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Late one night while watching a cartoon marathon, Spencer Shay falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in dream. The dream starts off with Spencer watching a web cast of iCarly, but something isn't quite right! Carly, Sam, and Freddie are in complete panic! And why wouldn't they be, they've turned into cartoons! Who has done this, and why? It's up to you and Spencer to figure it out in iCarly: iDream in Toons, a fun Hidden Object game!

Game Review

Nickelodeon's iCarly is going from web-isodes to games in this interesting combination of mini puzzle games and hidden object events. While certainly targeted towards fans of the young adult show, the iCarly Download still manages to bring in some good gameplay elements that will keep even those unfamiliar with the show entertained.

As one would expect from a Nick-tie up, there are plenty of references that alludes to the show. While this factor certainly alienates non-fans, it may also make some kids curious enough to start watching the show if they did not. In this case, iCarly: I Dream in Toons game is a successful game and promotion for the show.


Much like a typical episode of iCarly, the premise of I Dream in Toons places the cast in another weird predicament - but as opposed to the usual convoluted versions of teen issues that they face with each show, this one has the entire crew cartoon-ified. Players take on the problem with Carly's older brother: an oddball sculptor named Spencer. The entire cast of iCarly is also present (namely Carly, Sam and Freddie), but they are more of supporting cast members to the game. To advance the story, Spencer must uncover clues and details as to who is responsible for turning him and the rest into cartoon characters.

Of course, hardcore gamers might want to note that this is a Nickelodeon title above everything else and should be aware that this is not going to be some epic storyline or a major plot twist. Still, as an iCarly downloadable game, expect the full reveal at the end of the game to be quite entertaining.

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At first, we really expected this game to follow the overly bright and contrasting colors that we often see on the Nickelodeon site. But surprisingly, the game developers had opted for the deeper and richer choice of more realistically shaded backgrounds. Inspired by the many elements of the live action show, the backgrounds literally put players into the scene and this delivery makes it hard to pull away from the game - and we can imagine that it has an even bigger draw for those who are fans of the show.

Carly and crew are, as mentioned, cartoon-ified, making them stand out in the game visually. It does get a little distracting at times, but considering the very premise of the game, it is an understandable issue.

Sadly for fans of the show, the actual cast has little to do with the game itself. Jerry Trainor (who plays Spencer in the show) is the only actor who is directly involved in the game. The rest of the cast do not have voice acting in the game. As for the music, the upbeat situation-comedy inspired themes that are present in the show also provide the musical background for this title.

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Surprisingly, iCarly Download: I Dream in Toons is actually quite fun to play. Not minding the storyline and focusing on the puzzles alone is a rich enough experience that even non-fans should take the time to try out. The game mixes in various elements from many casual genres such as hidden object games, spot the difference, word and number puzzles all in nice hearty dosages.

iCarly gameplay

One thing remains constant for all the puzzles: the delivery. Each visual element is so well made that it is hard to remind ourselves that this game is a TV show tie up instead of an artist's folio. We have experienced being distracted by the details in some of the hidden object screens that we forgot that we had a list of items to search for. If you are not a fan of the Nick web series, then pick this up for its gameplay value.


With its well made visuals and nice range of puzzles, iCarly Download: I Dream in Toons has managed to come out as a fun game with plenty to offer. What was lacking was more content from the show's main cast as well as additional stages. Considering that this is targeted towards kids, an entire run through the game will take no more than a couple of hours. Short, but still rewarding, we would recommend this title as a quick distraction for those looking for something new to try out. We give this game an eccentric artist's 77/100

Final Score: 77%

iCarly game: I Dream in Toons can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 - simply click here to download a copy.