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Food games are a popular casual game category with many well-known series of games providing hours of fun for casual games. Some of the most notable series include Sandlot"s Cake Mania games and PlayFirst's Diner Dash titles. If you're looking for the best food games to download and play then Games Lunatic's selection above is right up your street! So let's take a look at just a few of the titles available to try and buy.

Cooking Dash 3

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Cooking Dash 3 is just a brilliant game that is creative but at the same time loads of fun. The graphics are great with vibrant colours, characters and backing music that sets the tone of the game perfectly. It is set in a theme park that is badly in need of creative workers to bring back the customers it so badly needs so this is where we meet Flo the hardworking waitress who is your main character and the person who will take you through each level as the game progresses.

Each level of the theme park is a different diner with an array of customers some easy to please some not. For example level one sees Flo in the Jolly Roger kitchen on a converted ship with her gran as a helper where she greets, seats, serves her customers, takes their money, clears away so the next customers can be seated and if she does all this quickly enough the score will reach the target level with no problem at all so the player can move to the next level.

Speed is the key Cooking Dash 3 making it one of the most exciting food games to play so don't keep those customers waiting too long or they will walk out of the diner before you even get them seated! Some of the customers are easy to please some are not. The regular customer is quite patient unlike the business woman who is just the opposite so the player has to make sure that Flo seats and serves her quickly so that time does not run out and the customer leaves unhappy which of course affects the score.

It's great the way you have to mix and match your customers, for instance the punk rocker that is impatient and annoying is best not seated near the bookworm or the mascot both of which are patient and quiet or they may leave without paying if he upsets them.

As the levels progress the customers change so serving celebrities and starlets is great fun while a satisfied celebrity can enable the player to achieve a power boost which will help Flo to move around even faster. All the different levels are a challenge starting with the relatively easy Jolly Roger through to the log jam, the spooky shack, the deep dive, the tree top, the Klondike and finally ending with the gold rush. Cooking dash 3 is a great food game that can test your skill while at the same time entertain and thrill whether playing alone or with friends

Pizza Chef 2

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Pizza Chef 2 is the sequel to very popular Pizza Chef where the niece of a run down restaurant owner takes over the ailing business and builds it up to eventually own a chain of fancy restaurants. It's a really fun game time management game to play as you serve customers while gathering coins along the way which if invested in your business will make it expand and prosper. The niece can also take advice from the absent owner who will give her hints and support.

Pizza Chef 2 has lots of new characters and foods and is a real game of timing plus skill. Orders are taken then placed on lighted stoves that have to match the tile which isn't easy. The more accurate the placing of the food on the stoves the better the score will be. Foods include pizzas, croissants, sandwiches and steaks while the usual upgrades and bonuses can be won to help you with your tasks.

Level by level customers become more demanding or impatient and have to be placated by providing drinks so upgrading in two ways with taste or efficiency. Pizza Chef 2 is quite a complicated game that challenges your talents of time management and creativity but once you get playing you will not want to stop so that the owner's niece achieves her goal while the colourful graphics and fast paced play will keep you amused for hours.

Burger Bustle

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Burger bustle is one of the great burger food games that truly mirrors life in your average busy burger bar. The aim of the game is to serve as many customers as possible rather than creating a restaurant from the beginning as in other fast food games. Win as many stars as possible so you can quickly make your way up the levels. The quicker you serve your customers the better; it's all about managing your time.

The basic structure of the game is to serve customers as they arrive with the variety of foods they order. There are burgers, fish dishes, a variety of toppings plus side orders such as fries, coffee and desserts. It's just a matter of clicking around the different work stations then waiting for the food to be prepped and packaged by the staff that you can move about the burger bar to work where they are needed. Deploying your staff quickly is a lot of fun and tests your speed and skill. You can also buy more staff if you feel you need them when you have accrued enough money.

As each level is achieved the player moves on but staff you have bought don't always get to move with you so this makes it interesting. You also need to collect as many stars as possible to enable you to move on and clear all the levels while awards collected along the way help reduce cooking times, provide refreshments for awkward customers in the diner which in turn makes the level more manageable.

Burger Bustle is a hectic challenging game but at the same time exciting as you win your gold and silver time medals that increase your score while the multi tasking element really keeps you on your toes. The graphics are colourful and amusing making this time management game is far better than average.

Restaurant Rush

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Restaurant Rush is the follow on game from Burger Rush with Heidi our restaurant owner and cook striving to serve her customers at break neck speed to impress the judges who will decide whether she can open up her own cooking school. Customers will order, then the player has to match the ingredients required on a match three grid. This follow up game is far more complicated than its predecessor as lots of lovely food is on the menu such as Peking duck, lasagne, surf n turf and ratatouille to name but a few.

The game is great fun and tests the players skills while as with burger rush, customers can be impatient so the player can give them drinks, soup, tea or desserts which will boost your cash reserves plus you can buy new desserts or recipes from the local mall when between levels by using tokens earned throughout the game. Even more exciting is the farmers market where you can upgrade the ingredients such as fruit or vegetables which in turn will make your recipes worth more when you use them.

Another great addition to this food game is the juke box from which tunes can be played to make customers happy while new tunes can also be bought at the mall. If you are clever and quick enough you can change the tunes to suit particular customers, so take note who is in the queue.

Each level has ways for you to earn extra cash tokens which makes the game more exciting plus there are a number of different endings which are determined by how well you play. Restaurant Rush is by far one of my favourite food games with its new characters such as the over the top opera lady who looks like a Viking warrior and a strange cat lady who is accompanied by, yes dozens of cats. The game has superb colourful graphics and I can safely say as a follow on game it is definitely an upgrade filled with tricky twists and turns to keep you engaged for hours.


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Tikibar is a super time management game, simple to play, but none the less engrossing and challenging with an easy to follow story line that sees the main character Tara on holiday on Tiki Island only to find huge demonstrations in progress against the building of a nuclear plant. Her grandparents who live on the Island and own a bar will be at the demonstration so Tara takes over the running of the bar for them.

The game is quite simple with customers coming into the bar to be served food and drinks which come in the form of red ice cream and yellow fizzy pop. Play the game well so you will find yourself acquiring upgrades usually every two levels such as fries, burgers and cocktails. Orders are easy to implement by clicking on applicable machines, wait for the food and then serve it to the customer. When you master this there is an added task to the game which is to make sandwiches.

Tikibar is one of cutest casual food games with only one particularly difficult task which is Tara's tray. The problem is you can't see what she has on her tray as everything is wrapped so you need to remember what has been ordered or you have a problem. This really tests the memory with the only indication to what is in the wrapped up food being at the bottom right hand corner of the screen so you need to be quick when checking this out.

This game is colourful with good graphics, fun background music and a host of entertaining customer comments that make it thoroughly entertaining and a great way to while away your leisure time.