Governor of Poker: Rescue poker from the claws of the new governor!

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The government has outlawed all poker games! Play Texas Hold'em as you fight to overturn the ban and become the Governor of Poker! Prove to the minister of the Texas gambling committee that poker is all about skill and get him to make the game legal again in Governor of Poker 2. Travel to different cities and play poker against different characters in your quest to be the best!

Game Review

Governor of Poker built a popular fan base among casual online gamers with its unique twist on the established poker game format. Now the makers follow it up with a new version, the Governor of Poker 2 Download that claims to take the game to an even higher level. Where this game succeeds over other online poker games is in its simplicity of approach and uniqueness of characters and setting. Although not very different from its premier version, Governor of Poker 2 game raises the bar a little bit in its format.

A Wild West adventure

In this version, the Governor of Texas jumps into the fray by declaring the game of poker illegal for its gambling aspect. In order to prove that poker is really a game of skill and not of chance, your hero travels to all the locations where poker is being played. By establishing your reputation as a gentleman poker player, he hopes to convince the governor to legalise his beloved game again.

governor of poker 2: banned poker game

It is your job to prove to the new governor that poker isn't a pure form of gambling but a game of skill

The bulk of his adventure is spent in poker rooms, where he tests his poker smarts against other quirky and very realistic players. The only game you play here is Texas Hold 'Em, just like in the previous version. The graphics and animation are also very similar, with Claymation characters and top angle views of the action.

Govenor of Poker 2 Download helps out the poker newbie by taking him through a well designed tutorial in the beginning. Only after grasping the basics, the player can hope to find any kind of success at the poker tournaments. This version also features a handy hint option that prompts you, in case you need some help while playing a round of poker. The controls and options are clearly laid out and easy to follow.

You can participate in cash games as well as in poker tournaments. In the first kind, the format is to play until all other players are beaten, and there's only one winner left. In case you run out of money, you can use any property you may own as your bet. In organized tournaments, there are cash prizes awarded to three of the best players in the order of their ranking.

Partners in crime

Each poker contest is set out at the table where the croupier runs the game. When the first two cards are dealt out, you can see your hand but not the hands of other players. In the first round of betting, you have the option of calling, raising or folding, just as in regular Texas Hold 'Em. The other players make their choices by using their unique voices, or the dealer calls out their decisions. Then, the dealer reveals the first three community cards on the table, which are known in poker parlance as "the flop".

As the game progresses, the dealer unveils the final two community cards one by one, which are called "the turn" and "the river", respectively. If players are still betting at this point, the game steps into high gear. Your hand is made up of the two cards that you were dealt and any three of the five community cards. Together, if they make one of the winning hands, which include straights, flush, pairs, full house, etc., you may want to keep betting. All players also have the option to go "All in".

governor of poker 2: top view of poker play

All poker games are played from a top view down which makes each game even trickier with no faces on show.

Since you only get an overhead view of the game, you miss out on reading the "tells" of your opponents, which is a crucial part of any poker game. You have to be alert to other cues though, such as players drumming their fingers nervously on the table or blowing steam from their ears. However, whether such actions demonstrate genuine nervousness on the part of the players is anybody's guess.

Winning tournaments in the Governor of Poker 2 game not only enhances your reputation in town, but also gives you the chance to win some cool trophies. These get increasingly more valuable on a successive basis. This helps to make the game intensely addictive as you keep striving for the bigger trophies. You can also organize your own tournaments, although you still have to play against AI opponents, as this game still does not have the multiplayer option.

Landing some properties

Governor of Poker 2 Download maintains its property development business angle in addition to the poker games. You ride around town and buy up properties you can afford with your winnings. The additional advantage of investing in properties is the small stream of income they generate, just as in real life. You can also mortgage them to the local bank if you're strapped for cash. However, until you repay this loan, you're restricted from buying any more properties. There are other ways you can blow your money as well, such as buying a fancy suit or a bigger hat.

governor of poker 2: buying property

Buying property is a key part of the game and the only way you can progress onto other towns.

After buying up as many properties as possible in one town, you can move to the next and expand your real estate empire there. Apart from regular buildings, you can also own other properties, like copper mines and national parks. The scenery of the Wild West towns is awesome and drawn in detail. Since all the scenes are drawn from top down perspective, we see only the tops of the hats of the characters. There is an amazing collection of hats that the artists have rendered in the game, from Mexican sombreros to cowboy hats and fancy ladies' bonnets.

You bump into some strange and funny characters in your ramblings. Although you see everything from a top view, the designers have utilised hand movements and gestures very creatively to demonstrate the unique personalities and moods of the characters. Each one also has a distinct voice and accent that adds charm to the whole game, although some repetitive dialogue can start to irritate you after a while.

Governor of Poker 2 game offers great variety in terms of content. The game play of the AI opponents seems to have been improved since the first version. The poker games are quite challenging and give you a chance to sharpen your skills. You get to compete against some of the big guns in the west after you've wiped out some of the sidekicks.


Governor of Poker 2 is a fun game to play with an enjoyable storyline combined with decent poker playing. It is good for 'entry' level poker players to try their hand at mastering some poker strategies and offers a great way to learn the hands of holdem poker. The tutorials and cheat sheet during the game helps to learn some good poker skills. The more seasoned players may find the poker playing aspect a tad too simple for their taste, but they will be immensely entertained by the storyline in the Wild West setting.

Final Score: 80%

Governor of Poker 2 game can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Mac - simply click here to download a copy.

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