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Rating: 80%

Don't think there's anything worth watching on television? Build your own TV empire and take matters into your own hands in TV Manager 2! Take over a small TV station, and turn it into the biggest network in the entire country!

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Game Review

Tycoon style games have always been a great favorite for many PC gamers, and it is easy to see why: a great combination of easy to understand graphics, a user interface that is self explanatory and the ability to decide how things will go in some of the most elaborate industries today. TV Manager 2 Download brings back all the good things about running a TV station and adds a few extras - making it a game worth getting even for those who already have the first.

As one would expect, players are in the role of a station owner, but instead of having a dedicated team of producers and a board to help you make decisions, you alone are completely responsible for what shows will actually be aired on your channel. It may seem like a lot of work (not just in reality, but in this game, it also is), but TVM2 manages to deliver a fun gaming experience by giving players a degree of immediate gratification -instant earnings coming in at the end of each day.

TV Manager 2 game


As one would expect, the graphics for this game (and many others like it) are quite simple. The main screen shows off your cluttered main office, while the large control buttons instantly tell you what each click would present. Not quite the artistic masterpiece, but for a management game, this is pretty much standard fare. The user interface is neatly presented though the color theme is a little too dark and cartoony for our tastes (and that's more of a personal opinion) it is easy to see how this aesthetic would appeal to others.

What is truly remarkable about the game's visual elements is how they lend to the actual gameplay. This complementing factor is one reason why TV Manager 2's visuals are pretty successful.

The audio for TV Manager 2 is less about setting the mood and more about keeping things in place. The occasional clicks and beeps will tell you when you have successfully clicked button or dragged an item into place - good audio feedback is always appreciated. The TV sound effects of static, muted noise, canned laughter and assorted other cues helps keep the TV station theme running.

One thing we appreciated about TV Manager 2 game is all the video culture references. From famous B-movies to academy award winners to silly telly soap-operas, the number of in game spoofs is hard to keep track of - and mostly, limited only to what you would recognize. If you would fantasize about running your own TV station, then you are likely to also appreciate great shows and films - something that the game developers recognize.

TV Manager 2 screenshot


As the title implies, this is going to be about managing a TV station. While the actual job in real life focuses a little more on the work delegation than actually grabbing tapes off shelves (but real TV station managers will, if needed), players get to work with sleeves rolled up doing every bit from deciding which shows get aired and what commercials are shown.

The first task for players is to acquire shows. The game presents it neatly in the form of choosing from a row of tapes. Highlighting a tape will tell you the title and general content of the film - as well as how it was rated or critiqued. Naturally, the bigger and more famous films cost more than the others - allowing players to bring in high-earning advertisements to the same timeslot.

TV Manager 2 gameplay

Once you have shows, you need to get sponsors. These advertisements will air once per hour and will be the primary source of income for the TV station. Choosing the right sponsor for the right timeslot is the key to successfully making plenty of profit. Just be sure to keep an eye out on your viewers' watching habits.

Speaking of which, once you've gotten the shows and the ads, it is time to air them. Creating a playlist of shows for the day is quite easy, making sure they work right is another thing altogether. Success, as we mentioned, relies heavily on knowing your viewers. The game will cue you in on what times certain age demographics will be tuning in. You will not be able to address them all (mothers do not necessarily enjoy children's TV), so choosing which target to address at any given time is a crucial decision that players have to make. Keeping track of the day of the week as well as the differing viewer reactions is the key to making your TV station a major earner.

Game Review Verdict

The experience of sitting down in front of the telly and wondering why there is no good show airing is a pretty common thing. More than once have many of us felt that if we ran a TV station, it would have a great line up of shows. TV Manager 2 Download will not have you broadcasting in real life, but it still lets users fulfill the fantasy of running constant footy news all day long, or b-movies, or dramas, or anything else they find. If you are sick of all the detergent commercials, do not air them, you are the manager and this is your station. The game may lack a little in terms of having more media to interact with, but with most of the focus on actual station management and broadcasting, that issue is hardly noticeable. We give this game a haughty producer's 80/100.

Final Score: 80%

TV Manager 2 Download can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & 7 - simply click here to download a copy.