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Watch this space, Plants. vs Zombies 2 will be coming soon, as soon as it is available it will be released here.

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Rumours of a sequel?

With the first zombie defense extravaganza still fresh in casual gamer's minds, many players are already itching for a sequel to be released and with Plants vs. Zombies proving such a success it's hard to see why PopCap would not want to cash in on a big sequel which will easily receive millions of downloads within the first day of it's release.

plants vs zombies 2 teaser

There have already been rumours about the first game being ported to the Xbox Live arcade but this won't be much comfort to all those pc gamers out there that have fully completed number 1 on the pc. I think we all want to hear confirmation of a sequel under development and a release date from PopCap regarding Plants vs. Zombies 2 download. So the big questions right now are, has the development started? and if so is there a planned release date for the second game? Right now all we have to go off are rumours and whispers amoungst gaming media sites, but it is of our feeling here at Games Lunatic that fans can be expecting a second game being released over the next 2 years.

Afterall Bejeweled 3 has now been released so what's PopCap's next big project? It must be Plants vs. Zombies 2!

Interesting Rumours and Reports...