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Rating: 89%

Doggie Dash incorporates the customer service fun of the Diner Dash series with the new challenge of cleaning, grooming, and accessorizing canine and feline clients. Be sure to keep an eye out for Walter and Scarlett`s friend Flo not to mention her very own faithful retriever, Skillet!

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Dogs, and kitties, and... more dogs--oh MY! Doggie Dash download is another installment in the Diner town franchise of games, brought to us by PlayFirst. Available for PC and MAC, Diner Dash fans can download this pet-themed, quick paced game to play at home or on-the-go!

Players join main characters, Walter and Scarlett's, and their pets - dog, Rocky, and kitty. The storyline loosely follows a love story of sorts between breed-crossing lovers, Wendy and Rocky. The pets of Diner town are in for a treat as Rocky and Wendy convince a reluctant Scarlett and Walter to open up their own pet day spa. The owners' good friend, Flo, makes a cameo with her dog, Skillet, who proves helpful in hairy situations!

More than 10 different pets play party to a frenzy of fur, fluff, and fun! Pampered pet owners enter the shop and drop off each pet with a number of tasks to be completed. Washing, grooming, and styling are all options and some pets require one or two while others will need "the works." Each task MUST be completed in order and no task may be left out, before pets are returned to their loving owners who just may reward all that hard work. Tasks may be queued up for fast succession, so long as the station is available when the chain gets to it. If not, players must keep an eye out and pick up where the chain left off.

Doggie Dash shop owners can also entertain waiting guests with a joke or two up at the podium. Players may choose to play as Scarlett, who is more efficient, or Walter, who is more calming. The other partner plays a role in game play by picking up pets from their final task and returning them to their owners. Every few levels, however, said partner is out for the day and players must figure out how to run a two-person operation on their own! Doggie Dash certainly does lay down a challenge for all time management fans.

As with the other Diner town games, knowledge of your customers is vital. Doggie Dash is no exception to this rule. Poodles are the divas of the game and are very impatient, while Siamese cats are equally finicky and get huffy at top speed. Players would do well to remember which breeds are more patient than others and allow them to wait a bit while tending to the "Primadonnas" of the game as the hearts of the patient stick around much longer.

On the other end of the spectrum, when Flo comes in, patrons always feel a little more cheer. That's because Flo's pup, Skillet, is a real mood-booster. Placing Skillet next to upset pets helps calm their attitudes and he is, of course, quite patient to boot! With help from Walter and Scarlett's pets- dog, Rocky, and kitty and Wendy gamers assist the new shop owners in a test of time-management and grooming skills, alike.

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If you want to know how fun it is to play the Doggie Dash download then why not install the full version demo which is available on PC for Windows XP, Vista and also on the Apple Mac. Simply click one of the download links above the review.

Upgrades available for purchase will allow players a few new concessions in order to keep their clients happy or speed up the grooming processes. Machine efficiency upgrades and numerous special treats are up for grabs between levels.

Gamers can purchase, for instance, a massage chair. A massage chair provides another station to place animals, allowing the waiting room to not become too crowded as well as raising "hearts" of pets that have been waiting too long, thus far raising possible points paid out.

Other options include:

  • A treat bowl for extra mood-enhancement.
  • An upgrade to your character making them perform their jobs quicker and more efficiently.
  • Automatic upgrades that are free simply for finishing levels pertain to the appearance of the shop, itself.
  • A change in carpet or counter decorations may not enhance the player's abilities, but it lends to variety.
  • Between the chosen and automatic upgrades, there are approximately 64 options to choose for the doggie spa.

Building chains is just as important to points in the Doggie Dash game download as in other Diner town games. When a level has more than one shower, grooming table, and vanity station, it is advisable that players initially dedicate one per species. Placing a dog on a grooming table after a cat will not penalize players, but avoiding such instances will allow players to build chains and increase their bonuses in increments. In addition, a bonus is awarded when one animal is swapped at a station for one of the same species (i.e. if there is a dog finishing up his wash, pick up another dog and take him to the station, therefore "swapping" dog for dog).

If you enjoy time management games revolving around pets then you may also like the pet shop hop game that involves running your own pet store and selling a wide variety of animals!

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Two modes are available for game play in Doggie Dash. Story Mode takes players on a journey through 6 different locales including a beach and the fabulous and fast-paced New York City. Each town spans 10 levels. As players progress into finishing the game, they can hop on over to Endless Mode and play until they can't keep up anymore. Endless mode is also helpful for those who may be rusty in their time-management skills and need to brush up before attempting any of the levels. Endless mode has no real goal except happy customers and, questionably, the gamers' sanity. The tutorial of the Doggie Dash game is fun and full of good tips allowing even newbie's to the genre a shot at success.


PlayFirst's Doggie Dash download keeps with the tradition of mentally challenging games while branching out into a whole new area of business. Fans of the "Flo" series of games will enjoy this new spin on an aging concept. The graphics are very cute and cartoon-like with very humorous expressions on pet's faces and silly outfits, such as hats and coats on pets. The music is simple and does not distract from the game at all, in essence, playing out more like elevator music with a sprinkling of pet noises and the "whirring" of blow dryers and other grooming sounds. Doggie Dash is essentially very much like its customer service predecessors, yet, has a fun new feel to it that will keep gamers entertained for hours. Curl up with your laptop and your favorite chew-toy for this one!

Final Score: 87%

You can download the full version of doggie dash for the pc on windows xp and vista. The game is also available for apple mac users and can be played for one hour on a trial basis before you purchase the unlimited game.