution and are not always practical, especially when things get very tight and space is limited.

Boxhead Rooms goes on and on with no definite ending from what we can tell, it's all about surviving as long as you can and stacking up a whopping score, and so the game does wear thin after a while. Even with the varied range of weapons you will find yourself getting relatively bored of the game after around 20 minutes tops.

boxhead more rooms game

The 3rd Boxhead Game: Boxhead More Rooms introduces difficulty settings to the game series. All four difficulty settings are available from the start, with the 4 being:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Nightmare.

There are 8 new rooms to choose from, these are as follows:

  • Boxy
  • Buttons
  • Mazey
  • Gladiator
  • Strip
  • Tight
  • Columns 2
  • Castle

Nightmare difficulty setting is virtually impossible for the average gamer. If anyone thinks otherwise we would love to hear from you. Virtually after 10 seconds of playing you can be eaten alive.

The amount of zombies on the screen can also put a high strain on your computer if you don't have a fairly new and speedy one. More Rooms also introduces different zombie strains for the first time such as the infamous Red Devil. These move faster and are much harder to take down than the standard zombies.

Although More Rooms has some neat additional features, the game play and concept remain the same and so if you are not an avid Boxhead fan, move on and try the 2 Play or the latest addition, Boxhead The Zombie Wars.

Boxhead 2 Play features a single player mode, a multiplayer cooperative mode and a death match mode. It also allows you to choose between several characters:

  • Bambo
  • Bon
  • Bind
  • Bert
boxhead 2play game

As you may well see, these names are a play on some very famous fictional characters. As well as the 8 rooms featured in Boxhead More Rooms, this addition adds an extra 10 new levels:

  • Recty
  • Patchy
  • Forest Box
  • Tight 2
  • Massive
  • Thin Line
  • 4 Castles
  • The Strips
  • Big One
  • Big Boxy

There is also an option panel to turn certain game features on and off before the game begins. These options include:

  • Level difficulty
  • Turning Object Collision On/Off - Including fake walls, zombies and barrels
  • Turning Devils On/Off
  • Turning Friendly Fire On/Off - So you can't hurt your team player should you need classes to play the game.
  • Game Speed - Turning this slow, normal or fast
  • Number of Games to Play in Death Match - With options being First to 5, 10, 20 and 50.

Also 10 new weapons and 90+ upgrades make Boxhead 2 Play much more advance than Boxhead More Rooms.

The devils that spawn at certain times in each level pack quite a punch and shoot fireballs at you which can prove hard to dodge, especially when being surrounded by many zombies. They also take quite the beating, especially with a pistol. Luckily once you kill the first devil, he drops an Uzi which proves much easier to dispose of future spawns.

One thing to note about the landscapes in 2play is they are much more spacious and give the game a far superior feel in terms of a real arena in which to survive in.

A common weapon upgrade is 'faster shooter' that enables you to offload your bullets at a much faster rate; this comes into play early on in the game. Upgrades do not stack on new weapons, so when obtaining a new gun you must then achieve the upgrades once again. For example with the pistol you can achieve, rapid fire and double damage, with the Uzi you can achieve rapid fire and double ammo. If you pause the game (p) it will give you an up to date chart of all the weapons and upgrades achieved and upcoming new weapons and upgrades.

We also observed that your health naturally restores itself over a short period of time, meaning the only logical way to die in the game is to be surrounded and bombarded by zombie attacks for a prolonged period. If you get hit a couple of times when attempting to avoid physical conflict, you should easily be able to survive and have your health restored. This principal applies to all the games except the most recent: Boxhead The Zombie Wars.

Cooperative tends to follow the same principal, although one of the downfalls is because split screen functionality isn't present, 2 play cooperative involves fighting in a static environment. It is still a step up from the single player mode but we thought that extra time could have been taken in allowing split screen and larger terrains for 2 play.

The death match option has split screen functionality but again, the terrain is restricted to a pretty much static screen and just like in cooperative play there is only one room to choose. Again for a death match option this is pretty lame; more time should have been put into either introducing both concepts properly, or instead just making an even greater sequel to Boxhead More Rooms. Nevertheless for what its worth it's a reasonable attempt at a 2 player game considering it is made for free in flash.

boxhead zombie wars game

The 5th addition of the Boxhead Games: Boxhead The Zombie Wars is the icing on the cake for the series. Its game play is far smoother than even 2 Play and the graphics are polished off nicely to make this one of the best Zombie Survival Shooters out in the free flash games market.

One thing we have to point out about this game is its insane difficulty ratings, even on intermediate the game proves a huge challenge to survive. Zombie Wars gives you no opportunity to settle into the game and shoot a few zombies, as soon as you appear so do your flesh hungry enemies. They appear in their masses, attacking you straight away like a pack of starving hyenas and this isn't simply a case of the sub standard zombies lingering near you, they have turned into predatory hunters.

There are 8 brand new levels to choose from, 2 of which are exclusive to the website:

  • Close Combat
  • Death Valley
  • Double Trouble
  • Welcome to Hell
  • Top Heavy
  • The Road to Hell
  • In the Middle (Exclusive to Crazy Monkey Games)
  • Cross Roads (Exclusive to Crazy Monkey Games)

The devils fire balls have been upgraded to huge infernos that are fired across the screen. These blasts can be devastating if one hits you so beware of the red giants. You will also notice the teleporting vampires, these can teleport right in front or behind you and can dent your health considerably so watch out!

One final point to make is that your health doesn't readily restore itself over time as it does in Boxhead 2 Play, so you will need ere on the side of caution.

We hope you enjoy playing all the Boxhead Games at Games Lunatic, especially the most recent one.