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Help Flo start up her own restaurant business!

Rating: 93%

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Game Review

One of the first ever time management games to be released in the casual downloadable games collection the Diner Dash game is a time management classic with funky music and addictive game play.

Originally released back in January 2006 the full version of Diner Dash became an instant classic with many casual gaming fans. The simplicity of the game is at the heart of its popularity; you can load, learn and play the game within a matter of minutes whilst still being entertained for hours on end with a vast array of challenging levels.

We have covered Turbo Pizza and Turbo Subs in other reviews, well these classic and hectic multi tasking games stem from the likes of Diner Dash. So what exactly do you do in Diner Dash?

Playing as Flo you are a new to the restaurant business, having fled a stressful and busy office job with too many mundane responsibilities you stumble upon a diner behind an office block, bingo! Flo decides to use the abandoned diner to start her own restaurant business.

diner dash game play

Your job as Flo is to seat customers, take their orders, give the orders to the chef, serve food and clear up after the customers. You can also make customers extra happy by serving them drinks whilst they wait for their food to be cooked.

The Diner Dash game is available by clicking the link above this review at the top of this page. You can then install the game in a matter of minutes and begin having fun!

Added to the challenge of general multi-tasking are different colours, types and numbers of customers.

The colour of the customer affects the seating arrangements. Once you place a customer down on a seat, that seat will turn to the colour of the customer and there on after anymore customers you place down with the same colour will give you a bonus. This bonus is exponential so long as you keep placing the same coloured customer on the seat, if you seat a different coloured customer you will lose the built up bonus.

Furthermore some seats don't start off neutral but instead are a particular colour already. When seating a group you will be able to swap their seating positions by moving the cursor over the different chairs and are thus able to find the best seating arrangement to gain the maximum bonus reward.

There will also be different numbers of customers, who need seating together, for example you will not be able to seat a group of four on a two seat table! Neither would it be a good idea to seat a group of two on a four seat table, as the other two seats can't be used whilst those two customers are eating.

Finally add to this the different types of customers, for example young customers or pensioners. Pensioners are more patient but tip less so it may be smarter to seat a group of four young people first even if they are behind in the queue to a group of four pensioners, especially if tables are limited! As you can see, Diner Dash game gets rather busy and complicated fast and will pose a great challenge to all casual gamers. Each round will introduce new scenarios, kitchen improvements or more tables and chairs which will mean more to customers to handle and tasks to keep an eye out for. You will be stretched to your limit in multi tasking.

Download Diner Dash games in full version now for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista by clicking the download link at the top of this review.

At the beginning of each round as with Turbo Subs and Turbo Pizza you are set a minimum amount that you must take in cash to proceed to the next round. There is also an expert amount that you can strive to meet; I never obtained the expert level so I don't know whether there is an additional cash bonus for reaching this target!

So what about the happiness of the customers in Diner Dash? Well this is represented by a row of hearts, with five hearts indicating customers are as happy as can be and one heart showing their upmost misery. Happiness is all about getting a customer in, seated and served as quick as possible, the happier they are the more cash they will give you after their food, so don't keep anyone waiting too long!

There are many features to help you keep customers feeling great, I got as far as to obtain a drink machine to serve drinks to customers whilst they wait for food and a queuing counter that Flo can stand by and talk to customers who are awaiting tables, this keeps their spirits up!

The original Diner Dash full version game has an authentic look to it, with graphics being somewhat quirky and unpolished, this actually made the game more enjoyable for me, it's very much like when the Simpsons were first animated as opposed to the new cartoons, those little imperfections are what made the characters more loveable. The same can be said for Diner Dash compared to its sequels and other similar games such as Turbo Pizza and Turbo Subs.


One of the first and still one of the best time management casual games, the original Diner Dash game should be your first choice if you're just getting into casual games; it has the ability to keep you entertained for long periods whilst still leaving you with a neat cut off point whenever you've had enough.

Multi tasking as never been so much fun so download!

  • Playability: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8.5/10
  • Originality: 10/10
  • Game Detail: 9.5/10
  • Addictiveness: 9.5/10
Final Score: 93%

Download Diner Dash full version game now, available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Vista - click here