Pet Shop Hop (Full Game)

pet Shop Hop game

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Mac

Rating: 91%

Can you keep the customers happy and Bobbi's business afloat? It's a fast-paced challenge to execute flawless fashion, but for the talented Bobbi, it's all in a day's work!

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Game Review

Tired of waiting tables, farming, or selling clothes? Then it is time for Pet Shop Hop, the next episode from PlayFirst in the line of time-management sagas. With an all new theme and fun graphics to entertain even the most jaded gamer, PlayFirst invites PC and MAC users to test their ability to multi-task, prioritize, and beat the clock while running a pet store in jolly old Diner town.

When the spoiled Minerva Mink tries to buy Diner Town Pets out from under Cassie's grandparents, they are faced with no choice. The shop is making no money, and they are digging themselves into a hole. Cassie will not let Minerva Mink turn her Grandparents beloved operation into a corporate, money-making beast that is MegaPet Superstore.

Through the coaxing of our-ever present Diner town residents and Cassie's loyal friend, Flo, Cassie decides to take on Minerva and her scheme, herself. Cassie is faced with the task of transforming her family's fish-only selling shop into a large pet store with dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, hedgehogs, and more, it even has its own store mascot. Unfortunately, helping out her Grandparents will mean she will have to put off Veterinary school until she can bring this business back to a profiting company again.

In Pet Shop Hop download Story Mode, which plays out over the course of a year, Cassie works week-by-week with many different goals. In the game play, customers enter the shop and come to Cassie's counter with a request in the form of a cartoon-style thought bubble. While some guests are very accurate (such as wanting a RED fish in a bowl), others may simply have a question mark (meaning any pet will do), or the outline of a specific animal with a question mark (meaning any color or type, so long as it is that species!).

Players must also keep pets fed and their pens, cages, and tanks clean. Therefore, along with keeping customers satisfied, Cassie must also keep all the animals happy, and this adds an additional element of difficulty.

The game is a likened to that of Doggie Dash which also involves pets but instead of running a pet store you run a pet grooming business. I recommend you also try this game out if your into looking after fury and cute animals!

From time to time, some pets make a mess outside their cages and Cassie must mop up after them. There is also a mascot upgrade. Mascots can entertain and keep customers from getting too impatient, but they, too, make messes that must be cleaned up.

We recommend at Games Lunatic that you downloaded a play the demo version of Pet Shop Hop so you can experience the fun before you decide whether to buy the full version of the game. Pet Shop Hop download is available on Windows XP, Vista and the Apple Mac.

In addition to being troubled by filthy pet messes, patrons are also bothered by Minerva Mink. When she comes into your shop to "look around," rest assured she will end up ruffling a few feathers and rattling some cages. Players will have to work extra fast to keep customers happy when she stops by. Alternately, clicking on the mascot will chase Minerva away, which is the preferable option.

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Each week ends with a status report and Cassie can use her accumulated earnings to purchase more pets, décor, special food items, and much more for her store. Pets are never automatically replenished, so players must remember to buy more pets, paying close attention that they have enough of each pet, as shoppers do not appreciate having to leave the store without the pet they had come in for, due to your stocking errors.

After 22 weeks of game play, players are able to buy the Tidybot- an automated cleaning robot- to do their dirty work. With Tidybot cleaning up after wandering puppies, players can focus on the core of the game and leave chasing stray pets around the store to the robot.

Some upgrades, such as a filling station for water (fish bowls) and shavings (critter cages) will appear automatically as the game progresses. Cassie can either simply accommodate those requesting these concessions, or she may put any or every pet she sells in a container, as animals in containers bring in higher revenue. However, there is not always enough time to pick up the animal and their cage/bowl, fill it up with the appropriate materials, place the pet in the container, and then hand them off to the customer.

Sometimes it is just as efficient to give non-picky customers a pet in a standard pet store box and serve them quicker than to go through the aforementioned process. Players may pick up and carry two items at a time, and if a player picks up the wrong animal, you can simply place it back in the cage. However, if the player picks up a caged animal that was unneeded, you must place the entire combination in the recycle bin, where all items will be restocked to their appropriate areas.

There is also the added task of Veterinary Certification that comes up after a few weeks. Some guests will prefer a pet that has been checked out by a Vet before they purchase. Players must also keep an eye out for this indication, seen as a red cross in the thought-bubble, as some guests will only take pets that have been checked out while others do not mind. Players must be warned; however, that is a guest asks for, say, a black rabbit, in a cage, with a health certificate, they must place the pet on the Veterinarian's desk before placing the animal in the cage. Otherwise, the animal will be unable to be examined.

The Pet Shop Hop game is available on PC Windows and MAC where you can either download a demo version or order the full version game for unlimited fun! At only $5.99 the game is a real snip and will offer hours of challenging fun in this time management game with a twist.

Certified pets bring in more money, so if players are worried about meeting their goal for the day, a good trick to learn is taking a pricier pet (puppy, kitten, etc.) and having it certified before handing it off to the customer. A little extra cash at the end of the day can make or break a level.

If Cassie can meet her monetary goals for each level in spite of all these challenges; she will progress to the next of 52 levels. If she fails, players must repeat the same level again, hopefully with a better outcome. If the goal is met during game play, an expert goal will appear in the right hand corner. Meet this goal for added points to use towards upgrades.

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In Continuous mode of the pet shop hop download players may play for as long as they wish, as long as they keep their customers happy. The only goal of Continuous Mode is for the gamer to beat their own personal scores; however, as the levels become increasingly difficult, this task will be harder than first thought.


Gamers tired of the monotony of time-management games will enjoy the added responsibilities of Pet Shop Hop. Extra tasks, goals, and payoffs will keep even the most dog-gone picky player perfectly satisfied.

Final Score: 91%

You can download the full version of pet shop hop for the pc on windows xp and vista. The game is also available for apple mac users and can be played for one hour on a trial basis before you purchase the unlimited game.