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Follow a romantic story, explore barbarian lands, win recognition, and achieve success in Roads of Rome, a fun Time Management game!

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Game Review

As the old saying goes, one should not fix what is not broken. For Roads of Rome 2, this seems to be the core motto for the folks who worked on the game. The original was fun, addictive and easy to play - making a second game simply meant adding more of the same formula. Time and resource management once again becomes the player's key focus on this easy to play, yet adequately challenging game.

Once again, Victorious is out building more roads for the Roman kingdom. While his new task takes him on an even more adventurous quest than the first, those familiar with the game would enjoy the familiar controls and game system. Of course, plenty of new elements have been added in, giving players new strategies to think about as they expand Rome one road at a time.


In the Roads of Rome 2 Download the old crew of Caesar, Julia and Victorious are back again. To avoid spoiling those who have not finished the previous game, this is a good time to skip straight to the 'delivery' section of the review, otherwise, read on.

Having been able to successfully expand the empire's borders in the previous original Roads of Rome, general Victorious has finally managed to gain Princess Julia's hand in marriage. The sequel starts off telling the player how happy the newlyweds are until it is revealed that Caesar, Julia's father, has fallen ill. Julia sends off Victorious to seek out four gods in order to find a cure for the emperor.

Roads of Rome 2 game


There is plenty to appreciate about Roads of Rome 2's visual qualities, from the immersive paintings that depict the background story to the well laid game screens that helps the actual gameplay (as opposed to other overly detailed games that detract from the gameplay experience). With the controls of this game mainly being point and click, plenty of effort has been made in order to ensure that each map object is visible and can be clicked with ease. This is important as there are plenty of occasions where you will want to accurately click on a fruit tree while avoiding the two lumber resource items on its sides.

In terms of visual quality, this game has plenty of improvements over the original. The backgrounds still retain much of the charm it had, but now depicts more interesting locales as the search for the four gods brings Victorious to the peaks of mountains and to the edges of the seas (and even under it).

When you are not distracted by the scenic view, the sharply made and fluidly animated sprites will be your visual cue on the flow of the game. Many of the buildings that the player creates come with its own unique animation - but it is more than just eye candy. For example keeping an eye on the animation frames for the farm, saw mill or mines will let players know if the next batch of resources is coming up.

In the Roads of Rome 2 Download, the music stays in beat with the tone of the game -continuously driving you forward. While hardly anything catchy, the beat and pace of the soundtrack complements the busy mouse-clicking action.

While the background music is likeable, players will love the SFX. Each in game event comes with a distinct visual cue and when you are currently busy doing one task, it is easy to forget that other things can be happening elsewhere on the screen (such as knowing when food is available from the farm). Playing with audio for the sound cues is crucial if players want to succeed in completing the challenge modes.

Roads of Rome 2: screenshot


Players looking for a good challenge will certainly love this game. While gaming newbies might find reaching the expert time completion challenges a little difficult, the overall game experience for everyone is still rewarding and fun.

Roads of Rome 2 game starts off by letting players choose between two modes: relaxed and challenge. While the relaxed mode allows players to take their time accomplishing tasks, the challenge mode adds in an additional time factor to the stages. Novice players might want to pick up the pace and jump in straight to the challenge mode while beginners are advised to try out the relaxed mode first. As you might expect, challenge mode is far more rewarding and addictive to play as compared to playing in relaxed.

The goal of each stage is simple: build a road to the next area. While additional goals are also present (such as build certain structures or pick up special items on the map), the core point of each stage is that Victorious has to keep moving forward. This will have players tasking workers to build roads, pick up resources, build structures and even pay off barbarians blocking the path.

Roads of Rome 2 gameplay

Planning your move two to three tasks ahead will be a key factor in being able to finish stages fast and effectively. The game does not reward players for over-farming resources so keeping the pace smooth and flowing is the only thing that matters. More importantly, there are no optional objectives; all goals are prerequisites to finishing the stage. Since time is such a crucial factor, players who are able to familiarize themselves with the stage layout will have a distinct advantage in beating the time limit.

The Roads of Rome 2 Download also allows users to go back and play any previously completed stages in order to achieve better rankings. This is great for both completionists and first time players as replaying stages allows users to practice or reach that expert rank in time completion.

Game Review Verdict

Overall, Roads of Rome 2 is better than its predecessor. Sequels have the advantage of having slightly refined gameplay mechanics, improved graphics and sound, and of course, tweaks to any issues that the previous title had.

While the first one has more charm in terms of story (and it felt fresh playing the original too), the updated game mechanics of the sequel gives veteran players even more challenging roads to build and more elements to play around with.

On its own, Roads of Rome 2 game offers responsive controls that are easy to pick up, a good range of challenges and plenty of stages that will keep you engrossed for hours on end. Players of the first title will certainly want to pick this up; as for those who have yet to play either this or the first, we recommend getting both for the full game experience. We give this game a road builder's 87/100.

Final Score: 87%

Roads of Rome 2 Download can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & 7 - simply click here to download a copy.