Wedding Dash (Full Game)

Wedding dash game

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Rating: 87%

Help Quinn make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, Wedding Dash incorporates the plate-spinning fun from the Diner Dash ® series with the added challenge of pulling off the perfect wedding reception.

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Game Review

Wedding Dash Download is a casual game and is a spinoff of the original game Diner Dash. Playing it you cannot help noticing similarities, because it is based on the same principles of multi-tasking, which needs great speed, and dexterity. You must make quick, precise decisions. The difference of course is that it is a wedding scene rather than the kitchen. Quinn, a dear friend of Diner Dash's main character Flo, finds herself planning weddings, with Flo's help of course.

Like other games in the series you have two modes, endless and story mode. The story mode acts as a career mode, where you have to meet set guidelines to progress through levels. When you have completed the main story mode, the endless mode acts as a terrific fall back for players to test their new found skills against an increasingly hard setting.

In Diner Dash you have to sit customers on colour coded seats, however, this time you have the task of sitting friends and relatives who have come to celebrate the couple's big day. They come with different preferences which you have to cater for in order to keep them in a good mood, these include who they would wish to sit beside, and their overall patience level.

Remember that the whole essence of Wedding Dash is to make money and score points to get to the next level. Relatives and friends will be angered if kept waiting or seated beside the wrong people. They, however, do not storm out, rather the longer you keep them waiting the more money you lose, and this can cause you to lose the level even if you have passed it all ready.

You are not left in the dark about each player's preferences, and they will all be displayed clearly through the icons above their heads. Your skills as a wedding planner are on display throughout the game. The more things you get right the happier the bride and groom become. Of course if you get things mixed up or you slow down the bride and grooms mood will soon change.

If you are looking for a demo version of Wedding Dash Download to try it out for an hour then simply click the green download link above the review. Demo versions are an excellent way to test a game out before you decide to order the full version.

You will receive a note at the beginning of the game spelling these out in no uncertain terms. Your ability to recall instructions are tested here, much like it was in diner dash, when you are instructed to clear dirty tables before sitting new guests down.

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You have to get the guests' presents to the bride and groom as soon as they are seated, without wasting time. As soon as the guests are seated they want to eat immediately. Each guest has to be served a three course meal, consisting of an appetiser, entree and dessert. Here you receive help from your cook and waitress.

Time management and multi tasking are at the heart of this game. If you are not used to doing several things at once, then you may find the prospects of this game slightly daunting. However, if you keep with it, then you will find your skills developing with each game. This game is anything but boring because you are kept on your toes throughout. It is fast moving but remains enjoyable. Undoubtedly thrilling for the lovers of the previous diner dash.

There are ways of earning bigger bonuses in Wedding Dash. As in diner dash where it is seating customers on a clean table, which matches their clothing, in Wedding Dash you earn bigger bonuses by chain serving guests. When guests have finished their meals they vacate the seats, and then it is time to hit the floor and get jiggy with yourself. Then it is time to seat the next set of waiting guests. If you complete the level, then it is time for the bride and groom to join the guests on the dance floor.

Graphically there is nothing extraordinary, however, the game is understated yet attractive, and the game does not need to be distinguished graphically. It is not the main selling point; the main selling point is the game play. The different themes and locations break the monotone of one setting. Each character is well modelled; and easily definable from one another unlike some of the other games.

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Not unlike any real-life circumstances, averting disaster is inevitable on occasions such as this in the Wedding Dash Download. Here, it is in the form of fighting bridesmaids who you must separate as quickly as possible. There are also crying old women and grills on fire. The onus equally lies on Quinn to calm the bride down every time she gets upset and turns to Bridezilla when guests are not being served correctly. You have to be extremely observant and direct Quinn to situations which need her attention when her icon is flashing.

Hints and Tips

  • Some guests eat slower than others, like Diane the easygoing friend of the bride. Use this advantage to earn bonus points as you can serve two people at the same time.
  • Make sure you deal with customers with shorter patience spans before others; losing money is not a reliable way to complete levels! So always check to see which customers are getting frustrated and try and serve them first.
  • Do not let the game get on top of you, if you are finding levels too hard, then go back, and try and previous levels to build your skills. You can also try playing endless mode to build up a tolerance for the game.
  • Earn money by creating chains. To create a chain, seat all customers together, serve them all together and get them all on the dance floor together. Doing this is the only way to gain expert scores.
  • Play all levels to make sure you complete the expert level, if you do this then the game with double in longevity.


Wedding Dash is an enjoyable game to download; the game play is truly immense and you will be playing for hours. If you enjoy time management games, then Wedding Dash has to be among the best in the time management series. Do not take my word for it; you have to play to see!

Final Score: 87%

Wedding Dash download is available in full version format for Windows 2000, XP or Vista and on the Apple Mac by clicking here to begin your download.