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Rating: 96%

Earn the necessary cash to rebuild poor Flo's diner in Diner Dash 5: BOOM, a fun and exciting Time Management game!

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Game Review

The series of diner dash games is without doubt one of the most popular game series around today. To combat the likes of a console game, with a PC series is unquestionably a terribly hard task to carry out. Diner Dash is here with number five in the series, after five instalments you would think that the game play has become rather similar, with ideas rather lacklustre. Is this the case? Let's take a look and see.

Diner Dash is a series of time management games created by playfirst. The idea of the game is to run your own restaurant with your character Flo. The Diner Dash 5 download is no different in terms of game play to its predecessors, as the premise across the series of games remains the same. However, new developments and small but effective upgrades are what make each game different, and in my opinion each game slightly harder than the last.

So what is new with Flo, well this time she is trying to offer people healthier food, but her nemesis Mr Big is around to interfere with her plans. Mr Big has played with Flo's sign, which original advertised Fat Free breakfasts, and changed it to Free Breakfasts. This brings a rush of people, who spontaneously combust and explode the diner! Mr Big has a contract in place with the city; this states that he can claim any land that is not used for 7 days. However, Hal (your repairman) is there to step in, he complains that there is nowhere else to eat, and he will rebuild the diner. Along the way Hal requires some things, he needs you to go and get them, so he can complete your new diner, but to attract these people you have to set up your diner, each place you go, this unlocks the new maps.

The general concept of the Diner Dash 5 game is straightforward; turn tables quickly and effectively. Customers come in and you must see them to their table, take their order, serve them and clean up after them, now repeat until fade! The game itself is nowhere near as easy as that though, mostly due to the velocity of customers on harder levels. However, there are also added surprise elements that will stop you in your tracks along the way.

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On the start menu, you may recognise a new help section. This is a must read for all new players, and a luxury read for all returning players. Here you will be able to see all of the basic tips on how to play the game, plus an extended guide for advanced processes.

You can obtain a copy of the diner dash 5 download in full version format for the pc, windows xp, vista or MAC by clicking the green link at the top of this page.

There is a reason why Diner Dash has been able to release so many games, and that is because of its understated and effective game play. Developers realised from the first game, that there was no problem with the game play, so they have focused their time on tweaking minor problems. With every development in the series, comes a new and improved game. Some (not me) said that play was becoming stale and repetitive, however, Diner Dash 5 has set itself apart from its predecessors. Developers at playfirst have listened to players problems and implemented them into this game. This is not easy, it takes time and testing, for example, in Diner Dash 4, developers implemented a multiplayer mode, but for one reason or another decided it did not work, so they eradicated it from this game. I think this is probably the first game where developers are entirely pleased with their work.

This game has 50 new levels to try and beat. Like all of the other Diner Dash games, each level has two goals, basic and expert. You must complete the basic goal to progress to the next stage; any money you get above this will be a bonus, and go towards your development. However, for longer game play why not try and complete expert on every level, this will add for extra longevity. On the main story mode map, you can see which levels you have not completed on expert. For extreme players there are also five bonus levels, each one of these brings a whole new level of difficultly, and due to the difficulty of the new levels Playfirst have not made it compulsory that you complete these stages.

Along the way in the Diner Dash 5 download, you use the money you have earned to buy upgrades. As the levels progress in difficultly, these upgrades will help you overcome the harder levels. Between levels, you will be able to choose how your new diner looks, and you will also be able to redecorate your current stage. On some levels, you will be offered a couple of extras, which you do not pay for, but they can help you, for example, very early on you are given a juice maker. If customers become unhappy, with the amount of time they have been waiting at their table, then bring them some juice, this will increase their patience meter.

You will also be given added difficulties like a salad bar, instead of serving the customer's food you will need to drag and drop them to the salad bar if they request it; to keep customers satisfied you need to fill the salad bar every so often. The game has added different aspects to the game play to make it tougher.

diner dash 5 build restaurant

As an added touch, the last stage is devoted entirely to your diner that you have been creating throughout your story mode. This creates added interest between levels, and acts as a nice addition to the frantic game play.

Diner Dash 5 Customers

Customers in Diner Dash 5 are more annoying than ever, as many of you will know, developers add different customers into each game, and keep some old ones. Let's take a look at some of the customer's mannerisms and why they make the game even more intriguing and challenging!

Your starting characters will include Young ladies and hospital workers. Both of these customers are patient and tip well, and this makes the opening levels easier to overcome.

The Hungry men are patient, and they tip well, but they eat twice. A little tip for you, try and remember which course they are on, I have gone to collect their plates, only to find that they are expecting their second course, and because of the frantic game play, you might not realise and continue playing, this is not a good thing to do!

Businesswomen tip well, and are extremely impatient as they have to earn the money somewhere.

Perhaps the funniest characters in Diner Dash 5 game are the Clowns are patient and tip well, because apparently the circus pays well nowadays! They will distract other customers around them, causing them to become mesmerized and stop doing what they are doing, to stop the clowns doing this, click on them.

Senior citizens are remarkably patient, because they have nowhere else to be, however, they are also terribly slow, and they do not tip remarkably well, because their pensions have not come through yet!

download diner dash 5 boom screen shot

Tourists are patient, and give decent tips, however, some of them might ask you to take pictures of them, and if you do this they will give you extra money.

Lawyers are impatient, and tip terribly. Whatever you do, do not put them next to one another as they will talk about work for ages. Not only does this mean they will be blocking your tables up, it also means they will annoy others sitting around them. In my opinion lawyers are the worst customers to have.

Liberians are impatient and tip well; however, their asset is they will keep others directly around them quiet; this is remarkably handy if used effectively.

Celebrities are impatient and tip well, and they make others around them happy, regardless of their status, you may not think it but celebs can be extremely handy to have at your diner.

Bookworms are patient, and tip well, but they will get terribly frustrated with even the slightest hint of noise, so think about this when you seat them.

Fitness freaks are patient and tip ok; however, they sit anywhere as they have their headphones in and cannot hear anything that is going on around them.

Lovebirds want to be left alone, so you have to seat them in two seated tables only, but as a reward they tip well and are patient.

Cell phone users (or businessmen) are impatient, but tip well; however, they annoy everyone around them, because they enjoy a ramble on their cell phones.

As you can see there are fourteen different types of customers, and these customers change the game play throughout the stages. The further you get the more customers you unlock and as you can see from above, they progress in difficultly. One small tip for you, try and serve the impatient people first, if you lose their custom then it can be hard to reach your goals.

If you want to try the game out, then the diner dash 5 download is available in full version format by clicking here. It can be played on the PC or Mac, on the PC it is available for Windows XP and Vista. It may also work on Windows 7 but it is not guaranteed. The best way to find out is to download the trial version and test it out.

Customers want seating in their favoured seats, if you do this correctly you can score some lucrative bonus money, however, failure to do this properly could cost you the level. To seat people in their correct seats, match up the colour of their clothes to the colour of the seat. You also score points for repeat actions, if you do the same thing over and over again, then you pick up additional bonus money. These two will propel you towards the expert goal.

Another addition to Diner Dash 5 game is the townies. Townies are stray individuals, who have been parted from their group; your objective is to put them back in with their group. Not all townies have to be seated, they just come and go. A townie can only be seated with other identical people, for example, you cannot put a doctor with a lawyer. If you match them up you will receive a reunited bonus. However, do not just add someone just because they are there, if you do not add the right person into the group then it could screw up your seating arrangements, costing you bonus points!

On top of all of this, watch out for the disasters that strike while you are working, the one that stands out for me is the weather. At any point, the weather might change drastically. If it starts to rain then you get several seconds to put up everybody's umbrellas, or if it starts getting windy, then you have to secure the table cloths. This has added an extra element of difficulty for you; as this is another issue you have to take care of. As well as the weather you could lose all of your power, if you do not look after the fuse box. Make sure you can find Hal, the repair man, who will appear when any other problems arise, like a leaky hydrant, or a folded in gazebo, that cause your customers problems.

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As a few of you Diner Dash extremists will know, Diner Dash 4 had a multiplayer mode; however, this has been dropped and developers have instead opted for a medal based reward system. By completing certain aspects of the game you unlock medals; you will be able to show off these medals to others through the social networking site facebook. Make sure, if you complete the story mode, you have unlocked each one of the 14 medals that are available; this ranges from 100 townies reunited to beating all levels on expert. You can only truly say you have completed the game after you have unlocked all of these medals.

Developers have implemented a better graphical interface with Diner Dash 5; previous developments to the graphics were almost nonexistent. However, on Diner Dash 5 you can tell that there has been a lot of development to the graphics.

Game Review Verdict

The Diner Dash 5 download has brought so many improvements from the original games, sometimes it feels like you are playing a whole new game, but in a good way. All the different customers will pose a real challenge for any time management fan and become more prominent in the later levels where you have be an extreme multi tasker!

Once the customers get on your back though, you will soon realise, that not that much has changed from the first game. Diner Dash 5 is for everybody to enjoy.

Final Score: 96%

Diner Dash 5 download is available for the PC and MAC. Click here to download the game now.