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Get those oven mitts ready as you fire up the oven for another round of non-stop cake serving mayhem. Cake Shop 2 Download pushes the challenge of the series a lot further with the addition of a conveyor belt that will test your accuracy to a whole new level. The controls are easy to learn and the game mechanics are pretty much self explanatory, the first few stages also offer a lot of leeway for learning how to play the game. It is fun and addictive, but the real draw lies deeper in the game. Make it to the later stages and you will find yourself occupied with keeping up with a flood of cake orders streaming in and customers quickly losing patience. Pick this up and find out if you have got what it takes it run one of the busiest cake games ever made.

Game Review

The one thing we really enjoyed about the first Cake Shop game was the fact that it delivered a great game experience and a straightforward challenge. Thankfully, the same applies to its sequel, Cake Shop 2. But where the original title had some issues, this new installment certainly made sure to get all things right and polished.

Featuring new gameplay elements, better visuals and a whole new soundtrack, Cake Shop 2 game refines and perfects everything that was good in the first game then adds a whole lot more. The end product is a hard to put down, point and click speed and time management title that will have you wondering how far you can actually go with the non-stop challenge that the game provides. This not only makes for a highly addictive gameplay, but getting past many of the later levels can be quite a rewarding experience.

Cake Shop 2 game

As you would expect, there is no story to Cake Shop 2, the game simply puts you in command of a bakery that easily gets flooded with customers one after another. Fortunately, most of the orders simply take a few clicks of the button to accomplish, others will require you to make use of the store's other tools such as the coffee maker (which, aside from a simple mouse click, will need to be waited on). Balancing the single commands with the other orders will allow players to get the best tips and highest scores in the game.


Did we say that this game is a graphical improvement over the first game? that is an understatement. Cake Shop was a pretty much an experiment on gameplay elements to see how well they worked when you compare it to this impressive sequel. The visuals in part 2 are so well made that you would not think that the two titles are related when viewed side by side. See the image below where the first game is on the left and the second is on the right.

cake shop 1 and 2 game comparison

The store is nicely detailed, from the solid whites and grays to the darker table tops that give the cake shop a very classy feel. Even the items inside are eye candy; the cake layers are brightly decorated and can easily be distinguished from each other as they sit upon the conveyor belt. Equipment such as the popcorn maker and the cotton candy machine are distinctively colored giving them a slight contrast to the walls and floors but still add to the overall composition. During the later stages, when all the elements are already in play, Cake Shop 2 game still manages to feel neat - other games tend to have visually overcrowded behind-the-counter workspaces (thanks to the extra ovens and what-not) when you reach the later stages, that is not the same for this title.

The customers have been the greatest improvement, neatly animated sprites (converted from what appears to be 3D models) wave and smile at you for every successful and fast-served orders. While there are no real behavioral patterns to the individual customers, seeing that thankful smile and wave for every order does feel quite rewarding on its own.

Cake Shop 2 Screenshot


In a very general way, the core idea of this game and the original Cake Shop are quite similar. The cakes are still three layers that you simply have to mix and match depending on the customer orders, the extra items such as the coffee and popcorn simply require the use of cups and containers to be placed in the respective machines. Customers will still line up by the counter and players simply need to focus on the order that came first.

Now comes the fun part: how things have become slightly different. It is not so much with the goal of the stages - which is the same, but with the actual deviation of the various gameplay elements. The most noticeable is the inclusion of a conveyor belt that completely randomizes the item location for everything.

Okay, we have to admit, in a real-life brick and mortar store, we would rather run the place in the original Cake Shop where the placement of items actually made sense: cups are placed near the coffee machine and the cake layers are neatly stacked according to flavor on a serving tray. In the Cake Shop 2 Download, everything is on the conveyor belt. It really beats any actual logic, but thankfully, this is a video game and with that said, the belt is far more enjoyable than a properly organized store.

As we stated above, this game is all about challenge, and nothing is more challenging than making sure that every order gets done fast while furiously searching the belt for that elusive striped cake layer. Clicking around wildly is not a good idea either. Each time you pick up an item from the belt, the whole arrangement moves forward so players will need to plan a little when making their move.

Cake Shop 2 Game Play

A good tip would be to look for cake layers that are positioned strategically - as in right next to each other in the order that customer wants (remember that cakes are built from the bottom up) in order to maximize your mouse movement - and decrease the chances for mistakes. If you are lucky, you will have three layers neatly placed right next to each other. In other cases, two matching layers will be good enough. Do not worry so much about score penalties for tossing items into the bin since there are no deductions. It does take up time however, and it is not a good idea to waste time especially in the later stages.

It is also important to remember that the first few seconds of the game gives you time to load up the coffee machine, popcorn maker and other items ahead of time. This will give you a head start on the first few orders. Just be sure to get an empty cup (or equivalent) ready when you are ready to serve the next batch - this will allow you to get a steady flow without having to pause while waiting for the cup to fill.


We certainly love a good challenge and Girl Game's Cake Shop 2 game certainly delivers all that and a lot more. The improved graphics are a joy to behold and every tool behind the counter looks and feels like it was designed to sit inside the shop. While the conveyor belt in the cake shop would never fit well in a real life store, it does give the gameplay experience an enormous boost. With its easy to learn controls and simple game mechanics, it is easy to see how one can spend hours on end just playing this game. We give this title a cotton-candy loving policeman's 86/100.

Final Score: 82%

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