Arenas of Glory: Fight to the Death & Become the Ultimate Gladiator

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If you are not afraid to gird your loins and jump into an arena game full of blood thirsty lions and vicious gladiators, then welcome to the Arenas of Glory. Developed by Big point, this is an exciting online browser based multiplayer game, in the adventure/role playing genre. This free game transports you back to the Golden Age of Rome, where you control a brave gladiator and combat other opponents, hungry lions and wild animals.

Game Review

arenas of glory screenshot

Enter the Arena

Early steps

At the start, you get to choose one of three gladiators: Magnus, Versus, Priscus. They all have seven standard weapons, which include the war sword and spear. These gladiators also have different special talents and a couple of exclusive weapons. For example, Priscus can also wield a half-moon axe and the war lance; versus can use the death claw and the bastard club, while Magnus can wreak havoc with his war hammer and long sword.

There's lots of help available to ease the new player into the arena game. You can practice a bit using the online tutorial where you can get the basic hang of the game. The objective of the game is to break open a crate and win rewards, as well as face wild animals and other gladiators in the various arenas.

The beginning stages are more of a practice run for your new gladiator. You have simple weapons and simple tasks to achieve. Along the way you break open crates that contain a variety of rewards, including gold and silver. These valuables help you to buy more weapons and armour, or repair the ones you already have. As you gain points and move up to the higher levels, the combats get more intense, and require more sophisticated weapons and skills to master.

arenas of glory choose your character

Choose your gladiator.

The action begins

The arena game can be controlled by either a mouse or the keyboard keys, which are easy options. You can move your gladiator towards the crates you wish to open by pointing and clicking on it. When he nears these objects, they get circled in red which enables the gladiator to go into an attack more.

You use the CTRL keys to hack away at these objects until they crack open and reveal the goodies within. You do the same when attacking a living being, such as another gladiator or a wild animal. Only in this case the opponent can cause damage to you in return as well.

There is a guard level over your character that you have to keep a close eye on. This level tells you how much strength is left in your gladiator to survive any onslaught. If the level is too low, you can safely exit the scene using the Exit button at the top of the screen, and reload your gladiator so that he can return invigorated. Of course, this costs you some gold or silver from your cache.

It is wise to stay away from other gladiators in the beginning stages of the game to protect your character. Some of these opponents are experienced in the art of combat, and may be armed with more powerful weapons than your lowly sword or spear. As you advance and become more confident of your abilities as well as the strategic parts of the arena game, you will learn who you can take on and who you must avoid.

The Roman adventure

The traditional Roman virtues of bravery, honour and ambition will stand you in good stead as you complete your challenges. Your role as a gladiator is to entertain the crowds in the coliseum by putting your life in danger with every combat. It's a mercenary's life which earns you wealth and the experience to become a famous warrior. There are 11 gladiator titles to be claimed. That should give you an incentive to hone your prowess in the arena game.

While you're battling for your life in the arena, there's an army laying siege to Rome, waiting for the opportune moment to attack the city and overthrow the emperor. This raises the interesting possibility of you joining the rebel troops and wreaking your own personal vengeance against the arrogant despot.

Community of worldwide gladiators

Although the game play is exciting and challenging on its own, there are other network building aspects of the game. Using the online forum through the game screen or the chat box, you can interact with other players in real time while you play. This helps to forge alliances friendships and, as well as strike up trading opportunities. You can also seek the guidance of more experienced players if you find it hard to proceed further in the game.

Arenas of Glory game has been around for a while now, so there are hundreds of players who are active in the online community. All gladiators are part of a league and all newcomers start in the sixth league. You move up with the levels and get the opportunity to join a clan. Clans are groups of players who control their gladiators in a concerted attempt to battle other clans. There are more than 1700 clans out there. There are also opportunities to challenge particular players and gladiators to one on one duels. These are some of the thrilling aspects of the game.

The game environment

The combats themselves do not have much diversity in action, apart from the one or two set moves per weapon. So there is no need to learn intricate fighting manoeuvres. The repetitive nature of the sound effects can get annoying sometimes so you might want to turn that off. The appearance of animals and crates in random places initially seems odd and unnatural.

Although Arenas of Glory is a 2D adventure game, you will be amazed by the detailed graphics and almost realistic motion of on screen characters. The arenas are intricately drawn in a variety of layouts, some with statues and other Roman artefacts. The sounds of roaring beasts and cheering crowds complete the life like environment of the coliseum. The game has several levels and a range of arenas to play in. There are more than 250 levels of weapons and armour available, so you will never run out of variety in this arena game.

arenas of glory visuals and graphics

Detailed graphical work makes the game less of a PC game and more of a console game.


Arenas of Glory is based on a simple concept that is very addictive. It focuses on role playing, and the evolution of the gladiator's competence is natural and progressive. Since it is a browser based game, it gives you the liberty to play it anytime, anywhere. The game loads fast and is ready for action whenever you are in the mood. There are opportunities to build friendships with players from around the world and join a community of like-minded gamers. Arenas of Glory will provide many hours of exciting combat as well as opportunities to go head to head with gladiators controlled by players from all over the world.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Sound - 7/10

The graphics are realistic and intricately detailed. The scenery around the arenas is almost true to life. For a 2D game, the depiction of the characters and animals is pretty good. The action animation is a bit weak and limited in variety. The sound effects can get repetitive, but are appropriate for the environment. The information screens are well laid out.

Playability - 8/10

The game is based on a simple concept of attacking other opponents or computer generated animals and objects. There are only a few keys to master to control the game, so you're up and running in no time. The rules of survival and proceeding to higher levels are easy to follow. There's a wide choice of weapons and armour to pick as you progress in your career as a gladiator, and many rewards along the way to boost your ego and your reputation.

Originality - 7/10

Gladiator style arena games are nothing new. Where Arenas of Glory excels, is in its ability to put the player in the character of a life like warrior. Pitting your skills and strength against those of real players on the other side of the arena game is what makes Arenas of Glory unique. Besides, the developers have shown their creative skills by building a clever background story around this hack and slash adventure.

Game Depth - 8/10

The process of entering arenas and battling opponents gets repetitive over a period of time. However, there are more than 250 types of armour and weapons to choose from, and there are schools that can help you train your fighter. New quests and avenues open up when the player joins clan. There are opportunities for one on one duels and group combat situations that add new thrills to the overall adventure.

Addictiveness - 9/10

Arenas of Glory is deceptively simple and cleverly intricate enough to keep you hooked for a long period. Although there is only a limited range of action, the desire to see your gladiator advance to higher levels and win more fame and accolades is great. The ability to play this game, and control your gladiator from anywhere in the world, helps to keep players addicted to this game longer.

Final Say

Arenas of Glory is an exciting MMOG experience. For those looking for an escape into a classic adventure, this game fits the bill. The virtual reality of the Roman amphitheatres, and the historic details around them, are successfully maintained to deliver an overall entertaining adventure. Die-hard role playing gamers will discover various aspects of a gladiator's life, as they coach a novice to the ultimate prize - the pinnacle of glory.

Final Score: 72%

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