Nanny Mania 2: Hollywood stars will push you to your limits.

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When one of the most famous actresses in the world asks for the help from the best nanny in town, you can be sure that Emma, the nanny from the first Nanny Mania game, will rise to the challenge. This time management game is all about making sure that the house is clean before time runs out. The concept seems simple enough, but these Hollywood actors are messier than you might think and cleaning an entire house in a couple of minutes is certainly not an easy task. In fact, it isn't even in your job description, but you will have to do it anyway. Even so, Nanny Mania 2 Download will offer you nice graphics and very fast-paced gameplay.

Game Review

The story behind Nanny Mania 2 is simple: you play the role of Emma, a very talented nanny who starts working for a very demanding Hollywood couple. Besides taking care of their baby, you also have to take care of any other household chores, so don't get fooled by the title. In fact, at least in the first few levels, you will have to clean the house, wash clothes, and change the baby's diaper only once per day. But that's exactly what people expect from these Hollywood stars, so you should expect them to test your limits in this ultimate nanny game.

Nanny Game: Nanny Mania 2 Game

Once you start working as a housekeeper/nanny, you will notice two things: the house is bigger than you thought and the couple are comfortable with throwing their dirty clothes and garbage on the floor. Time management games are supposed to be stressful and the developers did a very good job at obtaining this by giving the couple unappealing personalities. Right before you finish cleaning the house, they will find a way to make a mess and you will waste a few more seconds on cleaning it up. This is somewhat stressful, but it's part of the game.

In the beginning, believe it or not, you will enjoy working as a nanny. The house looks great, everything is simple, you just have to click on the items and Emma will clean it up. It won't be long until you will know where each item goes and you will be able to organize your cleaning routine with ease. When you are finally comfortable with everything, the couple will move to a bigger home. You will have to keep more rooms clean, you need to deal with new tasks and, worst of all, you have to get used to a new house all over again. This type of change is definitely stressful and the Nanny Mania 2 Download does a very good job at pushing your buttons. Speaking of buttons, this whole game revolves around clicking the items in the right order and as quickly as possible. You can create a long chain of actions and Emma will follow your lead without any problems. This is definitely a good thing and in some of the less difficult levels, you will have no problem obtaining a perfect score by taking advantage of this feature. As you advance, you won't be able to pull off this strategy that easily, but that's part of the fun.

Nanny Game: Nanny Mania 2 Screenshot

The only flaw that I can see in this nanny game is the shop. From time to time, you will notice that a new item has arrived and you can go visit this store. The problem is that you can't see any other products since they are all locked, so you are usually stuck with buying the only available item. However, most people won't notice this minor flaw and they will be happy to use their new coffeemaker that frees up more time to perform other takes. Plus, there are many other items that will help you clean the house faster.

One of the biggest problems with time management games is that they tend to become repetitive after a while. In Nanny Mania 2, everything is a race and the scenery changes quite often. The couple will find new ways of creating a mess and they will invent new chores for you. Strangely enough, this is exactly what keeps the game interesting and makes it the best nanny game available for download on the net.

Getting through the levels is not that difficult most of the time and in the rare occasions where the game is truly challenging you will learn how to improve your cleaning strategy. This is a really addictive nanny game and even if you still can't get the job done in time you won't give up until you will find the perfect cleaning route.

Nanny Game: Nanny Mania 2 Gameplay

The most entertaining thing about this game is that you will never know what to expect from your next day of work. Sometimes the couple will have twins, other times they will want you to cook for them, and you will have to figure out how to handle plenty of other situations. Plus, the baby you have to take care of in the first level will soon start growing and he will have different needs.

You need to have a lot of attention to detail if you want to finish this game with a perfect score. The environment is always changing and if you're not careful, you won't notice that someone made a mess while you were doing the laundry or that a candle is somewhere in a corner, on the floor. The house should be perfectly clean before the time runs out and this is part of the challenge. Instead of clicking on the items in the right order, you also have to multitask by paying attention to everything around you. This adds some depth to the game and it will make things a little more complicated.

Once you reach the final level of Nanny Mania 2, you will be happy with what you've accomplished and you might even get a job as a full time housekeeping nanny if that's what you're looking for. The second thing you will notice is that you are pretty good at this nanny game and that you could have finished the first few levels much faster than you did. Luckily, even if you start over and play the game one more time, the situations will still be as exciting as the first time and you will enjoy the rush of cleaning a house under pressure.


All in all, Nanny Mania 2 Download makes cleaning a house enjoyable and exciting at the same time, which is a great accomplishment in its own. You will love to hate the characters from this game, you will find yourself in a few interesting situations and you will eventually become the ultimate housekeeping nanny. The levels are challenging every once in a while and fun the rest of the time. This is exactly what most people expect from time management games and Nanny Mania 2 will follow this pattern round after round.

Final Score: 86%

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