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Runescape is a fantasy based online massively multiplayer free adventure game with an abundance to offer in terms of exciting combat and exploration. With over 156 million registered accounts around the world, it is undoubtedly the most popular free MMORPG. Even the Guinness World Records supports this claim. This sensational game stands head and shoulders above the others in game play and game design.

Game Review

Launched initially in 2001, RuneScape has captured the imagination of gamers around the globe and has not looked back ever since. It has been consistently improved over the years. As a browser based RPG, it's easy to start up and continue playing no matter where in the world you are. The game is conceptually different from those in its class. For example, while most games present you a choice of classes for your hero and options to level up, this game puts control in the hands of the player. It gives you a set of skills and the power to decide which ones to develop as you proceed in this epic adventure game.

adventure game: enter runescape the world's biggest free mmorpg

Enter RuneScape: The World's Most Popular Free MMORPG

Enter the World of Gielinor

RuneScape creates a magical medieval universe called Gielinor. This world is made up of many kingdoms, towns and regions. You can explore the vast reaches of this enchanted land in a variety of ways. If you have access to teleporting spells then you can get anywhere in an instant. The other options are to take a charter ship to roam its immense shores, or just walk. But beware! Along with powerful resources, each region is also well known to host monsters of all kinds. These expeditions are not for the faint of heart.

RuneScape is a unique game of its kind, in a sense that it eschews predictable storylines in favour of player designed plots. As a player, you choose what type of goals you want to set for your characters to achieve. You can battle NPC monsters or build up your experience in particular skills. Being an online multiplayer adventure game, you have opportunities to converse with other players, trade with them or compete in private mini-games.

First Steps

adventure game: runescape select a character

Pick your character.

The first step to take part in this game is by registering yourself with Runescape. After a quick registration, the client-side file will download into your system. RuneScape uses Java, so you need to make sure that you have the latest update of that software. If you already have it, then the game starts up right away and you are free to join the exciting world of RuneScape.

When you first enter the world of RuneScape, you are presented with the welcome page where you can design your main character. It allows you choose the appearance of your hero with options for clothes, hair styles, colours, features etc. You log in to play on one of the many servers that host the game. At any given time, you can find hundreds, if not thousands of player on each server. While some servers host members who subscribe, others are open to the general playing public. Many servers have certain "themes" for the game played by its members. The games in these servers are played with certain objectives set by its members.

You can also choose an option to use SD or HD mode graphics. The 3D graphics of HD are far superior to SD, although the animation and technique is a bit crude in some areas. The advantage of SD is that the scenes load up quickly. Being a java based adventure game, RuneScape is limited in its graphical presentation. However, this also allows players with slower Internet connections or older computers in different parts of the world to participate in the game adventure.

You get mostly an overhead view of the action that's going on. You can change the angle of the camera by using the arrow keys which is a great option, because you can view the scene from the angle that is most advantageous to you. The controls are easy to follow. You can make your character move to a spot by clicking on the area with your mouse. When you click on certain characters, you will hear them speak, which adds to the in-game reality experience.

First Quests

It's a good idea for a new player to begin with the compulsory tutorial that trains you to master the skills you will need to succeed in RuneScape. This is in the form of an advisor speaking through a voice over. Even after you are on your own, you will be able to receive guidance from certain advisors and tutors. You will meet them in towns and on your journeys, and receive advice from them on key information on how to hone your skills further.

The first city that you will encounter in RuneScape is called Lumbridge. You will be assigned your first real quests in this city by NPCs. Some of these will be short errands, while others will send you on long and adventurous journeys. There is variety in the quests based on the difficulty level of the player. The Lumbridge and Draynor areas of the adventure game are accessible to all players and provide a large number of quests to keep them involved. The game does not instruct you at every step of the way, but forces you to think out solutions to the problems that may present themselves.

When setting out on quests, you can carry a certain amount of items in your backpack. There is a limit of 28 items, so you must choose wisely. Luckily, some items like arrows, magical runes and gold can be stacked so these categories occupy only one space. Leave some room for the loot that you may win on your journey to bring back home.

Choice of Skills Instead of Class

Although you do not choose a class for your hero at the beginning like most RPGs, the system of skills in RuneScape make it possible to develop certain sets that will help you to become a wizard or a warrior, depending on how the game is turning out. It is a good idea to have a certain type of hero in mind, so that you can concentrate on building up the associated skills.

There are 25 skills that you have to master in the game. These can range from mining and fishing to cooking and hunting. Each skill will train you in a certain art that you will need at some point in your expedition and quests. These skills will be handy when you are confronted by NPC enemies or by other players. Every time you use a skill, you automatically receive experience points. After reaching a certain number of points, you will level up. Along with the upgraded skills and levels, you will get access to a better quality of raw materials and will be able to create more useful products. These products can be used for other skills or even sold to other players or traded in the game itself.

Skills will enable you to defeat NPC monsters, hunt animals, cook food and steal from some NPCS, etc. There are some enchanting skills that will help you cast spells, concoct potions, create runestones and call upon familiars in times of trouble. There are some combat skills that you can develop which include attack, ranged, magic, strength, defence and hit points. Although the free adventure game allows access to a number of skills, some of them are available only to those who pay a monthly subscription fee.

adventure game: runescape time to start out

Time to start out.

As you get better at the skills, they will move up in the ranking from 1 to 99. Mind you, it takes a lot of dedication and many hours to improve your skills to very high levels. Since players can raise their level in a particular skill through its repeated use, there is a tendency among certain players to indulge in it purely for the sake of gaining experience, even though it may be repetitive and have no relation to the quest. There are many botting programs that are being used by players to automate certain tasks with the objective of increasing certain skill levels, whether it is wood cutting or fire making.

Combat Situations

You will face many situations where you have to fight NPCs or other players. This may be required to complete certain quests or to steal some objects from them. When you engage any opponent in combat, the outcome depends on the level of combat as well as how strong your character is compared to you. There are eight combat skills on which this action is based.

adventure game: runescape combat situations

Attacking an opponent is as simple as clicking on their character. You can use a variety of weapons in your fights. These range from medieval weapons to fantasy ones. Each weapon has some strong points and some weak points which you must be aware of. You can improve the chances of your victory by using magical potions or asking familiars for help. Prayer skills can also aid in providing you the power to succeed.

The combat sequences in the early phase of the game are quite basic with opponents hitting each other continuously until one of them dies. Each character has a life line marked over him which is fully green at the start but starts to turn into red as that character suffers damage. The combat lasts as long as one of the opponents dies or retreats. When the line turns completely red, the character dies, leaving behind all his belongings he was carrying which can be looted by the victor or anyone else.

There are three types of combat in RuneScape. They are melee, magic and ranged combats. When you are in close contact with opponents, then you use melee attacks with knives and daggers. When opponents are far apart, they use ranged combat that involves shooting arrows or throwing darts. In magic attacks, combatants will use the power of spells or runestones to disable their opponents. The three forms of combats impact one another in a certain way. For example, to defeat opponents who are using ranged combat techniques, you must use melee attacks, while melee attacks can be repelled by magic combat techniques. Finally, ranged attacks are productive against opponents using magic combat.

As a player, you are free to choose any type of combat, based on the situation. You only need to adopt different weapons and armour.

If you happen to lose a combat, your character loses all his life points and he dies on the spot. However, there is a way to revive him. You need to eat or drink certain items to restore his life points. He will be created again with all life points and skill points intact at a certain point called the respawn point. There is a price to pay for this rebirth, however. You will lose three of the most precious objects that you were carrying. In some situations, it may be possible to recover these items after certain amount of time has passed.

adventure game: runescape attacking monsters

You will have to figure out what type of attack is effective against each monster

Many areas of Gielinor are infested with NPCs. Not all of them are monsters, though. Some of them are merchants or other characters that you cannot fight. Monsters are nasty NPCs in a variety of forms. The common ones roam in the guise of chickens and goblins, while the really scary ones are the King Black Dragon, the Corporeal Beast and such. Monsters too have their strong and weak points. If you run into a demon monster, you can use magic combat to kill him. Magic attack will not work on dragon monsters as they are immune to this type of combat. Monsters also come in aggressive or non-aggressive types. The former can attack any and all players anywhere they find them. They especially go after players with low skill levels, so new players should be weary of such monsters. They should avoid the areas where such monsters dwell. Non-aggressive type of monsters will not harm unless provoked.

PvP World

In the PvP mode, you challenge other players to combat. You call another player to a duel and you meet him in a region called the Wilderness. In this mini-game called the Duel Arena, each of you can agree to risk a certain amount of money and objects. In some other mini-games, the victor can win other rewards. In order to make the duel fair, you can only duel with an opponent whose skill points fall in the same range as yours. As in other combats, once a player is defeated and dies, the winner can claim all the objects in the loser's possession at that time.

There are a limited number of areas in the adventure game where you can collaborate with other players to attack NPCs. This ensures that groups of players don't team up to attack another player like in many other MMO games. Most tasks will challenge players on an individual basis.

You can also interact with other players in a friendly manner. You can create your own private mini-games within the wider Gielinor world with like-minded players. There are certain tools available to create interesting mini-games. Throughout the game, you have access to chat forums where you can discuss various aspects of the game with experienced players or to help out new players. Your status in the game is indicated in the high scores table, and the better skill level you achieve, the higher up you will be listed. A special cape is awarded to a player who has achieved the topmost grade in a particular skill.

You can also trade items with other players. This trading of gold and other items can take place in mutual interaction or in a community environment in the marketplace called the Grand Exchange. It is a good place to hang out and haggle for bargains. This lends the Runescape adventure game its unique social structure and a community feeling.

RuneScape has a deep resource based economy which can be another source of game play for those looking to become top traders and merchants. You can mine for rare resources such as gold, iron, coal etc., and get a handy amount of money by selling it to other players in the market place. You can also find the most current price of these resources on the wiki page of RuneScape, where it is listed as the Common Trade Index, which is frequently updated.

Premium Features

If you pay for a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month, you get access to certain premium features that add great value to the game. You can avail of nine more skills in which you can train and develop your hero. You will also see a much larger game world than those who are playing for free. There is a huge amount of regions to explore and conduct adventures. In fact, there is only one third of the Gielinor world that is open to free players, while paying members get access to the entire world.

The premium features also add more than 100 quests for you to undertake, as well as 29 additional mini-games. In addition to violent adventures waiting in the different parts of the game, RuneScape also has dungeons and haunted houses that invite the curious and the ghost hunters. These are available to premium players only. You can also zoom the game to full screen, and get rid of the in-game advertisements.

adventure game: runescape free worlds to explore

Even with the free version, there are many long and arduous adventures built into the fantastic world of RuneScape. These areas can keep you occupied for a very long time making Runescape our number one free adventure game.


RuneScape is the undoubted leader of the MMORPG arena and for very good reasons. The game is focussed on the player's experience and desires. It allows the player to develop skills of your own choice and become a hero of your own choosing. These elements are the secrets of the success of RuneScape. At a nominal monthly subscription, it allows players to have unlimited access to all the skills and all the areas of the game. Overall, an addictive adventure game that delivers a fulfilling gaming experience.

Game Rating

Playability - 9/10

The game has easy to learn controls. Moving characters around is possible by just clicking the mouse in the screen area. The game screen has a lot of helpful windows which describe the player's inventory, quest list, actions available, etc.

Graphics & Visuals - 8.5/10

The layouts are very user friendly and the 3D animation is passable. The ability to move the camera angles of the scenes allows it to be seen from different views, which is a great facility. The graphics are crude in some spots due to the game running in Java. The sound effects, voice overs and music are appropriate to build the atmosphere of the game.

Originality - 9/10

Although this is one of the first browser based MMORPGs of its kind, several other adventure games are crowding this niche. RuneScape stands out with its creative difference which is allowing players to create a game to their liking and not just following a set standard or a formulaic game design. The introduction of skill levels to master in order to create a class of heroes is not seen in any other game.

Game Detail - 10/10

The vast number of skills to be mastered, the hundreds of quests and PvP options lend incredible depth to the game. The geographical space offers many opportunities to explore and discover new adventures.

Storyline - 8.5

A fantasy world is created with elements of danger and everyday routine built into a realistic experience. There is an open-ended structure to the game and every quest is a story in itself.

Addictiveness - 10/10

The game is intensely addictive as proven by the fact that millions of players around the world have tried it and thousands play it on a regular basis. There is scope to create PvP encounters as well as follow the in game challenges to prove the mastery of the game. This brings players back to the game.

Longevity - 10/10

Although the premium version offers virtually unlimited areas to explore and adventures to undertake, the free players also have more options here than in any other free adventure game. The open-ended nature of the game allows for players to focus on various aspects of the game such as the economy of Gielinor. There are opportunities to build long term quests.

Final Score: 93%

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