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More cake making fun comes around with Cake Mania 2 - the very first sequel to the famous cake baking series. Jill Evans once again takes on some of the most addictive kitchen challenges as she deals with plenty of new customers and helps out two of her friends, Jack and Risha. There are plenty of new bakeries to try out as her two friends take her from locations such as a water theme park to a roof deck bakery. Not only are there more cakes to bake, there are also plenty of decisions to make! This second chapter in the Cake Mania series introduces a branching storyline and six different endings determined by the decisions you make in game. With an addictive gameplay and intriguing storyline, this is one game you can't afford to miss out on.

Game Review

Cake Mania 2 Download brings players back in the shoes of Jill Evans and once again, plenty of baking challenges await. Most of the improvements over the original game are in the graphical department, but the addition of a more diverse range of customers certainly adds flavor to the mix. Of course, making cakes is still going to keep players busy as customers keep pouring in - providing us all with an addictive level of gameplay. CM2 also has a deeper storyline with multiple endings which is certainly a tasty treat for everyone!

It is not often that a casual game title manages to spawn off many sequels, and none have had the same level of success that the Cake Mania series has. As impressive as the 6-title lineup currently is however, there is always a good reason to look back and see how far Jill Evans (the series protagonist) has come.

Cake Mania 2 game

It isn't, and this sequel to the series has players tasked with bringing Jill back to her wedding preparations after a strange event (more on that below). The process is quite simple too; Jill simply has to keep on baking. This third title in the series returns to the classic CM formula: take orders and keep serving cakes.

Cake Mania 2 game is not just the first full sequel to the game (Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery is basically CM 1.5), but it is also the first time that the folks at Sandlot games showed off some of that visual finesse that the series is now known for. While the original game shone with its addictive gameplay elements, the sequel polished the delivery in terms of visual approach. In short, CM2 basically paved the way for the art direction that the rest of the series followed.


After having successfully saved her grandparent's bakery and also winning a cake baking contest to send them off to a cruise, Jill Evans finds herself helping out two friends with their bakeries. The first is Jack, who is basically Jill's love interest owns a bakery at an undersea-themed location. Jill's other friend is Risha, and her bakery is located on top of a tall building in the city. Players get to choose which friend to help first, as well as other locations for Jill to bake her cakes.

At this point, the storyline takes off in one of the many possible directions that would lead to one of six different endings - which is a pretty impressive feature for a casual time-management game. In terms of actual depth, the plot itself is pretty standard fare for a children's cartoon, and the gameplay hardly differs at all regardless of which path you take. The unfolding events and the small trophy rewards obtained at each ending however, are rewarding and are quite a treat for completionists. We will not spoil you by announcing which storyline is considered canon, since it does get revealed at the start of Cake Mania 3 game. Cake Mania 2 screenshot


As we stated above, the graphics on this sequel polishes the look so well that it pushes the Cake Mania series into a great direction. Since everything about the gameplay in the first game was something we really enjoyed, this sequel simply kept it up and delivered it in a shinier, classier package. The colors are now brighter and vibrant. While the contrast of some colors is a little too stark in certain instances, it is still easy on the eye. Besides, the occasional color-clashes help keep the interactive elements easy to spot.

The animation has also been improved, with plenty of extra frames showing Jill in various states of waiting. The customers have also become a lot more diverse, and you can easily spot which ones are most likely to leave early thanks to the detailed animations of the face and body signals.

While it is hard to complain about the sound, we do wish that the sequel complemented the improved graphics with better music scores. The casual ditties that accompany Jill's busy labors in the bakeries are nice, but they lack character and are forgettable. At the least the sound effects cue in nicely, and also help a lot when it comes to keeping track of which tasks have been accomplished.

Cake Mania 2 game play


The core game of Cake Mania 2 remains true to the original: time management. This means handing out menus, prepping cakes, applying icings, putting on decorations and serving them to the customers (and do not forget to pick up the payment from the counter as well) all within a set amount of time. Jill is pretty strict about the time she opens and closes the bakery so unless you are fast, you will miss out on earnings brought in by having more customers.

The strategy of the old title remains the same as well: plot your actions carefully. At any given time, one task will always be faster to do and one task will always be a priority. Knowing which way to go when the customers are getting impatient is an important factor. While keeping an eye on the first customer in line is a good gauge of priorities, do not forget that later stages introduce special customers that lose patience pretty fast. There are also times when you need to prepare two cakes at once.

A good piece of advice for first time Cake Mania players: do not touch a new cake while Jill is still holding another. This will cause the lead character to combine the two into a single layered cake (which is not needed for earlier stages). Also, invest in a cake display case early. Customers who have yet to decide on a cake might take the one they see, this will save you some money on a mis-made cake and also, save you plenty of time for other customers.

CM2 stands out with its multi branching story line. Players get to choose which path Jill will take in her life and what ending will appear. This provides the title with plenty of things to discover and more importantly, a deeper insight into the life of Jill Evans.


Cake Mania 2 game undoubtedly stands out thanks to its multiple-layered storyline. While the overall plot is a little shallow and simple at points, it is hard to ignore that plenty of love went into the making of this title. The fact that players can get 6 different endings provides plenty of replay value on this title. Not only are there literally hundreds of stages of cake baking to do, but each unique ending will reward the player with a special collectible trophy. The baking challenges are also spiced up with the introduction of new customers that will force you to adapt your work queue on the fly. Overall, this game is a great addition to any time-management library, and if you are already a fan of Evans from the first CM game then you cannot afford to miss out on knowing (or better, deciding) what happens next in her life. We give this title a helpful baker's 83/100.

Final Score: 83%

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