Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel

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Rating: 80%

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Can you solve a 19th century murder? You are Dana Knightstone, an up-and-coming fiction novelist. While on vacation in Scotland, you are haunted by the ghost of David, a working-class painter in love with a rich heiress - until he was killed at Fairing Point! Uncover history as you travel across Europe to investigate David's mysterious death.

Game Review

What happens when you combine cinematic voice acting with haunting music, responsive point and click controls with a slightly harebrained book novelist chasing after a pale, silent ghost in a small yet labyrinthine-esque hotel in Scotland? - An impressive hidden object game that will send you on an interesting quest to solve a "19th century murder".

Big Fish's "Death at Fairing Point Download: a Dana Knightstone Novel" might be your typical hidden object game, but it still manages to bring in a few nice touches that will make the purchase worth your while. Anyone taking a step away from the more intensive puzzles of Myst or the courtroom drama of Ace Attorney will find Fairing Point's gameplay and atmosphere quite relaxing and slow paced, but still enough of a challenge to keep the noggin gears wheeling.

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With dozens of hidden object games out there, it is the audio experience of the Death at Fairing Point download that stands out. While the graphic quality of the game certainly deserves a tip of the hat, it is the voice acting that has managed to grab our attention. Dana's narrative tone gives a great balance of being conversationally convincing and being enchantingly unreal. And this is despite the fact that she seems to be the most down to earth of all the characters you will meet. The musical score delivers deep somber tones as you move about the hotel foraging for items and piecing together random puzzles.

The graphics are neatly presented and provide the game with a silent deluge of heavy shadows punctuated by the occasional flash of lightning bolts. Sadly, some of the colors end up being too oversaturated, giving background objects and some of the characters a slightly cartoony feel that leaves them out of place.

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Death at Fairing Point is as good a point and click adventure as any and the mouse cursor's intuitive, context sensitive controls will spare new players from the repetitive task of switching from a grab icon to a push command. This however makes plenty of the challenges and puzzles much easier to solve, some can even be solved simply by clicking all over the place. More experienced players will certainly find the initial puzzles quite easy.

Speaking of which, the puzzles themselves are a little disjointed and out of place, often throwing logic out of the window: placing your passport inside the safe suddenly reveals an old newspaper inside the vault despite the initial image showing it to be completely empty. The same goes for a plant seeds table: filling up the jars will somehow unlock the drawer. As customary for most games of this type, expect a lot of running back and forth to retrieve previously unreachable items thanks to new object that you will find along the way.

Frankly, we have to admit that the real hook of this game is the fact that Dana is a novelist and the whole adventure simply stands as a source of material for her next book. While solving a century old murder might sound interesting, the case itself is served much like a side story to Dana's larger quest for fame.


Fairing Point's plot is deep enough to be engrossing, and though the puzzles tend to distract from the game (as opposed to making you feel more involved), the story has a well maintained pace that provides the game with a solid and cohesive feel. Sadly, the lack of randomized elements and multiple plot events takes away any replay value and makes this title a one play-wonder. While not quite the mystery masterpiece it claims to be, the game still manages to be a great ride for new players. Overall, we give Death at Fairing Point: a Dana Knightstone Novel a curious author's 80/100.

Final Score: 80%

The Death at Fairing Point Download: A Dana Knightstone Novel can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP and Vista - simply click here to download a copy.