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Dress Shop Hop game

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Rating: 81%

Can you keep the customers happy and Bobbi's business afloat? It's a fast-paced challenge to execute flawless fashion, but for the talented Bobbi, it's all in a day's work!

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Game Review

PlayFirst? and Oberon Media bring you another exciting time-management saga in the form of Dress Shop Hop. Fans of other Dinertown games will enjoy a break from the food-service chain as Bobbi, a fashion designer wannabe, decides to open up a clothing store. Designed by Andrew Mayer, this PlayFirst? original is available to PC and MAC users, alike, and promises hours of entertainment as players race against the clock in hopes of making Bobbi's dress shop a huge success.

Dress Shop Hop download can be played in the two standard modes of Dinertown games: Endless Mode or Story Mode. In Story Mode, players follow Bobbi through 5 separate fashion markets in her plight. Conversely, Endless Mode is wonderful for practice or for once the game is beaten as it will simply get increasingly difficult until one (the player or the customers) simply give up!

There is also a helpful tutorial with step-by-step instructions to allow players to feel comfortable with the speed and difficulty of the game's tasks before jumping in with both feet. Fans of the "Flo" franchise of games will recognize the animation and graphics style as the same cartoon-style. The soundtrack of Dress Shop Hop is a catchy polka-style ditty that will keep tuba lovers' toes tapping.

Dress Shop Hop download was brought out at a similar date to Pet Shop Hop and offers a refreshing twist from the original Diner Dash games. If you would like to try the game for yourself before deciding whether to obtain the full version a demo version is available by using the links above.

After another unsuccessful meeting with a big-time buyer, aspiring clothing designer, Bobbi, goes to our good friend, Flo for advice (main star of the diner dash game). Flo has an idea for a shop where you can have your clothes made how you like them when you want them - like a burger shop does with burgers! With this ingenious idea, Bobbi sets to work on opening her own boutique in Dinertown. In a time-management format similar to Diner Dash, the Dress Shop Hop game commissions players to serve shoppers as Bobbi with the help of her inventions.

As goals are met, players receive "Fashion Tips," which can be redeemed after levels to upgrade the shops' décor or add new machines to assist in quicker work being made of the shopping experience. Incidentally, to add to the theme, these "Fashion Tips" are in the form of spools of thread, so players would do well to keep an eye out for these little tokens. If a guest leaves with more than three hearts, players will receive a tip, so players must keep an eye on those hearts and keep their customers happy!

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A great way to get a feel for this time management gem is to download and play the trial demo version of the game which is the full version game with a n hours time limit set. Dress Shop Hop is available for both the pc on windows xp and vista and for the Apple Mac.

There are several different customers in the Pet Shop Hop download, but participants will want to keep a close eye on Ms. Nervousa in particular. She is an impatient woman who incessantly is chatting away on her cell-phone. Keep her happy, and pay-offs ensue; serve her too slowly, and you may lose a customer.

A good strategy tip is to wait until the first Ms. Nervousa enters the shop before placing any customers upon the analyzers. She is impatient, as previously stated, and it is wiser to make more laid-back customers wait a few moments in order to keep Ms. Nervousa's hearts full. Another client to watch out for is the ever-important Marco Down. When most clients leave, due to poor service, there is no penalty to Bobbi's points. However, when Mr. Marco Down leaves, Bobbi loses 100 points each time. Keeping this client happy may be the deciding factor between passing and not passing a level.

The overweight client, Mary, always buys whatever is on the mannequin; Norman, the husband, takes a long time to decide, but he is very patient. Maggie, the blue-haired lady is another big money maker. She orders whatever is on the rack. The best way to make top dollar from this client is to make one outfit for the mannequin and have TWO others of the same on the rack. Since customers pay twice the price for clothes on the mannequin, this will ensure that the player not only may serve Maggie quickly (by having the back-up outfit), but also double the price, since it is also on the mannequin. In a game this fast-paced, little tricks like that will be a gigantic help.

Unlike Diner Dash and other Dinertown games, in Dress Shop Hop Bobbi is unable to carry more than one item at a time, making it difficult to receive a chain bonus. However, placement of customers on like-colored platforms results in high incentives. The color chain bonuses are calculated in terms of tens, so if a blue platform indicates "x3" next to it, the player stands to gain an extra thirty points. If players are having difficulty completing levels, they are advised to repeat the level, focusing mainly upon color chains over number of clients served.

In some cases, it is better to lose a few customers rather than break a long color chain that the player has been working on the entire level hitherto. In addition, players can cash out all ready orders in succession before starting a new round of clients, therefore earning a chain for the "cash-out" action.

As well as upgrades to machines and décor, Bobbi may also use her tips to buy boosts. Mannequins are available and are greatly helpful in generating income. Customers are liable to purchase items displayed on a mannequin for twice its usual price. Dressing a mannequin in a higher-priced item, such as a patterned dress will aid the player in selling more of that high-ticket item over lower-priced outfits that the customers may have chosen on their own.

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You can download the full version of game by clicking one of the links above this review. We have on offer a demo version of the game in case you wish to try the game before you buy it! Install Dress Shop Hop on either Windows xp, vista or Mac.

Drinks are another important boost, as they allow Bobbi to keep clients happy whilst waiting in line. Gamers should take care to use all drinks up so they may be replenished and made available when they are most needed. A last minute drink before sending a client out the door may make the difference of two stars or three stars, which means tip or no tip!


Dress Shop Hop download is another entertaining departure from reality from PlayFirst? that keeps players on their toes. Playing out as an education in patience, Dress Shop Hop is a fresh, new way to polish up time-management skills whilst facilitating a free-time-wasting means that players have come to love from downloadable pc games. Unlike Diner Dash games, gamers will most likely want to invest in a large supply of caffeinated diet-colas as opposed to coffee for this game. However, pour on the caffeine all the same!

Final Score: 83%