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bubble town game

Play On: Windows XP/Vista

Rating: 88%

Find FUN, Cute Cuddly Characters & Bubble Bursting Excitement in Bubble Town.

4 exciting game modes including Action (Beat the clock) and Puzzle (clear the screen). Score huge combos, set off chain reactions and marvel at the special effects as the gems shatter before your eyes! Tricky puzzles that will prove a great challenge for the casual gamer. Great sound effects including a commentator congratulating you on skillful moves. Download a free trial version now.

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Game Review

Much like Columns there have been several spin offs, sequels (call them what you will) of Puzzle Bobble. One such spinoff is the Bubble Town game and it is a massive casual downloadable game.

Bubble Town was originally released as Scrubbles to a subdued reception; however it was then rewritten for Facebook and the mobile and became extremely popular. The game is very much like Puzzle Bobble. You as a player shoot bubbles (borbs as they are known in Bubble Town) at a load of other borbs that are bunched together at the top of the screen. All borbs come in various colours and your job is to match three or more borbs of the same colour. If you match three or more borbs they disappear along with every other borb beneath the matched ones.

bubble town game screen shot

Even though the Bubble Town download shares a lot of similarities with Puzzle Bobble the developer's have added a lot of neat features of their own. The borbs are very much alive, they aren't just plain old bubbles, and they have different faces! Some borbs can even be found asleep and you have to hit them with another borb to wake them up. Until a borb is woken up it cannot be matched. Along with different faces the borbs have different personalities, some are angry, others are goofy looking, and some wear lipstick and others have armour. A lot of effort has gone into making the borbs more than just bubbles floating around waiting to get popped.

Bubble Town download has two modes in which a level can be played namely straight up and ball. Straight up is played as described above. The more borbs you shoot the more clustered the borbs become at the top of the screen, and eventually they'll make their way to the bottom and its game over. In ball mode the level is played in a hexagon and the borbs are clustered together in the centre of the screen. Each time a borb is fired the level rotates along with the borbs, so you're never given a chance to build up your own combinations of borbs. This makes for quite complicated game play and can prove a lot harder to work than in straight up mode.

Bubble Town is available by clicking here.

Bubble Town game can be played in two different modes, endless and journey. Endless is essentially arcade mode, offering several stages you must complete. The journey mode offers a story line along with some new borbs joining the game called Lumps. Lumps have come from out of space and you must travel the board clearing various stages and removing the lumps. Lumps appear in each stage and cannot be removed directly from the board, to remove a lump you have to match borbs around it.

bubble town screen shot 2

After completing a number of stages, there are fun and creative boss battles. The first boss, The Overlump is a large Ball stage where you must clear away all the Borbs surrounding him so you can colour match with the bombs next to him. The Overlump rotates unpredictably after each shot, and after a while will begin to stream out new Borbs.

Along the way there are several boss stages to defeat each involving the clearing of borbs that hurt the boss in a different way; these nicely break up what can be fairly long stretches of borb matching stages. The first boss you will come across is The Overlump a large ball boss. You must remove all the borbs around him, so you can match with the bombs nearby, after each shot the Overlump rotates and may spit out new borbs. Download Bubble Town game free now by clicking here.

Time is never of the essence in the Bubble Town game just like in Puzzle Bobble, the only way of losing is by defeating yourself. To the right of the screen is a borb tube displaying the next eight borbs you are to fire, when the tube is emptied (you fired all the borbs) the borb cluster increases by one layer of borbs bringing it ever closer to the bottom of the screen. In Bubble Town when a game screen becomes completely filled with borbs its game over.

In the Bubble Town game there is a way of delaying the clustering of borbs in the top half of the screen. If you match three or more borbs in a chain and there are borbs hanging below the chain, those borbs drop into your tube giving you more borbs to fire and thus delaying the further borb clustering.

The onus of shooting borbs accurately is not left to the player alone. Like Puzzle Bobble, Bubble Town allows you to shoot borbs off the walls, this can be quite difficult to get right especially when you are at the beginning of a level and there's a large gap between your shooter and the borbs at the top of the level. Fortunately if you leave your shooter in one place long enough a v shaped marker appears on the part of the wall you are aiming at. The v shaped marker offers a hint at the trajectory of the borb to be fired.

Another added nicety in the Bubble Town download is the selection of powerups. Powerups are often found embedded in Borbs. Match borbs around a power up and it gets sent to your shooter for immediate use. The power ups have been well thought out, one power up gives you super range (sure shot) that shows you exactly where your borb is going to land, even if you plan to bounce out it off the walls. The hot foot power up sends a one off shot up through the borb cluster removing all borbs in its path. The wild borb can be matched with any colour borb, the bomb borb, when shot explodes upon impact removing all borbs around it. Last and by no means least The Plunger which perhaps requires the most intelligence to use lets you select any borb from the cluster and use it in your next shot.

The music in Bubble Town is varied but typically very upbeat and plays along nicely with the game, after a few levels it soon disappears (always a good sign in my opinion) leaving you to concentrate on the game at hand. Bubble Town is available on Windows XP and Vista and you can download the full version of the game for free by clicking on the download button at the very top end of this page.


I've told you all about the Bubble Town game so I guess you're wondering about my personal opinion of the game. Well for me Bubble Town's strength is in its simplicity. If you're looking for a deeply challenging game then this game isn't for you I suggest you seek out the worlds hardest game (just make sure you're not too attached to your hair you'll have pulled it out after a few plays!) However if you're looking for a little bit of mental stimulation, some simple fun and a game that won't bore very easy bubble town is definitely worth a play.

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Originality: 8.5/10
  • Game Detail: 7.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 9/10
Final Score: 88%

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