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Glory Kings is an online browser based medieval role playing adventure. Rooted in legend, Glory Kings opens up a fantastic world of fire breathing dragons and brave warriors who hunt them. Being an MMO ancient game, it offers players the opportunity to battle real live opponents from around the globe, as well as undertake individual quests in the PvE mode.

Game Review

ancient game: glory kings enter the world

Enter the ancient world of glory kings

The Legend of Iskarain

Glory Kings evolves from an ancient tale that brings to life the fantastic land of Iskarain, home to gods, men, elves, dragons and a host of other beings. A peaceful land was shattered when fights broke out between the gods and spread pandemonium among all races. Evil and darkness enveloped the world. In this scenario, wily dragons captured power and took over the land. Hiding in caves and roaming in the swamps, they would prey on unsuspecting humans and other creatures.

A select group of heroic warriors took it upon themselves to rid the land of these blood thirsty dragons. One by one, the dragons were overpowered. Some brave knights even tamed a few dragons and used them as mounts in battles. It was not an easy task, and it took nerves of steel to ride one of these fiery creatures.

The hiding places of the dragons were taken over by humans for the first time. Some of these caves were filled with diamonds and jewels. Treasurers were appointed to allocate some of this wealth among the inhabitants of the land.

Some of the caves contained one of the rarest types of precious stones - the gems of Alkara. These had the special power to grant fame to anyone who possessed them. Warriors from all over the land coveted these gems and ferocious battles were fought to gain control of caves that hid these magical rocks of Alkara.

As a player of Glory Kings, you represent one such hero who will stop at nothing to achieve fame across this enchanting land in this medieval ancient game.

ancient game: glory kings ready for battle

Ready for Battle

Enter Iskarain at your own Peril

Glory Kings is a browser based MMO game so there are no files to download. Just visit one of the publishers of the game, such as Bigpoint and register as a player. Within minutes you will be ready to venture out into this fantastic journey.

The first step in the medieval ancient game is to design and choose your hero type. This is available through a detailed interface that guides you through the creation of your main character. You can choose an image of the hero and insert a small description, if you like. This menu also allows you to select the hero's looks, unique skills, strength, stamina, intelligence, etc. You can visit this menu during the game to check out the points you have gained in each of these departments.

The game allows you to choose which race your hero would belong to. The options are thief, swindler, nobleman, noblewoman, elf, healer, guardian, witch, orc, knight, deathknight, norseman, dervish or djinny.

Each race has a unique intrinsic power assigned to it. For example, in the thief, ambush qualities are enhanced while an elf carries the power of elf breeze. All special attributes can be learned or gained with gold. Only the intrinsic property of the race you belong to can be upgraded the quickest. The outcome of every battle is based on the power of each of these attributes.

The Richer You Are, The Farther You Go

The first thing you must pay attention to is your gold account. Gold is the currency in use in Iskarain. With it you can buy almost anything, including loyalty. You can accumulate gold by completing quests and also by doing some mundane chores. To make the game truly realistic, there are plenty of jobs available, including dishwasher and groom.

Winning fights also brings you booty of gold. You find many precious items on your quests that you can trade for gold. You can also trade some of your honour for gold.

As you raid various caves, you can also grab some diamonds which add to your reputation. With these in your possession, you can get access to weapons, rare items and other such objects. You can get the best mounts as well as special quests that only those who have diamonds can participate in.

One downside to having diamonds is that they are spent way too fast. However, there is a Diamond Fairy who can help you out, by granting you the wish of 25 diamonds on demand. But she can do this only three times, so make sure you ask at the most appropriate time.

ancient game: glory kings choose your quests wisely

Choose your quests wisely

Dangerous Quests and Treacherous Foes

As a newcomer, you start small and build your skills and reputation as this ancient game progresses. Always look for opportunities to increase your gold purse. Take up small jobs and even undertake some mercenary quests. Initially, your hero has only limited skills and attributes. So you cannot take on strong foes or dangerous quests right off the bat.

Glory Kings is a well-crafted ancient medieval game, with challenging quests and a powerful overall game objective that will have players competing at a fierce level. With every quest that you complete, and every fight that you win, you gain both gold and experience. You become more skilled in battle and tough to beat.

You can upgrade your skills through experience or by paying trainers with gold. The challenges get tougher as you proceed because the opponents get stronger at every higher level too. Victories also enhance your reputation, which will come in good stead when you battle superior foes.

There are many adventures waiting for you, each of a different difficulty. All the quests are wonderfully linked to the legend and story of Iskarain. The environment is beautifully depicted in realistic impressions. You will begin to believe you are truly in an enchanted land. The scenery is detailed and the mood is appropriate to the story.

Alliances, Guilds & Clans

Glory Kings ancient game allows players to create and join guilds of like minded players. Together, as a guild, you can strive for the top prize. Guilds are allowed to erect buildings. These bring many benefits to the members. For example, they can upgrade their skills, increase the power of their potions and help them to zip across the land faster.

There are dozens of quests and adventures beckoning the fearless hero. Each holds the promise of fame, gold, diamonds and other goodies. You can explore the far reaches of this magical land, and enter regions where death and chaos rule. You must tread with extreme caution as there are nasty surprises waiting at every turn in your adventure.

You can buy and repair weapons at the marketplace where you can meet traders and blacksmiths. You can also buy or hire mounts at the stables to take you on your ancient adventures. There is a range of mounts to choose from. Faster horses cost more than ordinary ones, and dragons can only be rented, never owned. Some horses are difficult to control than others so you need some skill to manage them. You may need to hire the services of a groom who will take care of your mount when you're not using it. Be extra wary when dealing with traders as some of them will try to hoodwink you. Everything is not as it seems in this lawless ancient land, and it pays to be cautious in all your dealings.


Glory Kings will appeal to both the fantasy adventure player and the medieval game enthusiast. It successfully joins two popular genres to deliver a highly interesting experience. Each quest and fight unlocks a new part of the storyline, which will maintain your interest for a long time. If you're looking to play a mighty knight battling fiery dragons in an enchanted land, then Glory Kings is the game for you.

Game Rating (out of 10)

Graphics & Visuals - 7/10

Medieval times are realistically depicted in this ancient fantasy game. The scenery and artistic rendering of places and people is diverse and fascinating.

Playability - 8/10

The controls are simple, based on mouse movements and clicks. Menus and interfaces are descriptive and keep all information within your reach.

Originality - 8/10

Although there are many role playing games based in medieval times, this ancient game smartly melds the historical and supernatural elements to deliver a unique story.

Game Depth - 6/10

There are dozens of quests and several fights that provide game depth. Difficulty level increases with experience gained, and adventures get more intricate. However, there is some repetition in tasks that must be performed.

Storyline - 8/10

The game has a very interesting story and all quests are closely linked to the plot objectives. Fantasy legend and medieval adventure is very tightly bound together.

Addictiveness - 7/10

Glory Kings has great depth to acquire more wealth as well as increase your reputation in the online game. The quests are challenging so players will look for more.

Final Score: 77%

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