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Monica and her father, Professor Dumbdore, have invented a unique device, a teleporter that enables traveling though parallel worlds! Mysteriously, Monica's father disappears and it's up to her to track him down! Investigate the different worlds and meet interesting characters as you track down Monica's father in Crossworlds: The Flying City, an exciting Hidden Object game.

Game Review

Every now and then, there are a few games that mange to capture a vivid sense of unreality that despite the fantastic settings and scenarios that are unfolding, one cannot help but feel thoroughly be immersed in the fictional world. This is the power of CrossWorlds Download: the Flying City. Despite its semi-surreal world, obvious developer self-plugs and the disjointed nature of its hidden object puzzles, the game has managed to keep us glued and entertained for hours on end. And here is a quick idea of what the journey was like.


The game places you in the shoes of Monica, a young woman with a very odd sense of curiosity and a penchant for playing games on a netbook. Her cluttered room is a mess of assorted accessories, ladies' vanity gear, shoes, and clothes - basically the typical room of an unorganized teenage girl. Not quite the average user demographic for a video game, but still an archetype that anyone can easily relate with. Monica's father, the seemingly eccentric professor Dumbdore (yes, that really is his name), has managed to invent a teleportation device and has mysteriously vanished. Now, it is up to his daughter to find him.

Not quite the original scenario that one might expect, but the game sets off at a nice pace. Pretty soon, the players find themselves activating the old professor's invention and are sent into a distant world where humans have long been wiped out due to a nuclear war and robots wander the planet aimlessly. With plenty of questions to be answered and an old genius of a father still missing, Monica's quest just managed to get bumped up from predictable to downright interesting.

CrossWorlds: The Flying City game


What truly makes CrossWorlds Download a game that is fun to play is the fact that the world is delivered in such clear detail. The visuals may seem a little crude or unpolished for a couple or so screens, but for most of the time, expect to see well detailed elements and other subtle factors that make the world a whole. The game tends to show off some of its finer art details in the hidden object scenarios with the nicely rendered backgrounds and realistic lighting effects. The area screens are also beautifully drawn with small details of Monica's room, the beat up beetle car, and even the Robo-café; providing users with that much-needed depth ingame.

Indeed, CrossWorlds has managed to create a truly immersive world thanks to its visuals. But that optical factor alone is not the only thing that makes this fictional world thrive, a great part of this success also belongs to the musical score. As what one would expect from a mystery game, these are not catchy or upbeat tunes, instead, they border on the more somber aspects of the music genre. This wonderfully complementing music gives players a sense of presence in the world and at the same time, also a sense of loneliness.

There is plenty of emphasis on the fact that Monica, the player is alone in the game. The music presses this on affecting the scenes much like how a distant tune from some unknown source would affect a person sitting quietly in a room by himself. The images depict very familiar scenes such as stores, diners, city streets, but all in a certain level of disarray. Buildings seem worn and old - but not from overuse, the degradation stems more from the lack of upkeep. There may be robots and there may be other things out there, but you are the only person around. This is the unnerving yet powerful driving force that will keep players pushing onwards.

CrossWorlds: The Flying City screenshot


Many would say that the hidden object game (HOG) genre is an oversaturated category, and in some cases, that is quite true. But games such as the CrossWorlds Download actually manage to show us all that there is still plenty of room for the genre to grow. In terms of actual innovation or variation, there is very little that is new with the hidden object system for this game. Players will still get a list of items to find in the intricately detailed mess of things on screen.

In this game, there are no timers or limits for the player to worry about (though over clicking the mouse will suspend actions for a few seconds to discourage click-guessers). A recharging hint button on the lower right will ensure that the player, regardless of skill level, will keep being able to move the story forward.

Our only complaint about the HOG sequences is that they are pretty much out of place. A task would have you looking around for just one specific object in the mess. However, even if you manage to find it, it will not be part of your inventory until you find the rest of items on the HOG list. Also, the rest of the junk you picked up will also be thrown back onscreen - a pretty unrewarding experience indeed.

CrossWorlds: The Flying City gameplay

Aside from looking for random objects in a pile of junk, players get to do some actual investigating. Guiding Monica around is a simple matter by clicking through doors and pathways and there is often plenty of freedom to move from one area to another - players can even step away from the middle of an ongoing puzzle or HOG event.

The difficulty level of this game is kept on a pretty low bar, with most of the effort from players being spent figuring out which inventory object interacts with what background element. As stated, the HOG events are a breeze to fulfill and the lack of a time limit and the presence of the hint button making things very smooth.


No matter how one looks at it, CrossWorlds: the Flying City is a fun and entertaining game. While some parts of the game would leave a player feeling isolated and lost, the overall experience is immersive and awe-inspiring. This game is a great recommendation for hidden object game fans and for anyone who appreciates a nicely composed narrative. If you happen to like both, then this is a must have purchase. We give this game an untidy teenager's 85/100.

Final Score: 85%

CrossWorlds: The Flying City game can be played in full version format now, on either Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 - simply click here to download a copy.