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Who is Spongebob Square Pants?

SpongeBob is a hugely popular cartoon character, created by Nickelodeon for their animated children's channel. He is a foolish sponge who works as a fish fryer in his fictional town of Bikini bottom.

It wouldn't take long before free flash games were created for this popular kid's character. However SpongeBob has extended much beyond the role of a popular kids TV icon and has solidified a place in the hearts of many adults including a large gay following in the US!

This typically goothy character is a fry cook at the krusty krab restaurant. When he isn't busy at work or failing his boat test he chills out with his pet snail Gary at home, with home being a large pineapple house.

Of course with great public popularity also comes great annoyance, we can't all love the spongy little innocent character and SpongeBob has more than his fair share of haters, being voted as highly irritable by many magazines for his pure innocent persona and squeaky voice.

In 2005 SpongeBob Square Pants featured in a video promotion along side many other children's TV characters promoting diversity and tolerance.

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We have many fun free SpongeBob Games which feature high quality graphics and quirky concepts. In SpongeBob's bikini bottom Parts 1, 2 and 3 game, you can either play as SpongeBob or Patrick in a whole host of mini games at a carnival. The mini games are a lot of fun and include:

Sundae Splatter: Create as many ice cream Sundaes by tapping the correct keys as fast as you can.

Deepsea Sharp Shooter: Where you have to gun down the bad guys but avoid the good guys using a small splat gun.

Catcem: Where you must catch as many yellow stars controlling SpongeBob in an electric car or if playing with Patrick, catch the pink stars.

Whack-an-eel: Where you have to press the correct key to whack the eels and score high points.

Another of the free SpongeBob Games is SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom or Bust, you control SpongeBob floating up by a balloon and must steer him to safety avoiding the sharp landscapes and nets whilst popping as many bubbles as possible to obtain a high score. There are many different types of bubbles, all of which award a different score if popped, for example a duck bubble scores you 1000 points!. You have 3 lives by which to float up and keep popping bubbles. When your balloon has been popped 3 times, all 3 lives are gone and SpongeBob then begins to plummet towards the sea bed and you must again steer him to avoid all the rocks on the way down to stop your score depleting faster than you had just gained it.

In SpongeBob Dunces and Dragons game you can choose between four characters, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward or Sandy. Riding a sea horse your job is to ram into and attack the other opponents to gain the high score and to eliminate your opposition. This game includes special sub rounds where you fight one on one with another character. Catching baby jellyfish will accumulate ammunition in which to use to activate a character's special weapon.

In another of the free SpongeBob games - Reef Rumble - you can pick between arcade or tournament mode and 6 characters (2 that need discovering) in which to battle it out in a street fighter beatem up style game. This game is a lot of fun, with each of the characters possessing special moves. Choose between SpongBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and 2 secret characters to brawl to the death! A fighting game has never been as stupid as this one!

There are many SpongeBob Squarepants games that are very simple in concept but provide a lot of fun. Bubble Bustin is one of those, in which the aim is to pop the bubbles as they float up the screen past SpongeBob himself. The bubbles float faster as the levels progress, you must click on the bubbles to pop them. After level 4 the bubbles start floating ridiculously fast and the likelihood that you will pop any is almost zero, at least that's how we found it! There are several bonus weapons to help you such as a freeze special inside some of the bubbles, which freezes the bubbles for a given period of time, or a tnt special which blows up all the bubbles on the screen.

In Patty Panic you must guide SpongeBob along the platforms and up and down the ladders walking over the different ingredients to create complete burgers. You must also avoid confrontations with plankton's minions. There is one get out of jail free card and that's a special weapon you can collect to squirt the minions with if there is no way to get around them. This dazes them temporarily and allows you to pass and continue to stomp the burger layers down to the bottom. This game is reminiscent of an old classic arcade game which involved the same concept, although the name of the game escapes us. If anyone knows of this game, please contact us.

Patty Panic is one of the most enjoyable SpongeBob Games we've played from Nickelodeons collection and we're sure you will play this game again and again.

Pizza Toss is created in a 3d static environment and is a very colourful and fun game. You control SpongeBob on a bicycle, with the aim of the game to toss pizzas to customers who appear from different levels of their buildings. You can ride into special bonuses along the way to speed up your bike, but be warned this can actually make things more difficult if you don't have the reflexes to toss the pizzas faster into the buildings. There are a lot of obstacles on the road that have to be avoided or crashing in them could severely hinder your chances of completing the level. The amount of pizzas that must be delivered increases as the levels progress.

Plankton Fun House introduces a lot of new features to the SpongeBob series of games. In the puzzle solving story mode you must guide SpongeBob through 8 different levels in order to free Patrick from the tower. All the levels involve solving a series of puzzles in order to proceed on to the next room and eventually complete each level. This includes shifting blocks, locating items and picking up special weapons and objects.

Atlantis Bus Rush involves you navigating a bus through a large maze to reach a destination before your fuel runs out. Along the way you can bump into good and bad bonuses, with these being either extra fuel or a reduction in fuel. In addition there is a cool series of mini games in which SpongeBob or one of the other characters can participate.