Seasonal Snack Pack (Full Version)

diner dash seasonal snack pack

Play On: Windows/XP/Vista and MAC

Rating: 92%

Stroll down memory lane with Grandma and Flo as they reminisce about their favorite seasons.

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Game Review

Flo is back, and this time she brings along with her five seasonal restaurants. After reading many reviews I have realised that this game is being described as too hard, is there any truth in this, or is it something I can solve? Let's take a look and see.

Before we even start looking into Diner Dash Seasonal Snack Pack game, one point some players might pick up on, is this is the first Diner game that can be played on the mac, so now there can be dining fun for all.

So for those of you who do not know what happens in the Diner Dash series, here is a little run down. You control Flo, she is a restaurant owner with a keen business mind, and your goal is to serve customers quickly and efficiently. The further through the levels you progress the harder the game gets. To help you along the way you can upgrade certain items to improve your service. Each level offers you two goals, and you must ascertain the lower goal to progress, anything above this adds to the amount of money you can use on upgrades.

diner dash seasonal snack pack game

The tutorial on this game is more basic than some of the other Diner Dash games, so if you are a new player, you have two options, you can either play the tutorial a few times, along with the endless mode, to build up a tolerance, or alternatively you can start on another one of the Diner Dash games.

Now you have been brought up to date with the basics of the game, let's take a look and see why this development is different to its predecessors.

This time you have five new restaurants including, Coral Cove Cafe at the water park, Crypt cafe ... SPOOKY, Hometown harvest, winter wonderland and the romantic rendezvous restaurant. These maps are the most scenic so far, and all five are extremely well developed.

If you achieve expert scores on these five maps, then you will unlock an expert level per map. Not only does this add an extra five levels to the game, it adds an exceptionally hard five levels to the game, to complete these, players will have to use everything they have got. However, remember this game is not just about frantic clicking; you need to think before you click!

Hints and Tips.

Make sure Flo is always doing something, if she is just standing there, then the likelihood is you are wasting valuable time.

Game Review Verdict

In answer to the question, is the game too hard? I would say, probably not, being an experienced Diner Dash player, I can see where the extra difficulty has come in, however, if you play some of the previous Diner Dash games then you build up a tolerance to the extra customers. One thing playfirst have done extremely well is developing the games difficulty from one to the next. So if you are finding this game too hard then I would suggest you play a previous version of the game.

Final Score: 92%

Diner Dash Seasonal Snack Pack Download can be obtained in full version format for the PC and MAC now. For Windows users it is available for Windows XP and Vista and could also work on Windows 7. Click here to download the game now.