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Cake Shop is a time management game that heavily pushes a player's speed and reflexes. The very game itself is quite simple and straightforward, getting used to the system is a simple matter of playing for a couple of minutes, as for getting far however, you will need some serious skills. This is one game that relies heavily on the player's ability to click fast and accurately. While the earlier stages are expectedly forgiving, being able to max out your scores and get those orders right will require a careful balance of planning ahead and rushing through demands. If you are up for a serious cake-game challenge, then Cake Shop is the perfect game for you.

Game Review

Everyone loves a good challenge, and Cake Shop serves it up nice and fresh. Sure, it is not on the same level as finger blistering RTS titles where players will be calculating their actions per minute, but it still will drive many casual gamers on the edge of their seats trying to keep up with the later stages. Delivered in a simple and neat package this is one game that places all the focus on the actual gameplay and nothing else. While we feel this title is lacking in terms of graphics and music, it still manages to keep up with other more successful games for its addictive challenge levels.

There is no real scenario in Cake Shop, and just like other cooking games, players will find themselves strapped behind the counter and suddenly in charge of everything. A helpful introductory tutorial will get you into the heat of things quite quickly and after serving your first set of customers, you will easily feel like a pro.

Of course, that is how you will feel for the first set of stages in the game. As the game progresses, players will be introduced to new devices in the kitchen. While more tutorials will give you a quick example of how things work, this is the start of the game's true challenge: keeping track of many orders. Sure, like other titles, there is a bit of queuing and waiting to be done, but the pace of the Cake Shop Download is relentless and unforgiving. Just as you thought that you have managed to serve every last customer, a couple more will pop in and send you for a loop. This game may be wanting in some departments, but when it comes to delivering a decent challenge, we certainly recommend this.

Cake Shop game


At first glance, the game is rough and unpolished, but it still has its charm. The graphics are sprite based and quite neat. While they certainly work great with the fact that the game really needs players to be accurate (everything is nicely detailed and the colors help separate the individual items), they are not faring well on the aesthetic meter. The game could have used a little more color coordination. The customers are also oddly delivered, while you only get to see the back of the people you serve, there is something that is strange about the proportion of their sprites that makes you feel as if you were serving cakes to cardboard cutouts.

The music fares a little better than the visuals; the soft tunes are quite calming when you pay attention to it. This really helps when the game gets rather frenzied in pace at later stages. The sound effects could use a little help as they are hard to hear on any game setting, so players will have to rely on visual cues when it comes to checking if the coffee is done.

Cake Shop Screenshot


While the game might not rank so well on an aesthetic chart, the gameplay certainly picks up all the slack. Learning the controls for Cake Shop game is quite easy, if you have played a time management cooking game before, then you will slide right in without any issues. Completely new players will appreciate the easy to follow and hands on approach of the tutorial that will turn them into masters of the game controls within less than a couple of minutes. Moving around the screen is quite easy and navigating from the cakes to the customer thought bubbles is a smooth transition that players will not have any trouble with.

Getting the cakes right however, is a combination of deft mouse clicking skills and a quick eye for detail. The average cake is three layers worth. While the layers are instantly prepared (no need for baking), being able to spot the slight color differences in the customer's order is important. While the game will not penalize you for trying to serve the wrong cake, expect to find yourself losing profit from having to send layers off into the bin.

One good thing to remember is that the cake layers will instantly regenerate once you have consumed a particular stock, so double clicking on a stack with only one piece left is not recommended. Clicking a lot will not make you faster, but moving will. Those with touch screen notebooks are particularly prone to this issue, while those with a mouse will have to be concerned with movement.

Cake Shop Game Play

As for drinks and other items that need a container, always be sure to double-queue by picking up an empty cup before getting the freshly made coffee. This will ensure that if a customer suddenly orders a drink, you will have a fresh one ready for the next.

The Cake Shop Download manages to show its true value when you have gone through the first few stages and the customer volumes and orders start picking up. This is one title that will push speed, accuracy, memorization and of course, your patience in dealing with really complicated orders. The game really gets fun and exciting when you are racking up fast serves on one impatient customer after another.

Hardcore gamers will find the later stages to be substantially worth playing, though going through the earlier half of the game might feel easy and mundane. This means that this is a recommended title for veteran gamers who have the time to spare as skipping straight to later stages is not an available option.


Cake Shop game is the quintessential time management cake game, it has all the basic elements and of course, that ever-addictive gameplay of managing everything behind the counter. While this game is certainly not going to win any awards for its graphics and sound, it still manages to deliver a pretty good package overall. More importantly, the simple to follow controls and incredibly addictive gameplay will keep players coming back for more. Also, the promise of a better challenge in the game's later stages will mean that those who finish the game will have their skills significantly improved. We give this game an oddball customer's 82/100.

Final Score: 82%

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