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Are you ready for the next challenge?! Poker Superstars III Gold Chip Challenge raises the stakes with new superstars, new gold chips to win for great plays and a brand new challenge play mode. Poker superstars is the game that is packed with challenge. Be one of the Superstars by importing your photo in to the game! The Superstars are up for the new challenge, are you?

Game Review

The game of Poker Superstars 3: The Gold Chip Challenge is based on the third season of the television show Poker Superstars. This extremely popular TV series features professional poker players who compete in tournaments made up of several games. The game Poker Superstars 3 gives you an opportunity to match your poker skills against some of the world best professionals.

Play with the Pros

The game allows you to play no limit Texas Hold 'Em with poker professionals like Barry Greenstein, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Tilly, Antonio Esfandiari, Jeff Shulman and others. The game captures the unique styles of these professional players in its teriffic AI development, to bring you a realistic depiction of the match-ups.

The game follows the format of the TV show, complete with the associated sound effects and colour schemes. However, there are no specific animations. Each table has static pictures of the players around it, next to their cards and chips. The game allows you to create your own custom avatar as well that can sit alongside these celebrities.

Poker Superstars 3 game

You can set your status as an amateur or a professional, depending on how skilled and confident you are facing off against these champions. At the next stage, you must choose the mode of play. There are four modes in Poker Superstars 3 game. In the Challenges mode, you are faced with special tests that you must pass in order to move ahead. In one of these challenges, you are taught the nicknames of starting hands, which is a great way to memorise which hands to keep and which ones to throw away.

In the Season Play, you participate in the full season of Poker Superstars, beginning with the preliminary rounds to the eventual main elimination tournament. You compete against five players in the qualifying rounds. Your standing in this round determines how many chips you get to start the semi-final round.

If you prefer to take it one game at a time, then the Single Round mode is ideal for you. Finally, in the Limit Play mode, you play with restricted bets. Choose this mode if you have a lot of time to play, as these games can go on for a long time. Whichever mode you choose, you are competing with existing champions of the game for the big prize. So, you need to brush up your basics on Texas Hold 'Emand hone your strategies before you sit down at the table.

Learn from the best

The game offers you only Texas Hold 'Em to play. Admittedly, this is the most popular version of poker, but there are many others that are also interesting to different players. It would have been great to explore some other variants in the game, but that is impossible here.

Poker Superstars 3 screenshot

The poker table is professionally set up in the regular circular form. A certain number of chips are evenly divided among the players. One of the players is selected to be the first dealer. The role of the dealer then rotates around the table in a clockwise fashion. The two players immediately to the left of the dealer post both the small blind and the big blind.

When the game begins, each player is dealt two cards. Based on the strength of these two cards, you can decide whether to stay in the hand by betting, if you are first one to start the hand, or calling, if you follow another player. You can fold, or throw away your cards if they are not strong enough. What makes a decent showing in the initial hand comes with practice, but generally if you have a pair, or two 'high' cards, you might want to stay in the game.

After the first hand has been bet on, the community cards are revealed on the table. First, a set of three cards, called the flop. After the next hand, one more card is revealed, which is the turn. And finally, the last community card turns up after one more hand, called the river. During this process, players come to know how strong their position is in the game by using any three of the community cards along with their initial cards. Together, they should make one of the winning hands in poker, for example, a flush, a straight, three of a kind, etc.

Poker Superstars 3 game play

The other aspect of poker, which many a time decides the winner, is the betting process. Since no one knows what cards the other players are holding, their actions of betting, i.e., calling or raising, and the amounts they are betting, tells you something about how strong their hand might be. In this manner, each player tries to study the others, watching closely for any signs that may reveal or tell what they might be holding. This aspect of the game is severely limited in Poker Superstars 3 because you can't really see the facial expressions or mannerisms of your opponents. All you have to go on are the sizes of their bets, and their actions of raising, calling or folding.

If you happen to outlast and outsmart your opponents with some great moves, you are awarded the honoured Gold Chip. Poker Superstars 3 also provides you with a lot of game statistics. You can see, which was your best hand, what was the size of the biggest pot you won, etc. These stats will help you develop as a player.

The game lacks in animation, but focuses on the game of poker with minimum distractions. The sound effects and the dealer's voice provide the right ambience for the game. Furthermore, the fact that it only offers one variant of the poker game, Texas Hold 'Em, and none other, can become tedious.


Poker Superstars 3 game is a no fuss poker simulation. Although it features a wide range of pro players, the animation and graphics are limited. It's a great game if you're looking to compete against some of the best names in professional poker. It offers you the opportunity to learn and grow as a poker player.

Final Score: 80%

Poker Superstars 3 game can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7- simply click here to download a copy.

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