MCF: Dire Grove Collectors Edition

mystery case files dire grove game

Play On: Windows XP/Vista/Mac

Rating: 92%

Use your wits and Hidden Object talents to follow the trail of a group of missing graduate students in Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove!

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Game Review

Another suspenseful thriller has shown its face! This thriller will take you on a ride you will never forget. The much anticipated Dire Grove was released on in late 2009, and is yet another addition to the Mystery case files series. Its predecessor Return to Ravenhurst was also a smash hit in the adventure game industry. This chilling new game brings up memories from the previous MCT: Return to Ravenhurst. Dire Grove and its predecessor have taken a new approach by changing the feel of the game to attract more thrill seekers, and also added additional elements to the game play.

Mystery Case Files: Dire grove download has 11 different thrill seeking chapters to embark on, each chapter will take around 1-2 hours to complete, which means you get a great deal for your money in terms of longevity. Without a doubt the game is one tough cookie to crack, with multiple puzzles and hidden objects, you could end up spending a week trying to complete all the levels. Are you up for a challenge like that? Dire Grove was said to be non-linear, which meant that you can complete the levels in any order you wish. Some of the puzzles are optional but give the player a great satisfaction if completed.

Dire grove supposedly derives from The Celtic legend of Dire, which was deemed a fairy tale until recently when an unearthed artifact was said to prove it to be true. Starting off from the last episode of Mystery Case Files, an unidentified hero is seen being pushed down while a snow storm occurs. The game then shifts to an abandoned rental car left on the side of the road, this is when the game officially starts, and you will then be able to find tapes hidden in areas, these tapes contain video footage that will explain the storyline of the game.

Do not worry about getting less game time because of the tapes; it does not in any way make the game less interactive, if anything it makes it even more interactive. While you stroll down the frigid lane of Grove's you will have the opportunity to tamper with objects and tweak machines. Though the main reason why this game was made was to attract puzzle enthusiasts, it has taken more interest in hidden object activities than it did before.

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Less Puzzle solving and more Hidden Object activities are what this game has brought to the table. It was once a game that rested on puzzles, but now developers are bringing up a myriad of ways to improve the game without adding anymore puzzles. An extremely bold move which has been pulled off in this edition, as it brings a whole new fleet of gamers, which is a good thing.

Some of the puzzles of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove are not a necessity, however, for maximum game play and longevity, it is suggested that you do play and complete them. Dire Grove has a lot of puzzles which will leave your head in a spin, some of them are extremely hard to work out, and this is a good thing, as gamers do not want to stroll through easy levels.

There are also a number of hints that come with a recharge for the novice puzzlers or people who are new to the game; however, hints are only to be used in hidden-object scenes. There are also notebooks that will help the player know where he is going and help him out with clues and such. In the end the storyline is terrifically good, and one that you should pay attention to the whole way.

The graphics in Dire Grove are simply breathtaking for a game in its genre. They are easy on the eyes, and are very compatible with all video cards, which in turn allows for a smooth-running game. The footage is also superb, the white snow and the dark air together create great thriller suspense for the player. The video requirements to play this game are standard. However, if you do need to upgrade do so, because you are in for a real journey in a timeless and one of the most downloaded pc games of 2009.

The graphical improvements on Dire Grove are spectacular. Developers have found the right balance, and have not made the graphics too good, which would make the computer run slowly, or too shabby, therefore, putting gamers off, this makes for a fantastic game that can be played across a broad range of pcs and macs. This games graphics draw you into the game itself, and therefore, allows for a sense of escapism, which is what a lot of gamers look for. The developers have gotten the balance right, and this allows players to enjoy their surroundings and more importantly enjoy the game. I enjoyed the graphics because they are highly detailed, and who does not want a smooth running detailed graphical interface!

Apart from yourself you will not encounter too many others in this game, so most of the things that need to be done in this game are by your character. Saying that there are a few characters that you will come across, for example, the Ice lady, who is the main antagonist in this story, she was said to have abducted four students and possessed them, you will find this out through one of the interactive videos. You will also come across the detective who is an assistant, and the reporter, who asks the students questions. These are some of the characters who are introduced in to the game.

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One element to the game that may interest some players, is the story is based on a true story; therefore, some of the parts of your game play may have occurred all ready, now that should add an extra element of suspense and shock to your experience making Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove a truly chilling murder mystery!


Mystery Case Files: Dire grove download has shown to be an award-winning game. This is mainly due to some of the challenging puzzles; you will do well to find a more thrill seeking puzzle game out there than this one, as the suspense is second to none. Therefore, the game has proven itself as one of the best puzzle games on the market today and I fully recommend you downloaded and try the game out.

Final Score: 92%

Download the full version of this murder mystery game on XP, Vista or Apple Mac and try the game out for a whole hour before you decide to buy it or not. The demo version will give you a great insight into how the mystery case files play and why many of them have won casual game awards in recent years!