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Rating: 95%

An original Action & Defense game with plenty of humour.

Grow 40 different plants, some defensive, some offensive, in order to stave off zombie attacks. Watch out for the little shop of horrors look a like plant named the 'chomper' and the thriller dance zombie that does a Michael Jackson impersonation. Download a free trial version now.

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Game Review

Plants vs. Zombies game is one of the most fun and humorous defense games in the casual genre. If you like your defense games and you are looking for one with a twist; this is most definitely the one for you.

Action and defense are mixed together in a blend of exciting mayhem as you grow whacky and weird plants in your garden in an attempt to stop zombies from breaking into your house and feeding on your brains, Plants vs. Zombies is a hugely entertaining game.

Watch out the zombies are about! This time they are far more goofy and harmless than ever...Yes Plants Vs Zombies certainly throws in the right amount of old age pensioners on to your garden lawns ready for you to decapitate through various brutal means with your garden plants. Well I'll back track there, that's a slight exaggeration, there's nothing really brutal about the game, the plants you grow dispose of the lurking idiots in a humane and comical fashion!

You can get Plants vs. Zombies download in its full version by clicking the download link above the movie. The movie is a great way to see what the game has in store for you before you download it, we made one especially for Games Lunatic fans.

As you progress through the game Zombie attacks become larger, meaner and more ludicrous. Not only do the zombie numbers grow, but their kind becomes outrageously goofier. From an every day zombie with your grandad's stinky old brown clothes on to an American football player or even a bobsled team, Plants vs. Zombies certainly doesn't fall short of its chuckling moments. You can check out a bigger range of the zombies further down the review.

Whilst we are talking about the games strong points lets cover the variety of plant weaponry ready to take out those nasty rotting fiends! There is a shed load of plant variations to keep the fussiest of players more than happy as the levels get trickier. This sheer variety does wonders for keeping the game fresh, even in its late stages, we are looking at 40 varieties of plant and 25 different zombies, more than enough depth for a casual game.

The Plants vs. Zombies game also provides many different bonus round challenges to further mix the game play and give you a welcome break from the main adventure. Those same mini games can then be accessed from the main menu at any time once unlocked. Other puzzle and survival games are also available as you unlock them in adventure mode.

So how do you play the game?

Well you collect sunlight which in turn you use to grow plants to kill zombies. At the beginning of every stage you start off with a small amount of sunlight and you will need to plant sunflowers and more versatile plants in the later rounds in which to create more sunlight with. Without sunlight you can't muster up a big enough army of plants to hold off the zombie attacks so it is vital that you plant enough sunflowers and mushrooms to develop your garden's defenses (especially in night stages).

Get Plants vs. Zombies Download in full version format for the PC by clicking here, it is available on Windows XP and Vista.

As well as collecting sunlight from the sunflowers and other night time plants you will automatically receive an amount of sunlight that drops from the sky. In order to collect any of the sunlight you must click on each sun icon when it emerges from a plant adding further to the point and click style of the game. The sun will eventually disappear if you don't collect it so be sure to click it as soon as possible!

As sunlight is collected you can then select between a series of plants to grow. At the beginning of each stage you get the choice of which plants to choose to use in the round, you can only select X amount of plants (6 to start off with) so different stages will require different combinations in order to succeed (hints are dropped if you scroll over each plant at the beginning of the round). This is particularly true with the later rounds where you will amass well over 30 plants to choose from and you won't be able to fit them all in the selection bar!

There's no need to panic though, you also collect gold coins at the end of each round completed. This gold can be traded in for extra spots in your selection bar allowing for easier decision making before the start of each level. These spots don't come cheap but there is nothing else to do with your gold so why not! You purchase the extra spots (along with further special plants) from Crazy Dave at certain stages in the game).

You are also rewarded with a new type of plant at the end of each round.

Graphics plants vs zombies graphics

I can't knock the visual side of the Plants vs. Zombies download, the cartoon graphics are top notch. Every zombie has a unique toon appearance. The plants are also uniquely designed, the animation runs so smoothly that you will fully enjoy watching your plants decapitate the zombie armies.


Game play is also marvellous, it's so easy to get into the flow of the game without any lengthy instructions to read, yet another effortless point and click classic from Popcap.

The speed at which you can deploy plants is delightful, point and click swiftly from collecting sunlight to using it to plant more plants, there's never a moment's lag on a half decent computer.


The music is funky and varied which only adds to the experience rather than take away. Watch out for the Michael Jackson thriller zombie and his cronies, very amusing and a great blast from the past!

Heard enough? Grab Plants vs. Zombies download in full version format now, simply click here, it's available for the PC on either Windows XP or Vista.

Some of the Best Plants

Please note I remark on these up until the point I stopped playing the game to write this review although I could possibly extend it further in the future. But even so these plants are still awesome and this actually saves me from spoiling all the game!

Cherry Bomb

This plant is a lifesaver and one of few that you will still be using in the later rounds such is it's versatility. It doesn't come cheap - costing 150 sunlight points you plant it in and around a large group of zombies or just on one if you're desperate. Watch it take out all the zombies in close range in no time leaving them to disintegrate into ash!


My favourite of all plants, not because it's the most powerful or unique, but it's a little shop of horrors lookalike! (if you were around in the 80's you will know the film).

That's not to say it doesn't do a reasonable job at disposing of zombies, it munches a zombie to death (well they're already dead, let's say into little chunks). The chomper is however vulnerable for some time after swallowing it's first zombie as it takes some time digesting them (I don't particularly blame chompers for their slow digestion; undead creatures aren't exactly a delicacy to be taken lightly!)


The bread and butter defense plant of the game, plant it in front of a line of weaker plants and watch it survive attack after attack preciously protecting your offensive plants and letting them kill zombies in peace without the threat of being munched away.

Wall-nuts are known for their extremely sturdy and stubborn outer shell that can take some chewing through!


A nocturnal plant that sends any zombie into a trans like state after which he fights for you and attacks another zombie. The best idea here is to hypnotise a powerful zombie such as an american football zombie, who will then take out so many weaker ones for you!

Please note the hypnotised zombie can only attack zombies on his own row.

The Hypnoshroom is a nocturnal plant and therefore is not available for use during day time raids.


plants vs zombies doom shroom

The nocturnal cherry bomb with even bigger explosions, the Doomshroom can take out a considerable amount of zombies. Of course with great power comes great hinderance, the Doomshroom leaves a crater that cannot be planted on. My advice is to use the Doomshrooms on the very right of your screen where you're rarely going to want to plant any other plants.


A big bulky plant that jumps on top of zombies completely squashing them, a very handy one off offensive plant that disappears after killing one zombie. It only costs 50 sunlight points to summon thus making it a great 'get out of jail free card'.

Tangle Kelp

A sub aquatic plant that pulls zombies under water drowning them, again this is a one off zombie killing plant but is very handy for the snorkelling zombies that evade above water plants whilst they're swimming.

Variety of Zombies

So we have covered some of the most exciting and quirky plants to use early on and midway through the game so how about the zombies? Well your in for a real treat...

Bog Standard Zombie

I had to include the most basic zombie because we have seen this kind time and time again in b class horror movies and in many other different kinds of media. This zombie is clumsy, useless and stupid more than scary and cunning. Thus he has low health and is easy to eliminate with your weakest form of plant.

Conehead Zombie

Looks just like the useless one except with a cone on his head and twice as tough. Can prove quite tricky if more than one is attacking a row at once.

Polevault Zombie

This zombie speeds towards your plants and pole vaults over the first plant he comes across, after which he slows down but is still tough to dispose of and will begin chomping away at your defenses.

Bucket Head Zombie

Very hard to knock down and will take a fair amount of plant pellets to stop. He has a bucket on his head but don't ask me how he can still see where hes going!

American Football Zombie

A very tough and fast zombie wearing American football gear, he is hard to kill and will sprint towards your plants so be prepared to have a fair few offensive plants along the same line where he's running.

Dancing Zombie

plants vs zombies michael jackson

A zombie that emerges from the ground and does a Michael Jackson impersonation, this zombie summons a group of backup dancers to boogie on down and then attack! The lead dancer has medium health but coupled with his backup dancer's can be a challenge so it's best to use a cherry bomb if you have one available.

Snorkling Zombie

Swims through your swimming pool and avoids attacks by plants on top of lilies. A strangle kelp plant is a great one to use to kill this zombie.

Zombie Bobsled

This team of bob slayers come after a Zomboni rides through on an ice machine leaving a frosty track behind him. They bob slay down, jump out and attack your plants, get the cherry bomb ready again!

Favourite Mini Game

Wallnut Bowling was my favourite mini game, it's so easy to play and so much fun. Just roll the peanuts down the lawn and knock the zombies out preventing them from getting through to your house.


I didn't manage to unlock the puzzle and survival modes so there's more variety and fun to come here. If anyone would like to contribute to this review by elaborating on these modes then drop us an email at contact us.

Game Review Verdict

If you're looking for an easy going game that offers a bit of everything, from action to strategy, then Plants Vs Zombies is your perfect choice. It is by far the most original defense game ever released onto the downloadable games market. With crisp animation, a fantastic variety of plants and zombies, many comical moments and additional sub games it will keep you entertained for months on end. We can only hope for a sequel real soon!

  • Playability: 9.5/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Game Detail: 9/10
  • Addictiveness: 10/10
Final Score: 95%

Check out the video at the top of the page to see some live zombie action! Or obtain Plants vs. Zombies download in full version format for Windows by clicking here. All our games are guaranteed to be virus and adware free and are safe for installation on your computer.

Stay tuned for the sequel to P v. Z - Plants vs. Zombies 2.