Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold (Full Game)

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold game

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Rating: 89%

Play at your own pace with no timers or penalties, just hours of brain-tickling Hidden Object fun. Set sail with Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold today!

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Game Review

Yet another brain busting hidden object adventure has begun! Artogon games are back with Treasure Seekers: Vision of Gold. This game has proven to be one of the best hidden objects and adventure games of 2008, even though it only has one game mode. Avid gamers may be thinking that this is not enough, with most compelling games having two or even three modes, but you do not need to worry, the one game mode is all you need and to have a fun and thrilling adventure experience.

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold download is an interactive game that will change the way you look at puzzle games. The graphics are just simply astounding. It is hard these days to find puzzle games with such excellent graphics, game play and music all rolled into one. Usually, these graphics can only be found in strategy or action games, with puzzle games tending not to invest in that area. That is one of the many reasons why this game is unique and so popular. The game also offers different game play for people who are interested in something different to the normal puzzle games.

On the opening levels you will come across a tutorial which you should follow, as it will help you in completing further levels. You will notice a few things about the interface, down the bottom you will see a few circles, these show the amount of places you have to find, and you will also realize the hint button in the bottom right hand corner and the menu button in the top left hand corner.

The full version of Treasure Seekers is available to order or a demo version can be downloaded so you can try the game out for an hour before you decide whether to purchase it or not. Download the game for Windows XP or Vista on PC now!

The story begins with the main character, Nelly, who has to take care of little brother Tommy. However, first things first Nelly needs to clean up her room, when she tries to get out her room, she finds out that the door lock is broken. She then looks for her brother, when she finds him they both try to find the secret of the hidden treasure that was left by their grandmother, who was said to be a pirate.

While Tommy and Nelly search to find the treasure they encounter a myriad of puzzles which they have to complete. These puzzles are mostly hidden object games, but there are some variations. You have to find the 10 keys needed to open the chest and complete the game. When you click on a hotspot, you will be given silhouettes of pictures for items that you need to find. You will be able to click on certain parts of the screen, to get a closer look at that area, for example, on the first stage you can click on the bed, to look underneath it, to find additional toys to clean up, any one of these areas is highlighted in blue.

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From then on you will start on a series of different journeys or experiences which will then lead you to 10 keys, which will lead you onto your goal, the chest.

Treasure Seekers download: Visions of Gold is one of many in the Treasure Seekers series, but this version is nothing like its predecessors. This version has developed in many ways, and this makes it better than its predecessors. The game also introduces a never before seen, unique user interface.

Most hidden object games penalize you for a miss click, but this game discards that rule, so click away, if you cannot find it then go nuts and click anywhere! There is also no timer which allows the game to be much more relaxing than other games. If you do get stuck on where to click next then there is a hint button available, however, if you click this then you will need to wait a while before being able to click it again.

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold game can be described as an experience rather than a game, mainly because it does not include levels and just stages. I believe this enhances the adventurous feeling of the game, which is also enhanced by its excellent graphics and breathtaking user interfaces.

Nevertheless this treasure seeking hidden object game was still ranked as one of the best puzzle adventure games of 2008, in fact, it was runner up, and I can see why. It is puzzle packed, with multiple puzzles varying in difficulty.

One trait that regular hidden object gamers will find is that you are not given a list of things to find, on this game when you hover over an item it will light up, and when you click the item you will see a few items that you need to find. For example, early on you will click on a basket, and then little outlines of items you need to place in the basket will appear, such as a teddy bear. This feature allows the game to be less predictable than other hidden object games. Sometimes you will need to find an item before you can find other items, this makes the game more difficult than many other hidden object games.

Treasure Seekers: Vision of Gold download, is targeted at a puzzle gamer audience, but it also entertain adventure gamers. It has a wide appeal and has had countless excellent reviews, which are all extremely positive.

Treasure Seekers visions of gold game play

If you're looking for the full version of the game or a Treasure Seekers demo then use the links above the review. They offer you all the possible options on how to download a trial version, the full version and to purchase the game outright. This game is available on Windows PC on XP and Vista.

Along your way you will encounter many mini games. The mini games are not too tricky, but you can pass the games all together; however, I would not recommend this as any part of the game you can play you should, because the longevity on any game needs to be extended.

Hints and Tips

While you can click everywhere, do not bother wasting your time clicking where there are clearly no items!


This game is also highly relaxing, and I believe that it is mainly because of the solid game play and peaceful surroundings and sounds. It is not much of a thrill ride, but more of a peaceful adventure puzzle game. Fans of the hidden object genre will undoubtedly enjoy this game, as it differs ever so slightly from other games, and is in my opinion a better game than most others.

Final Score: 89%

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