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Journey into the fantasy world of Gielinor, where wizards, monsters and magic await in this online adventure game.

runescape adventure game Review & Play 93%


For kids and teenagers, you can create a cool avatar, make friends, look cool and play free games including PopCap titles.

our world game Review & Play 90%

Castle Fight

Conquer Palestine and show that you are the bravest crusader ever! Massive battles in Medieval Europe.

castle fight medieval strategy game Review & Play 82%

War of the Titans

The sound of clashing blades calls you to fight in the arena in this ferocious gladiator game!

war of the titans game Review & Play 73%


The war of the century awaits you at the crossroads of fate in this medieval role playing classic.

xhodon medieval game Review & Play 80%

Glory Kings

Experience a mystic world full of legends. As brave hero will you be able to defeat the ancient dark powers?

arena game: arenas of glory Review & Play 77%

Arenas of Glory

Answer the cheering masses, Gladiator: Fight for glory and riches!

arena game: arenas of glory Review & Play 72%

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Runescape - We take a fresh look at the World's Most Popular MMORPG

runescape adventure game online

Welcome to RuneScape, the world's number 1 free massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Journey into the fantasy world of Gielinor, where wizards, monsters and magic await. Interact with millions of players, master your skills and embark upon the ultimate adventure.

War of the Titans - Fight other Gladiators to the death

war of the titans online

Can you hear your enemies calling? Strike fear and terror into their hearts and claim your rightful place as the strongest gladiator in Ancient Rome!

As a titan among Titans, you feel right at home in the arena. Defend yourself in brutal PvP and PvP battles and walk away victorious!

Begin your battle!

Castle Fight - Conquer Palestine and show that you are the bravest crusader!

maestia fantasy game online

Welcome to the heart of Europe's Middle Ages! Defend your castle, promote prosperity and peace, and trade with neighboring villages in these blood-filled times. Send gold to the Academy to develop skills and weaponry to better arm and protect your loyal vassals. Train your knights and make sure to keep their swords well-honed: With the King away on the Crusades, a dark shroud of violence has descended upon the land.

Review & Play Castle Fight.

Glory Kings - The Future of Iskarain lies in your hands!

glory kings game online

Start your search for the legend of Iskarain. The destiny of a broken country lies in your hands - only he who possesses the gems of Alkara will be able to unite the people and bring peace.

Experience a mystic world full of legends. As brave hero you roam through the provinces of the kingdom. Will you be able to defeat the dark powers?

Review & Play Glory Kings.

Recent Games That Have Impressed Us

A while back we added a fighting games section to our website and since then we have managed to locate a fair few highly rated new online games. Notable additions include a collection of street fighter games and one of our favourites hobo. Hobo is a hilarious fighting game where you can simply go around slapping, spitting, burping, farting and snorting at anyone you see. If you enjoy doing such discusting actions check this game out now. A more recent creation by the same maker sees you control a cartoon ninja instead of a Hobo, the fighting follows the same principles but the theme is completely different, check out ninja brawl now!

Our fighting games section has grown to become are most popular category under online games so we will endeavour to give this section lot's of love and tender care!

There have been a lot of new online games featuring stickmen emerging in the community but this one stands out amongst a lot of ordinary counterparts. You control a stickman who roams different levels beating the hell out of opponents through many different means including weapons such as a cleave, a pistol, your good old fashioned fists and even more powerful options that we won't reveal so you can enjoy the surprise yourself! The graphics, effects and other features of this stickman flash game are truly amazing and add a touch of artistry to cartoon violence. play rage 3 here.

Do you have a taste for blood and want to beat the hell out of countless random thugs? Well we can't offer you Streets of Rage (wish we could) but what we can offer are games with plenty of cartoon violence!. Why not kick and punch the living daylights out of armies of bad guys in crazy flasher 3. This animated beatem up certainly packs a punch as you fight your way through screens full of mean looking muscle men (very much like the old rubbery mini toys back in the 80's). Playing a short spiky haired chap, you have to contend with a huge gang of thugs. Proceed through missions with the aid of many weapons including a ninja sword, a spiked club and even a light saber!. Shed some blood and look mean now!

The casual games industry is booming and there is a huge demand for high quality free gaming entertainment. Aside from free windows games there is a wealth of rich entertainment in the download games market. Big names like Popcap have produced some really exciting and fun casual games of late including Peggle and Plants vs Zombies. We are in the middle of building a fun and comprehensive review section for such pc and windows games.

Classic Games

In our classic collection of free flash games we host some of the oldest games from the 80's arcade period. Once upon a time games were locked in huge heavy boxes (that's arcade machines!) but are now simple free to play online games that can be accessed through a web browser, how times change ehh! If you were part of the 80's arcade era, you will no doubt appreciate the feeling of playing classic arcade games through the old giant machines, indeed some of you may even have the old arcade machines plonked in your homes for novelty purposes, if so your one lucky person! Feel free to play and admire some of the accurate 80's flash conversions such as frogger, space invaders and pacman, all created by hard working free game developers such as Paul Neave.

More About Arcade Games

This era played the biggest role in the emergence of the video games market. Indeed sites like us only exist through the popularity driven by this period back in the late 70's and through to the late 80s. Most of us who write for Games Lunatic were lucky to brought up around this period and so these games hold a fond place in our hearts and minds! Spanning over a decade the boom in arcade entertainment really set the foundations upon which the video game industry has been built. Back then games such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Asteroids were the big players with millions of dollars, pounds, yen and yuan spent on playing fun video games in cafes, piers, bars and eventually in homes throughout America, Japan, the UK & Europe. Now you can play such classic games for free at our site.