Peggle Nights (Full Version)

peggle nights game

Play On: Windows/XP/Vista

Rating: 97%

Huge entertainment value in a ball shooting classic.

Peggle Nights is one of Popcap's most addictive and magical games ever to be released on the PC. You won't want to put this game down until you have wormed your way through all the teachers challenges to become the ultimate Peggle master. Download a free trial version of the game above.

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Game Review

The Peggle nights download is a wonderfully created ball shooting game with elements of skill and luck intertwined in a pin ball frenzy. You control a shooting rod at the top of the screen and must take aim, target and eliminate all the red pegs on the screen. Sounds simple right? Well there are so many random events that can happen and so many red pegs are hid behind obstructing blue pegs that every round is not so straight forward.

At the start of every round you have 10 balls to shoot with, there are 5 rounds in every stage and every stage has its own teacher that watches over your games. Each teacher also lends a helping hand in a special way. To get things rolling the unicorn headmaster supervises the first stage which to be honest is an easy stage although you may still find yourself coming unstuck on one of the rounds so don't take it too lightly!

When cannoning your ball out of the shooter it bounces around the screen eliminating all pegs it touches. Pegs don't just disappear straight away, there are pause times between them taking a hit and disappearing so you can find your ball frantically bouncing around off the same pegs for a considerable amount of time.

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You can download Peggle Nights game in full version format for free for PC Windows XP or Vista by clicking the download link above the video at the top of this review.

There is a power up bar on the left hand side of the screen where your ball-o-tron is. When your power bar reaches the top you are awarded with more balls to shoot. The amount of balls depends on how much over the top you take the power bar through a high score. You can power up your bar by hitting as many pegs are you can and also by boosting your bar when hitting a special pink peg.

The fever meter on the right of the screen indicates how far you are from eliminating all the red pegs and completing the round. There are also special green pegs. When green pegs are struck you gain extra balls that fall from the top of the screen taking out more pegs.

One of Peggle Nights strongest points is the graphics, special effects and sounds which are all absolutely stunning for a casual downloadable game. Check the climatic end to every round out, the last red peg you aim for has a slow motion shot of the ball flashing by and hopefully hitting the peg. Then fireworks go off when the ball lands into one of the bonus slots at the bottom of the screen. The bonus slots are 2 x 10,000 slots, 2 x 50,000 slots and 1 x 100,000 slot.

You can also recover your balls if they land in the catcher. The catcher is a round hoop that sways across the bottom of the screen, should you be so lucky enough for your ball to drop in the catcher, it is returned to you for an extra go. You can also find that targeting your balls to bounce off pegs and into the catcher is quite achievable on many occasions. This can mean the difference between passing and failing a round.

Often pegs are grouped up in squiggly lines making targeting red pegs more difficult. You can fire and roll your ball over many pegs to take them out; it's all a matter of precise shooting.

In the Peggle Nights download the higher the score you stack on any occasion the more exaggerated the special effects. You can find all sorts of crazy cosmic mini explosions happening across the screen when your ball spends so much time bouncing around and eliminating many pegs.

Peggle Nights addictive and simple game play has seen Popcap produce yet another super popular casual game that has already been downloading hundreds of thousands of times.

Peggle Nights Full Version Download can be obtained by clicking the green button at the top of this review, it can be installed played on Windows XP and Vista.

Favourite Peggle Rounds
peggle nights fever score

Stage 4-4 - Jump the Squid

An awesome round that sees two large hoops of pegs with small entry points and a cluster of pegs in the middle, easy to complete, I just liked the layout!

Stage 4-5 - Death Defying

3 pendulum lines of pegs followed by another 4 smiley clusters underneath, cool layout, again easy to complete

Stage 5-4 - Explodius

This round contains a couple of cool exploding green pegs that light up and destroy all pegs around them.

Stage 5-5 - Perfect 300

Pegs are laid out in a creative figure of 300.

6-5 - Au Revoir

The final round of my favourite Peggle Nights character, this rounds peg layout seems like organised chaos!

7-2 - The Hence

Cool looking UFO with pegs rotating around and a cosmic time warp in the middle that spits your ball out near the top of the screen.

Favourite Character

Flippers was my favourite character to play with. On any of his rounds you can hit the green pegs and activate his pinchers. You can use them as pin ball flippers to keep the ball in play a great deal longer to take out more of the red pegs!

Game Review Verdict

I can't fault Peggle Nights game in anyway, the graphics, playability and general gaming experience is flawless. Sometimes you will find the most ridiculous moments of luck gets you past the more tricky levels and this adds to the magic of the game and its unpredictable nature. Peggle Nights is definately a game you will want to play through right to the end.

  • Playability: 10/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Originality: 9/10
  • Game Detail: 9.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 10/10
Final Score: 97%

The Peggle Nights Download is available in full version format for Windows XP or Vista by clicking here.