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turbo pizza

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Rating: 91%

Guide Rebecca around a busy pizza parlour serving all sorts of crazy customers!

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As soon as I reached the opening screen of the Turbo Pizza game I knew I was going to like the game. It sums up just what the game is all about, a bright, breezy fun downloadable game. The menu options are simple enough; the in game options are kept to a minimum, which I particularly like. Having played many online and downloadable games I have grown tired of being offered too many options, maybe I have played too many games and my patience is growing thin! Turbo Pizza's help menu is much the same, it reveals very little on how to play the game and more on the storyline and where you fit in, and I think this demonstrates just how easy the game is to play. Indeed within minutes of firing up the first level you will find yourself well into the game's flow (more on that later).

The storyline of Turbo Pizza is pretty basic; Rebecca and Robert are a pair of aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to setup their own pizza parlour. They spot a vacant castle in their home town and decide it will make a unique setting for a pizza parlour. In the game you control Rebecca whose job involves taking customers orders and preparing most of the food with the exception of the Pizzas. The pizzas are prepared by Robert; Rebecca just sticks them in the oven to cook. The storyline as it moves along sees the couple moving their pizza parlour to some pretty unique places which helps keep the game fresh. With each place comes new customers and new decor for your parlour. Your pizza toppings also change as the parlour is relocated. I won't ruin all the fun by revealing the locations that's up to you to find out!

As I mentioned the above storyline in the Turbo Pizza download sees you the player, taking control of Rebecca in game. The first few levels see you carry out an in game tutorial that has you up and running in no time. The tutorial takes you through the steps required to serve customers and offers you tips along the way on how to serve customers more efficiently. The fact that the tutorial lasts a few minutes demonstrates just how simple and fun the Turbo Pizza game is to play. Indeed the only thing you'll need to play Turbo Pizza is your mouse and its left button. It's a point and click time management downloadable game at its finest.

turbo pizza game rebecca

The aim in Turbo Pizza is to get through each level serving as many customers as possible. The more customers you serve the more money you'll make. At the beginning of each level you are given a money target that must be reached before the level can be completed. If you fail to reach this target you'll have to play the round again, which is a joy anyway because the game is so much fun you'll be happy to serve the same customers all over again! Penguin Diner is a similar game to Turbo Pizza, so if you want to check out what Turbo Pizza is like before downloading it, play Penguin Diner.

To serve a customer you click on one, this provides them with a menu, when they are ready to order a thought bubble appears above their head with an item they'd like. Sometimes several thought bubbles appear overlapping one another, the only way to find out each item is to serve the customer the item from the top thought bubble.

When a thought bubble appears a little depleting bar appears next to it which represents the customer's patience. Along with the depleting bar is a little smiley representing the customer's mood, if the bar runs empty and the little face isn't so smiley anymore the customer walks. This can make the game pretty tense at times; especially when you seethe bar go red and the little face looks angry! Turbo Pizza Download can be obtained here available for the PC on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

The number of clicks required to prepare a customers food in Turbo Pizza varies from item to item. Drinks and cakes take one click, coffee, ice cream and pop corn take two, and pizza takes three. There is often a delay between each click, which can give you just enough time to go prepare another item on order. It can be pretty intense stuff I'll say; especially when you are stood around waiting for a pizza to cook or coffee to pour and your customers are getting impatient.

Serving one customer is fairly easy, but serving several can get really hard and stressful, as you progress through Turbo Pizza your pizza parlour becomes more popular and the number of customers increases. Unfortunately your number of staff does not, its still poor old Rebecca running around on her own, while Robert prepares the pizza, in my opinion Robert has it way too easy!

In Turbo Pizza full version game you'll find there are lots of different kinds of customer entering your pizza parlour, they can be anything from students jamming to music to deep sea divers! My favourite has to be the Fat Lady, she has the patience of a - well very fat and hot lady, and believe me the game is definitely over when this fat lady sings!

Each kind of customer has their own personality and temperament to go with it. It's the temperament you as the player should be concerned with. Some customers can be very patient and wait a long time before they walk out, others however want serving right away, and this is where the fun really begins in Turbo Pizza game. You as the player must decide in what order to hand menus, the order the food is prepared, and finally the order to deliver the food to the customers. When you have up to six customers at a time and each has their own temperament it can get very, very tricky!

As I mentioned earlier in each round you have a target that must be reached before you can go on to the next round. You are also given an expert target that if fulfilled earns you more money. Generally if you play the whole round through without losing a customer you will always reach the target that takes you to the next level. However if you want to reach the expert target you have to be a little bit smarter! When playing each round in Turbo Pizza you are given a rating, your rating determines how much money you receive from happy customers. The more customers you serve the higher your rating, but there is a way to give your rating an extra boost - combos. Combos in Turbo Pizza are built by repeating the same action in a continuous sequence. For example you take three customer orders all at once, then you serve two customers their items, here you have a combo of three followed by a combo of two. You know when your rating has turned really high because the money the customers leave changes from silver to gold! Download Turbo Pizza game for the PC now by clicking the download link at the top of the screen.

At the end of each round in Turbo Pizza the money collected from previous rounds is available to spend on upgrading all manner of things. Kitchen upgrades can be bought to improve how items are prepared by Rebecca. For example you can buy extra ovens, upgrade the pop corn machine so it can run quicker, some item upgrades affect the items they produce, such as upgrading your cake stand gives you fancier cakes. Along with kitchen upgrades you can also make changes to your decor for example fixing the floor and adding new decorations to the parlour walls. You can even send Rebecca on waitress courses to improve the speed at which she serves customers. There are courses available for Robert too that speed up his pizza making in Turbo Pizza. In general the kitchen upgrades tend to be the most expensive, followed by the waitress and chef courses and finally the kitchen repairs and decor are the cheapest of the lot. Upgrading your kitchen can be a lot of fun and make all the hard work from the previous rounds very rewarding.

turbo pizza game upgrades

Turbo Pizza download is not just about serving customers however there are fun mini games to play between select rounds. Mini games allow you to earn extra cash which you can spend on new items for your kitchen. My favourite mini game is the Pizza making competition. In this mini game you are given two pizza designs to the left and to the right of a conveyor belt. Your job is to copy those designs as accurately as you can. The conveyor belt moves from top to bottom offering up pizza topping selections that can be used to copy the designs. I must say this is quite a challenging mini game to play, not only do you have two designs to contend with, you also have a conveyor belt that moves quite fast, and offers up topping items in random sequences. If you fail to grab the items off the belt they fall into a dustbin at the bottom of the screen and you'll have to wait until they come back round again. You are only given a small amount of time to match as many designs as you can so it's pretty intense! I would even go as far as saying the mini game is tougher than the main game.

As the Turbo Pizza game progresses your parlour is moved as part of the storyline. The storyline of Turbo Pizza is told via very colourful and amusing comic strips involving both Rebecca and Robert, these comic strips offer a refreshing and relaxing break from the tough rounds. The comic strips in essence capture what I like about the game so much, they are simple and the cartoons are excellently drawn. The in game animation of customers, Rebecca and Robert are excellent too, and although not vector based scale up very well to meet the max size of your monitor. The in game music is very jolly too which adds a lot to the fun.

In essence Turbo Pizza is a pick me up and play game that's simple, bright, finger flinching fun, I recommend you give it a twirl!


In essence the game is a pick me up and play game that's simple, bright, finger flinching fun, I recommend you give it a twirl!

  • Playability: 10/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Game Detail: 8.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 9/10
Final Score: 91%

You can Download Turbo Pizza in full version format for the PC for a free trial, Windows 2000, XP and Vista couldn't be easier and installing it is an even easier process. Download Turbo Pizza Game by clicking here.

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