Diving In: Tropical Fish Shop 2

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Rating: 80%

Help Annabel and Harold organize their pet shop by diving and collecting colorful sea creatures in Tropical Fish Shop 2! After finding an incredible treasure, Annabelle and Harold are able to move their pet store into a new spacious building. Help them get down to business and equip and arrange the new bigger store in this exciting Match 3 game!

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Game Review

Puzzle games are a pretty common in the casual game industry these days, and it is in the delivery where the games actually manage to stand out from the rest. The fact that Tropical Fish Shop 2 Download is a sequel goes to show that this little puzzle piece has already proven that it is a game worth playing, and with the sequels better graphics and extra features, there is so much more to enjoy.


As odd as it may seem, Tropical Fish Shop 2 game actually has a little story that drives it forward. Anna Belle and Harold are back, and this time, a massive underwater find will be the main source of Anna's new resources that will make her fish shop grow. The two take on different aspects of the shop as Harold manages the interiors and handles the customers while Anna goes off to collect treasures, tools, more fishes and also recognition for their shop by winning local competitions.

Tropical Fish Shop 2 game


Tropical Fish Shop 2's visuals are quite well defined for a game of its level. Despite being a very casual title, plenty of attention has been given to give the fish shop decors an excellent degree of polish while the in-game puzzles provide players with nicely animated sprites. The puzzle game screens do get a little crowded with colors but that comes mainly from the fact that this is mainly an align-the-colors type puzzle title. There are a couple of other game modes as well, mostly showcasing the same sprite based content and the missing objects mini game features some nicely rendered line art.

The audio quality for Tropical Fish 2 is of your typical shop-type ditty. It is upbeat and casual, while not being overly focused in tone. Though the score is hardly memorable at all, it is quite relaxing to listen to when playing this game. The sound effects are a successful in helping build the theme of the game. Plenty of bubble and fish effects are put in while a more typical array of chimes and clinking effects accompany the puzzle portions of this game.

Tropical Fish Shop 2 screenshot


Those looking for more shop management action might want to pass this up for other shop management specific titles. Despite what the title says, Tropical Fish Shop 2 Download is more about getting fish than actually selling them. As we stated, Harold takes care of the shop, it is up to the player as Anna to get things to sell. Puzzle fans on the other hand, would certainly want to try this out. If you are a puzzle fan who missed out on the first game (thinking that it may have been a shop management game), then this sequel should be a definite pick up for you.

Store management in this game is quite minimal and is composed mainly of watching Harold stand in the counter while customers come in and out. Players get to decide on the furnishings and the style of the shop, but other than that, the game's real focus is on the mini games and puzzles.

The puzzles are composed mostly of connecting four or more objects on the puzzle grid up to one another. The game will provide players with a choice of time or untimed challenges. With timed, players are made to take into account the fact that they are underwater and that the oxygen supply is limited. Fortunately, the puzzles not only make use of fish and other undersea creatures for Anna to catch, but also have air bubbles - align four and they will help replenish your oxygen supply for a while.

Tropical Fish Shop 2 gameplay

Once you've gathered enough tools from the initial dive, the game shifts to another puzzle type: salvaging. This is played in the form of a hidden objects game. As one might expect, there's plenty of salvageable things under water and it is up to the player to pick up all the items on the list. It does seem a little out of place to be bothered with picking up sunken street sign arrow but all in all, this is one every enjoyable part of the game.

Every now and then, events will allow players to earn trophies that they can add to their display case (most likely unlocked once you purchase the first display case for the store). Most of these events are multipart tournaments where Anna must defeat several opponents in a row through single elimination matches. There is plenty of focus on thinking ahead with moves and being able to make decisions fast, so this is one part of the game where novices might consider doing a few reloads just to get right.


Tropical Fish Shop 2 Download may be your typical stylized puzzle game, but it is a great game nonetheless. Shop management is kept to a minimum with designing, while the simple puzzles manage to add a surprising level of addictiveness to this game. Whether you are a casual player looking for something that will give you a challenge or a hardcore gamer looking for something to fill in those extra minutes of spare time, this mix-mode puzzle and management game will keep you satisfied. We give this game an undersea salvager's 80/100.

Final Score: 80%

Tropical Fish Shop 2 game can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Mac - simply click here to download a copy.