Airport Mania (Full Game)

airport mania game

Play On: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/MAC

Rating: 90%

Hectic and fun time management game, take control of many busy airports!

Aiport Mania offers a jolly time management game with many variations and a very unique theme. As an air traffic control manager you must guide your airplanes through the airport in a quick and efficient manner to avoid grumpy and disattisfied planes and customers alike. Download a free trial version now.

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Game Review

In Airport Mania: First Flight your task is to land, unload, reload, repair, refuel and fly airplanes, in other words successful management of airport and passenger control! The graphics and the cartoon feel to the game remind me of the 90's cartoons Budgie the little Helicopter and the 80's children's programme Thomas the Tank Engine.

The faster you perform all these operations the more money you will earn to upgrade your airport and the more likelihood you are to succeed at any given stage.

All the planes have big eyes, animated quirky faces and come in different colours.

The Tutorial and Game Workings

When first playing the Airport Mania download you create an account keying in your own name and then you are greeted with an easy to follow tutorial teaching you the basic ropes of how to manage an airport. It is well advised you take the tutorial, it's very enjoyable and will bring you up to speed with how the game works and the airport operates.

The tutorial will take you through the basic point and click operations and also colour coordinated airplane landing, unloading and runway combos. Combos earn you higher points in the game and points convert to money!

Runway combos are scored by landing planes before the green arrows disappear. Green arrows will refresh every time a plant makes a landing or a takeoff but will fade fairly quickly so you must position and unload the planes fluently to score many high combos.

You will also learn how to park plains in the lay over areas so when they are waiting for a spot to unload passengers they are kept happy. You can tell how happy planes are by checking the green bars above their heads. Four green bars mean the planes are at their happiest.

download airport mania game

You can download Airport Mania game in full version format by clicking the link above the video at the top of this review page.

Planes get grumpy when they wait too long to land, unload, reload, take off, refuel or repair so a plane can get upset rather fast for many reasons if you're not a good airport control manager. As you can see although Airport Mania game is all about time management there are many different variations that need to be handled well to successfully play the game making it much more challenging than your average time management title.

You must pass all the airport academy (tutorial) days in order to complete the whole tutorial. Once you have completed the tutorial you get your air traffic controller diploma! This allows you to proceed onto stage 1 of the game.

And so the game begins...

At the beginning of each stage four earning targets are listed. The first is your basic goal score target, this is the minimum you must achieve to successfully complete a stage. The other 3 are luxury targets and are labelled expert score, master score and supreme score. As previously mentioned the higher your score the more money you have to spend.

Airplanes come in much faster in Airport Mania's actual game. Every time you land a new plane it will inform you of the planes type, passenger capacity, patience (how long it keeps happy staying still!), load speed (how fast it unloads and loads passengers for takeoff), how much money you earn for landing the plane and how much you earn for its arrival and departure.

For example the first plane you will land will be the puddle jumper; the puddle jumper holds the following stats:

  • Passenger capacity: 10
  • Patience: High
  • Load Speed: Fast
  • Maximum Earnings: Landing/Take Off - $750, Arrival/Depature - $450

Completing the first part of stage 1 will see you earn a considerable amount of money and you can buy another layover space for the next round to help prevent airplanes from queuing. As mentioned earlier layover spaces keep airplanes happier and prevent them from parking up on the runaway. This means the runways are also free to accept more airplanes for landing and taking off, in other words buy it!

The second part of stage 1 is very easy with a second layover and you will find completing it with exceptionally happy customers no problem. There are many upgrades in the Airport Mania download, for part 3 stage 1 I chose to purchase another layover but there are also extra gateways available if you can afford $30,000 already!

By part 5 of stage 1 I was already into the swing of things, it is very enjoyable managing all the different Airport Mania tasks such as landing, unloading, reloading, refuelling and taking off. The game is very intuitive like with so many other time management games and very easy to learn how to play. Airport Mania's simplicity just like Turbo Pizza is what makes it such a winner as a casual game.

There is also something quite innocent and enlightening about the background music that never gets tiring, its peaceful nature only adds to the free flowing fun nature of the Airport Mania game.

So here I was with an upgraded airport gateway which I invested $30,000 into, it dramatically speeds up the unloading and reloading of passengers. After round 5 of stage 1 I already had over $60,000 to spend! So to complement my upgraded gateway I decided to add improvements to gateway B for $40,000, two improved gateways already! There will no doubt be plenty of very happy customers after the next air control operation.

After you complete a whole stage you receive a bonus reward which depends on how many gold stars you were awarded throughout the many different stage rounds. I received a huge amount of extra money as I averaged a 2 star reward for the stage 1 rounds!

airport mania game high score

One point to note is that once you complete a stage all your upgrades reset, so if at the last round of a stage you feel you can easily cope without an extra upgrade you can wisely save that money for even greater airport upgrades at the start of the next stage!

The Airport Mania download starts to get tricky fairly early on and it doesn't remain the case of simply choosing a docking gateway for your airplane. Some airplanes demand a certain gateway and if that is already in use they refuse to budge from the runway thus blocking all other airplanes from being able to land. This can also mean one very angry airplane which will earn you less money before takeoff.

Cancelling a command of a certain airplane that is about to take another more fussy airplanes space can be done through double clicking on it before it begins to unload passengers. If it begins an action that airplane must fulfil its role before it can trade places with the fussier one. Fussy airplanes will give you an indication of where they wish to go by showing a speech mark with a, b or c gateway on. Be sure to spot this when they land to ensure you don't tie up their gateway space!

Another cool upgrade that you can apply is the in-flight movies option. You get a button to click on to activate an in-flight movie which keeps airplanes happy when they are flying the skies waiting to use the runway. This can prove very useful when all your layover and gateways are currently engaged.

Getting the airplanes into the right coloured gateways is the key for scoring high and earning a lot of money for upgrades. So whenever a certain coloured gateway is being used, it's better to land and park the same colour airplane in a layover and wait for the gateway to be free than to send the plane to a different colour gateway and obtain less points. Airplanes are happy in layovers for quite some time, so don't underestimate this strategy!

Finally some other cool upgrades to watch out for include a regional jet liner; this allows a larger plane to land on your runways which makes even more money! Also an early indicator as to what colour planes are coming in and even a spray paint shop that allows you to change the colour of your plane to match the gateway to ensure a double bonus!


Airport Mania First Flight is yet another classic time management game. If you enjoy playing Turbo Pizza then you're going to want to download this cute little number. With jolly music, crisp cartoon graphics and plenty of variation in multi tasking and airport upgrades Airport Mania will fill your gaming hours with great happiness and enjoyment!

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Originality: 8.5/10
  • Game Detail: 8.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 9/10
Final Score: 90%

Download Airport Mania game in full version format for the Windows 2000, XP, Vista and the Apple MAC by clicking here. You can try to the game out for free.

If you enjoyed the first game then why not also check out Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips which is now available and features 9 new and exciting airports in which to manage along with a whole bunch of new in game features. Just one of the many new features are the evil giant monsters that emerge from background and try to smash your planes down!