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dairy dash game

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Ah, life on the farm, what could be more relaxing? Just about anything according to the Smith family. Help these city slickers get a grip on the family farm as the hustle and bustle of Diner Dash ® goes pastoral.

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Who says tough farm work has to be sweat-inducing? Thanks to the good guys over at PlayFirst, gamers can now milk cows, tend to chickens, and grow crops all with the click of a mouse. Time management games are popular and are available in nearly any genre gamers can imagine. Dairy Dash game is no exception. With the game design by Alexei Othenin-Girard and some fun frontier-style music worthy of a theme park, Dairy Dash download takes players into the country and far from their everyday lives in a casual pc game that takes much of its inspiration from farm frenzy.

The game is also far from our characters' everyday lives as well. Out for food at Flo's Diner, Mom, Dad, son Ethan, and daughter Emily Smith receive a call from Uncle Bill. Between Mom's cyber shopping, the ever-present TV, or son Ethan's, video gaming habits, the farm is the farthest place from reality for these technology addicts. Unfortunately for the Smiths, Uncle Bill recruits their help when he faces losing his farm due to a lack of workers. In addition to encouraging the Smiths to take on this hefty task, Flo suggests a partnership between local restaurants and Uncle Bills farm. Selling organic and local produce to these businesses may just be the thing Bill needs to put his operations back in the black. Of course, the Smiths give in and our game picks up where this tale leaves off.

In the dairy dash download players begin with one character, Mr. Smith, in their undertaking of the running of a farm. Mr. Smith begins by feeding the chickens and goats. He must also feed a cow by first baling hay, using a special machine, and then delivering the finished product to her. After feeding, each animal will require a drink which Mr. Smith must first pump from the well and deliver, one by one, to each animal. Lastly, the animals require either milking or the retrieval of eggs before they can take a short rest before beginning the process again.

Gamers will benefit from familiarising themselves with these operations, as keeping one step ahead of their animals will be the deciding influence in many quick-paced levels. After completing a few levels, Mr. Smith will be joined by other characters such as Mrs. Smith, Emily, a few assistants, and lastly even a reluctant Ethan chips in with some of the menial tasks.

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Why not try out the demo version of the Dairy Dash download? It's the full version of the game that you can play for an hour totally free and provides an excellent try before you buy option. Alternatively you can order the game straight away for the PC on Windows XP and Vista and the Apple Mac.

Players can control and command these helpers to perform tasks along with Mr. Smith, adding a level of efficiency that Mr. Smith was unable to attain on his own. As levels progress in the dairy dash game, so do the responsibilities and operations of the farmers. The planting, tilling, watering, and harvesting of crops become new tasks and the number of animals per species increases. This increases the workload but also raises the amount of money the farm can pull in a single day.

Occasionally, Flo will call with an order for fresh, organic, products to be delivered to various restaurants in the area. Players must be available to answer the phone to take the order as well as load the delivery truck for these instances. In the likely event that the truck breaks down, Mr. Smith must take leave of his normal chores to tend to the truck so that the orders can go out on delivery. In some cases, wolves or crows will arrive to disturb the smooth operations of the farm. Players can simply click on these trouble makers and send the family dog after them!

When the rooster crows at the end of the day, players will either have gained their monetary goal and progress onto the next level, or will have failed and will be given the option of giving up or retrying the level.

An engaging and entertaining change in pace from other diner dash games are mini-bonus games between every few levels. Players are asked to perform tasks such as picking ripe fruit from trees or play matching games with vegetables. These break up the monotony of the levels as well as providing players a small break from the hectic pace of the farm while adding to their till.

The Dairy Dash download keeps in sync with other games from the Dinertown franchise by allowing players to click on multiple tasks, thus placing them in a queue of "to-do's." Unfortunately, the animals are quite unpredictable as to their speed and it is sometimes better to break the chain queued up by clicking your cursor on the compost machine and tend to whichever animal has suddenly made a demand than wait for whichever animal you had your heart set on assisting. This also means that in many cases, bonuses are immensely difficult to rack up with chains and players find themselves clicking frantically all over the screen. Many will find this amusing and does not deter much from the entertainment of the game. More likely, it provides a welcome change from the typical predictability of the other Dinertown time-management games.

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There are 52 levels for game play that span over four different farms and unlike its predecessors, the Dairy Dash game does not allow players to choose their own upgrades; they simply come as the game progresses. There are the same two standard modes that time-management fans will recognize. In Story mode, players will journey through all 52 levels and four farms all while progressing in skill and speed. Endless Mode will challenge even the most advanced player, due to its increases in difficulty until there is a stale-mate, and the player just can not keep up anymore.

The in game tutorial follows the player through each level when new skills or upgrades are introduced. Players may choose to read the instructions or you may click on the "Skip" button in the top left corner. However, the next level may begin a new set of tutorials. With fun comic-style graphics, gamers will enjoy cows with actual emotions and a "futuristic farm" with some extremely creative takes on the standard farm equipment, players will find a healthy dose of whimsy in the games' artwork.

Try the full version of the game for the pc or apple mac by clicking the download links above this review. The demo version holds all the features the unlimited version does and will give you a taste of things to come!


Dairy Dash introduces indoor folks to the world of the great outdoors without ever having to leave the comfort of their cosy computer chair! Requiring no toiling in the hot sun, players must simply log on, grab a cold iced tea, and settle in for hours of simulated farm life!

Final Score: 85%

The Dairy Dash game is available in full version format for Windows 2000, XP or Vista and on the Apple Mac by clicking here to begin your download.