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Rating: 85%

Follow a romantic story, explore barbarian lands, win recognition, and achieve success in Roads of Rome, a fun Time Management game!

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Game Review

Building roads is not normally what one would consider as a good basis for fun, but Roads of Rome actually manages to pull off a system that balances a decent enough storyline with a surprisingly addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. While certainly not made for everyone, this resource and time management challenge of a game is a great and enjoyable way for both casual and hardcore gamers to hone up on their problem solving and mouse skills.


Roads to Rome Download provides users with an old school dramatic sub plot: the King's daughter has fallen for a general, and now he has come up with an idea to keep the two apart. Of course, this one gets the full Rome-flavor with Emperor Julius Caesar sending Victorious off to the far reaches of the kingdom on the relatively safe yet time-consuming task of building a road that would further the expansion of Rome; hence the title, Roads of Rome.

Players are put in the shoes (or sandals) of Victorious, pining eternally for the hand of Caesar's daughter, Julia. Now tasked with expanding the empire, Victorious has to finish the emperor's decree and get back to the capital as soon as possible before Caesar manages to marry off the princess to someone else.

Fortunately, the initial narrative does show that the love is both mutual and recognized by both parties. The game also starts you off with a promise from Julia that she will wait -this makes Victorious' determination a little more optimistic and the point of finishing the game feel logical for the players.

Roads of Rome game


Simplicity is the first word that comes to mind when initially seeing the visuals of Roads to Rome game. However, just about five minutes into the game, players are treated to a little eye-candy as the beautifully rendered images show off the reason why Victorious is being sent off to build roads. The basic line art that depicts the story is heavily supported by realistic shadows and textures, surprising you with visual style that is quite different from the animated sprites of the game.

In-game, the visuals go from dramatic to simple fun. While this might sound pretty disjointed, the transition is actually smooth and does not take away from the experience. Players will spend most of their time in the actual road making screens, which is basically an overhead view of the current stage. The backgrounds are composed of neatly drawn landscapes and the interactive elements are made of smoothly animated sprites. As we stated, simplicity has been a key element in the visual designs, with each interactive object depicted onscreen with hardly any obstruction. This gives the appearance a slight pop-out book appeal, but more importantly, this design decision helps with the actual gameplay itself (more on that later on).

One thing we loved about the sound is the fact that the sound effects actually contributed a lot to the game. The distinct visual cues that alerted players about new updates to their resource availability queues and stage events actually do help in completing the challenges. This meant being able to focus your eyes on one area that needs full attention (such as on-stage resource pick-ups), while still being able to keep track of which structures have managed to finish their production line.

Roads of Rome: screenshot


Resource management is the main theme here in the Roads to Rome Download and players have to keep track of build queues and worker availability. Victorious starts off with a relatively small camp with just one worker. Switching between gathering resources and building roads, the worker becomes the player's primary tool in achieving the stage goals. Eventually, as the game progresses, the number of goals start to increase -aside from the constant requirement of building the road, users will also need to gather special resources unique to certain stages (such as gems and other valuables).

Victorious' available manpower also increases with each new stage. More workers are added with each camp upgrade and various new structures that automatically generate resources become key elements for achieving the requirements. As each stage has an allocated time limit, a good balance of resource gathering and accomplishing goal oriented tasks becomes the central focus of the game.

The controls are simple: everything is managed by the left mouse button. Players need to think fast and move faster - especially if they want an expert rank on later stages. Accuracy in controls is a key element as a wrong click could send a worker off to do a task different from what is intended and wasting valuable time. Once a task is made, it cannot be canceled, so players need to plan ahead. Fortunately, the game's earlier stages allow players to have a good feel for the timing and management of resources, and there are some instances where the time limit is a little more forgiving, allowing one to take a few seconds to rethink their strategies or catch up on a mistake. As we mentioned previously, the interactive elements are designed to be easy to spot. This certainly helps a lot when you need to make accurate clicks on a consecutive basis, which happens quite often.

The replay value of this game is pretty low. Once a stage is finished with an expert level rating, there is no point in going back to it. But with over 30 stages worth of road building challenges, players can expect to get plenty of hours on this little purchase. Some stages are also designed to challenge even the most hardcore players who are aiming to receive expert ratings. Completion addicts can expect to restart some maps a few times over. This game may be only worth a single play through, but it still manages to be quite the rewarding experience.


Roads of Rome game has managed to shine in many various aspects but it is in its well balanced and addictive gameplay department the game has truly earned a thumbs up from us (or for the historically accurate, a thumbs down - which is said to be the real sign of approval in ancient Rome). This game is fun and easy to learn, but it still provides a decent enough challenge that even hardcore players will appreciate. The individual elements of Roads of Rome may be simple, but all together they help build a solid experience that players will enjoy. We give this game a victorious general's 85/100.

Final Score: 85%

Roads of Rome Download can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & 7 - simply click here to download a copy.

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