Alices Tea Cup Madness (Full Game)

alices tea cup madness

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Rating: 92%

Dive into Alice's Tea Cup Madness for some Time Management fun!

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Game Review

In another addition to time management games, Alice's tea cup madness game brings the turn of Alice from Alice in wonderland.

Alice needs to earn money to get home, so she teams up with the white rabbit to open up a tea house, to do this Alice must conquer 50 regular levels and 15 mini games across 5 different locations. The game play itself is much like the diner dash series, in that you have to, seat customers, take orders and fetch the order. At the start of the level you receive two goals, normal and expert, you need the normal goal to progress through the level and the expert mode can act as a progressed target. For a respectable score colour coordination is also key; match the players with the same coloured tables for an increased tip. The further you progress in Alice's tea cup madness the harder the levels get, you will start to realise this when more characters come piling through the door, and your menu has increased!

The story line itself is very cute, especially if you are an Alice in wonderland fan. Fans will also realise some of the characters that you bump into along the way, including a certain feline friend.

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alices tea cup madness game

With more money comes the opportunity to purchase upgrades, my personal favourite are the decorations as these add spark to your cafe. However, the sensible upgrade is the instant service; this is a very handy time saver, which could save you replaying a few levels.

Unlike other dash games, this time you have a 'bouncer' on the door, I use bouncer in inverted commas because it is a walrus, and why not, it is a Disney based game after all.

Unlike other downloadable games, you cannot cancel your orders, so if you make a mistake you may have to restart the level. Also Alice cannot carry more than one item at a time, and this makes the game harder, because as most of you avid gamers will know you can usually carry two items or sometimes even more.

The graphics are extremely basic and 2D but perfectly in keeping with the game itself, and also no different to other games of its kind. A game like this having immense 3D graphics would be nonsensical and probably hamper the game play.

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Hints and Tips.

  • To start, make sure you are doing everything correctly and try not to worry about your time. You will find that your speed progresses as you get used to everything.
  • If too many people get angry and leave you will not pass the level, to stop this from happening deal with the angry customers before others.


Even though this game is simpler than the majority of other time management games, it brings a sense of innocence, only found in a few games. I would highly recommend this as a starting point for new time management gamers, as the pace is slower than others, however, this game is still challenging, so be careful.

Final Score: 91%

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