Turbo Subs (Full Game)

turbosubs game

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Rating: 85%

The sequel to Turbo Pizza delivers more hectic multi tasking challenges.

Turbo Subs takes Turbo Pizza, polishes the game play and lays down the gauntlet to time management fans with more extravagant serving demands, greedy customers and silly locations. If your looking for a whacky time management game, look no further.

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Game Review

The express train is here in this fast paced time management game that will keep you on your toes and possibly send you mad through a ridiculous amount of multi tasking jobs. If you enjoy a challenge, you've most certainly got one in Turbo Pizza's sequel - Turbo Subs.

It's time for Rebecca and Robert to open the doors to their wonderful diner once more, this time to delight customers with subs instead of pizzas. Of course as with the original - Turbo Pizza, the pro chef and waitress aren't just content with serving sandwiches, they also do cookies, crisps, cola, candy floss and many more added value delights!

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Turbo Subs download is Turbo Pizza cranked up a notch with even more difficult time management levels, fussier customers and more serving to do than ever before. You will find your eyeballs twitching and turning every mille second as there is always a customer to serve or money to be collected! In Turbo Subs You start out in the big apple where Rebecca and Robert spot the perfect and unique location to serve customers subs and what not, an abandoned sub train! Of course throughout this stage of many rounds you get to pimp out the sub train with improved fixtures, flooring, windows and a food marquee.

Greeted with groovy fast paced music to suit Turbo Sub's hectic game play and the quick in game tutorial you will be up to speed with how the game works in no time. A few signs cropping up here and there will point you in the right direction for how to do business with customers.

At the beginning of each round your set a minimum amount of money to take, should you fail to meet that minimum you must repeat the round to earn the right amount cash, money talks in the Turbo Subs game!

The Turbo Subs game doesn't beat around the bush either, the first couple of levels throws plenty of customers your way and it only gets more hectic as you progress. Thankfully you're aided with some very neat upgradable services, food and beverage options, to name a few:

  • Chef courses - $15,000 (cost) - teach Robert to sling subs faster to dramatically speed up sandwich serving times.
  • Serving courses - $15,000 - help Rebecca improve her service, Rebecca moves around the kitchen at a super fast rate when you invest in serving courses.
  • Faster toaster oven - $8000 - Subs are toasted faster.
  • Double Coffee Maker - $7000 - Make 2 cups at once, ideal when you have more than one pesky customer wanting a cup of coffee.
  • Fancy Chips - $3000 - $10 extra per bag - fancy crunchy chips that are too delicious to resist!
  • Home Made Cookies - $3000 - $10 extra - Sweet sensations, you will have all the fatties pouring in your shop looking for these.
  • New Soft Drinks - $3000 - $10 extra - Sweeter, Fizzier Soft Drinks.
  • Repair Floor - $8000 - Renovate the dingy floor and add a half star to the turbo subs service meter, fancy patterns and vibrant colours will grace your shop floors.
  • Remodel Walls - $7,500 - Tastefully decorate the walls, add another half a star on to your service metre.
  • Stylish New Counter - $8,500 - Fancy new counter that customers will enjoy bellying up to - half a star on to your service metre.
  • New Sandwich Kitchen - $6000 - Upgrade Robert's sandwich kitchen with a fancy marquee and rooftop, half a star on to your Turbo subs metre.
  • Replace Door and Windows - $7000 - fancy new doors and windows with luxury curtains, half a star on to your service metre.
  • Fancy fixtures - $7000 - such as lights, half a star added to your service metre.

All these upgrades go a long way to helping you serve customers faster and manage busy periods.

Turbo Subs Download is available for Windows 2000, XP and Vista by clicking the link at the top of this review.

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So how easy is it to satisfy customers in the Turbo Subs game? Well customers get cranky rather faster. You will find those that don't receive a menu instantly will start groaning and making the most annoying of sounds! Customers ordering small items become impatient fast so make sure you take care of them along the way to ordering sandwiches for other customers.

Each customer has a patience or happy metre next to their head. The metere starts off as green with a happy smile but the longer you take to serve customers the more this bar will turn red, to an angry face and a customer who pays you less for your lazy service, so chop chop there's customers to be served!

In between some of the rounds is a tricky hidden object game, picking out as many hidden items as you can, will gain you bonus money to spend in the next round. This small game offers a refreshing change to the fast paced main game.

So is the Turbo Subs game for you? If you're a time management freak then indeed it is. I would fully recommend Turbo Subs to you, even if your just browsing and looking for a fast paced casual windows game to have a bash or two on in your spare time, I'd still tell you to try this game out and see how it goes, with a free trial through the link at the top of this page you can't go wrong.


Turbo Subs is a swift and challenging time management game with plenty of variation and multi tasking to more than satisfy the casual gamer. If you enjoy being pushed to the limit with your multi tasking skills then Turbo Subs will dangle the golden carrot right in front of your face and snap it back every time you think you've caught it!

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Game Detail: 8/10
  • Addictiveness: 8/10
Final Score: 84%

Get a copy of the Turbo Subs download in full version format for Windows 2000, XP and Vista by clicking here.